Substance abuse is an epidemic in our country. Because addiction rewires the chemistry of your brain, it is extremely challenging to quit on your own. Fortunately, Summit Estate Recovery Center is here to help. Our luxury substance abuse treatment centers give you the treatment and care that you need to overcome your addiction. To learn more about Summit Estate Recovery Center, contact us today at 800.701.6997.

About Our Luxury Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Summit Estate Recovery Center is a tandem of two substance abuse rehabilitation centers in Northern California accredited by The Joint Commission. The home site of our Residential Addiction Treatment program is an iconic, private, serene estate among the hills of beautiful Saratoga, providing the perfect setting for executive treatment. Our Outpatient facility is in a beautiful historic converted barn in downtown Saratoga, California.

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Summit Estate Recovery Center provides individualized, evidence-based treatment for adults

With a staff-to-client ratio of 3-to-1, we’re able to provide the most attentive, compassionate care for our clients. Our treatment model, developed by Summit Estate’s founders in collaboration with some of the most highly regarded professionals in the substance abuse addiction treatment field, has generated many successes over years of practice.

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We want you or your loved one to be our success story, too.

Once our professional staff develops a personalized treatment plan for you or your loved one, you’re one step down the road to recovery.

Our addiction treatment programs include:

  • Personal therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Family therapy

These are only a few of the excellent treatment programs that we provide at Summit Estate Recovery Center.

Our Team

We have a diverse and highly qualified staff at Summit Estate equipped to treat addiction from all angles.

Testimonials and Reviews

Still unclear about our reputation and track record? See testimonials and reviews directly from successful clients.


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Get Treatment at Summit Estate Recovery Center Today

At Summit Estate Recovery Center, we’re proud to provide treatment for a wide range of addictions. Furthermore, because addiction and mental health are often interconnected, it is vital to seek treatment that addresses both. Our dual diagnosis treatment programs give you the chance to simultaneously address addiction and mental health conditions. We’ll give you the tools to cope with triggers and cravings, while also helping you manage your mental health condition. A combination of these treatments gives you a much better chance of long term recovery.

In addition, there are several steps to overcoming addiction. While some people are just beginning their journey to recovery, others simply need a little bit of extra support to stay sober. At Summit Estate Recovery Center, we’re proud to offer treatment from the beginning of your recovery to the end. Our treatment programs include:

You don’t have to fight addiction on your own. Let Summit Estate Recovery Center get your back. We’re proud to offer addiction and mental health treatment to people around the state of California. For more information about treatment programs at Summit Estate Recovery Center, contact our northern California treatment program today by calling 800.701.6997. You can put substance abuse behind you with the help of Summit Estate Recovery Center.

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