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Finally… a rehab for ADULTS! This was my 2nd stay in rehab, almost 10 years apart. But what a difference! Just 6 patients total, 5 (including myself) work at Silicon Valley tech firms. What Summit did NOT have was 20-somethings on heroin and meth. The average age of our group was about 44, mostly just alcohol, and by the time I left I had made some really great friends. Overall this was a great experience with lots of therapy, lots of counseling, and I made a commitment to my physical health while I was at Summit as well. There’s a great little gym and they even provide a Personal Trainer 4 days a week to help with weight loss and getting fit.

I cannot say enough about Summit Estate, and especially their amazing staff. I really feel like I’ve got a solid chance at long-term recovery this time, plus the tools to stay safe.

G. S.

I came in with a drug problem and hopeless feelings about myself and my life. By turning my life over to the Staff and program at Summit, as hard as it was and as much as I fought it, I was given the greatest gifts of all back. My relationship with my parents has never been stronger. I have a long list of healthy responsibilities again, such as school and work. I have everything ahead of me that I always dreamed about, but never thought possible. I have never been more proud to be me or more confident about where my life is going because of all the things I learned and experienced at Summit Estate. I could never thank everyone at Summit Estate enough for seeing the potential in me and for having hope for me when I saw no point in life anymore.


Hi!!! Hope you are both well! Want you to know your work is still paying off AGAIN!!! I am past 4 months; I chair an AA meeting once a week. LOVE attending AA each day (well past 90 in 90). Working hard on step 4. Had started volunteer work; on hold for now due to the virus. I have discovered that I have never accepted myself for who I am thus the self criticism and lack of self love/compassion. Well, I am working on that and starting to accept being gay. I have never said that to anyone! More important, deep inside, I am starting to realize that I am not a bad person because of that and that God still loves me for who I am, so I can too. My religion trained me to be ashamed, and I now know that is harmful to me. That NEVER would have happened without the two of you! Please give my best to everyone on the team . . and I am good with you sharing the details if that helps others understand the very positive impact you all have on your clients . . .from the housekeepers, culinary team, counselors, Jimmy and the yoga team, you and leadership. What a wonderful program!!!! All the very best to each of you!.


Summit Estate Recovery Center was certainly not my idea of where my holidays would be spent. Unfortunately, when addiction takes control of your life, it does not care what time of the year it is. For the first time of my life, I had become so desperate I realized that I needed help with my problem. I had no idea, no referrals, no basis in fact that Summit Estate was the right place. I was not even in the right frame of mind when I choose to enter. Nevertheless, it turned out to be the perfect start on my road to recovery…


I feel that Summit Estate gave me not only the skills, knowledge and ability to stay sober, but more importantly, the program taught me how to love and respect myself again. Maybe more importantly, they helped me to understand how key self-esteem and self-worth are to seeing myself as someone who deserves to be sober. Summit Estate gave me far more than just 60 days of drug and alcohol treatment- they gave me the happy, successful future I have in front of me.


Not only do you get the luxury of a fine hotel resort setting, in my opinion, the coursework, group & individual therapy sessions & actives are superior to larger rehabilitation centers.


I came to Summit Estate and was truly amazed at the kindness, caring, and knowledge of the staff. I left Summit Estate after having worked out many issues that had lead me to stop doing all the things that kept me so happy and sober previously. I departed with an awesome exit strategy and began life a new man.


My experience at Summit Estate Recovery Center was life-changing. I was one of the first clients admitted to the program, and owe my life and sobriety to this facility.


Our two sons both attended Summit Estate Recovery Center. From the first day the staff at Summit ensured the journey to sobriety was one of respect, compassion and support. The facility could not be more beautiful and peaceful which had such a calming and therapeutic effect. We are forever grateful to Lexi and Summit for bringing our family back together.


The staff and program at Summit is fantastic. One has to be willing to take in all the fabulous treasures you can gain from being there. There really aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am to have been there and experience all that I did. This is a place that does not disapoint and more importantly anyone willing to go there for their own healing deserves it.


Very reasonable kind people great place.


Summit Estate Recovery Center was the place we decided to go with for my friend’s need.The place had gorgeous rooms for an inpatient program. The place was amazing clean and had a very supportive staff. It was important to me that my friend stayed in a comfortable, welcoming, and luxurious environment. I knew this was the only way that he would be able to recover properly. The staff were caring, friendly, professional and found the perfect drug rehab center for my friend in less than 24 hours! He is on his way to rehabilitation and I have to thank Summit Estate for making that happen. Highly recommended!


I have stayed and detoxed in my fair share of facilities all over the United States and the compassion and genuine concern the staff and owners of Summit Estate Recovery Center show to their clients is incomparable to anywhere else I have been, everything from the home cooked food to the medical staff is hands down top of the line care, this is a place you can learn to be a productive member of society again and start taking the right steps in your recovery and future.The help I received at this facility has impacted me and put me on the right path and I recommend Summit Estate to anyone suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.

T. L.

I was one of the first clients at summit estates in 2011. I am now over 6 years sober and run and own my owner sober living business. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to turn my life around. World class staff and facility. Doesn’t get more beautiful than here. If you’re looking for an inpatient rehab facility look no further. Not sure if you ever read these posts but if so I’d love to come back and visit when I’m back in town!


I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to get clean at summit estate recovery center. The property is beautiful and the perfect place to detox off of drugs! The staff is very professional and the treatment plans are individualized per client needs which is perfect because everyone has different experiences which led to needing addiction treatment. I personally enjoyed the yoga, gourmet meals and art therapy. This month I will have 10 months clean in recovery and I owe it to this place!


My experience at Summit changed my life. The combination of an experienced and excellent group of therapists, councilors and staff allowed me to spend time focusing on personal recovery and growth. Highly recommend it.


Highly recommended; professional, supportive and very kind staff. Our loved one’s life saved by this program and continuing with recovery after one year of being sober. Thank you Summit for all you do for the addicts and their friends and families.

Bobby – Iris Healing

Summit Estate Recovery Center provides superior care to its’ clients in many different regards. The entire staff there functions like a well-oiled machine, and they treat their clients with love, compassion, and understanding. The facility and the property it sits on provide a serene and private setting optimal for healing and recovery. The importance of a healthy diet, especially in early recovery, is emphasized at Summit. They provide whole food, organic, chef cooked meals for all who attend their program. This, coupled with top-notch clinical care, enables their clients to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally while attending the program at Summit Estate.


When I left treatment from Summit Estate Recovery Center I needed additional support to get a good foundation in my recovery. At Summit Estate taught me to live and let live. I learned how to keep myself and hygiene clean and they loved me as a friend supported me on how to get a sponsor. Where to attend meetings and to be an honest human being. Thank you Summit Estate staff for teaching me. My parents are happy too, as is my boss at work.Highly recommended!


Couldn’t have been happier with the staff or facilities.

The staff at Summit was full of different, dynamic personalities—each with their own unique body of knowledge that made going to outpatient a highlight of my day. My individual therapist, Tyler, is the best I’ve had (and had several in NYC). The counselors have a dedication that goes beyond the hours they are scheduled to work; they have committed their lives to the process of recovery.

I felt comfortable at Summit and my transition out of inpatient back into working full time was a dangerous and fragile time that they helped me work through. That’s why outpatient at Summit was so crucial in my recovery.


You have to come five times per week for Day treatment / PHP and three times a week for Intensive outpatient / iop. Do the work. You can not be taught, you have to learn. Everything you need is there to be successful. Caring counselors and Therapists

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