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Find Xanax Addiction Treatment Centers in Northern California

Treating Your Xanax Addiction in Northern California

Xanax is among the most addictive prescription medications on the market.  While the drug can be beneficial in the treatment of anxiety disorders, when it is taken outside of its intended use it is easy to become addictive.  A Xanax addiction can quickly become life threatening.   Use of benzodiazepines, the class of drugs Xanax belongs to, accounted for half of the prescription drug overdose deaths in 2008.   Once a Xanax addiction begins, it can be nearly impossible to stop taking the drug without the help of addiction recovery professionals.  Finding a treatment center that is equipped to address the unique needs of those with Xanax addiction is a key step in recovery.

prescription-pill-addictionA high quality addiction treatment center will offer:

  • Luxury accommodations including private and semi-private bedrooms and highly appointed bathrooms.
  • Meals prepared fresh daily that help clients maintain optimal brain health
  • Opportunities for physical health including spa, exercise facilities, massage and yoga
  • Individually customized detoxification protocols that allow clients to detox safely and comfortably
  • An intensive inpatient treatment plan that is created with input from the client
  • Family, group and individual counseling and therapy
  • Offsite and onsite optional 12 step meetings
  • Weekly outings for relaxation and to rediscover interests while sober
  • A graduated program that provides phases of inpatient treatment to gradually introduce clients into life outside of treatment
  • An aftercare program that continues to follow up and support clients after they leave inpatient addiction treatment

Summit Estate Recovery Center is situated on 23 acres of beautiful orchards, lush gardens and relaxing greens.  This setting creates the perfect environment for clients to focus on their recovery away from the stress and triggers of their everyday lives. The Summit Estate team focuses on delivering individualized treatment to each client so that they are equipped to return to their lives once they leave the inpatient program.

For additional information on the Xanax addiction treatment programs available at Summit Estate, contact them today.  Please complete the form linked below and a member of the Summit Estate staff will reach out to you.  To speak directly with an admissions counselor please call 800-701-6997.  Thank you.