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Best Reviewed Addiction Recovery Programs in The Bay Area

Bay Area Recovery Program Reviews

Selecting the right center for addiction recovery is an important step in the journey to sobriety.  There are a number of things to evaluate while determining which center is the right one to address your recovery needs.  Location, cost, programs offered, and success rates all play a factor in making your selection.  The reviews an addiction recovery center receives can provide valuable insight into previous clients’ experiences.

dual-diagnosis-addiction-treatmentConveniently located in The Bay Area, Summit Estate Recovery Center offers individualized addiction recovery treatment in a luxury setting.  We offer a non 12 step program that focuses on determining the root cause of your addiction, resolving those issues and giving you the tools you need to remain sober after treatment.  We realize that every client has unique needs and therefore, we do not have a cookie cutter approach to treatment.  By limiting our addiction recovery treatment to six beds, we are able to focus on providing the level of individual treatment needed for success.

We are able to receive high ratings from previous clients, staff, insurance companies, and the industry at large via our unmatched staff-to-client ratio.  We have 30 staff members who are tasked with providing each of our clients the tools they need to become and remain sober.  This dedication does not stop when a client leaves the inpatient program.  We provide aftercare and refresher treatments as needed to ensure that you receive the support you need for long lasting recovery.

Experience our attention to your specific needs first hand by speaking with one of our admissions counselors.  During your first contact, we will begin to learn more about you as an individual and provide information on how our program can address your needs.  Additionally, we can coordinate with your insurance company and provide you with your specific out of pocket costs.  Should you choose to begin addiction recovery with Summit Estate, we can coordinate your arrival and work to develop your individual detoxification care plan.

Get started today by completing the form on this site, or by calling 800-701-6997.  We look forward to working with you on your road to recovery.