Addiction Treatment Admissions in the Bay Area

Addiction treatment admissions in the Bay Area at Summit Estate Recovery Center In order to provide individualized addiction treatment giving clients of Summit Estate the best chance at recovery, we need to get to know the potential client first. Whether it is you, your loved one, or your patient requiring treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, the process begins by a phone call to speak with one of our addiction treatment admissions counselors. During the initial call, our counselor will answer your questions and discuss payment options. If you haven’t already submitted an insurance verification request online, we can do that step over the phone during the call. Our counselors are also skilled at helping to determine if a professional intervention for a loved one is needed. If you want to get started before calling Summit Estate, fill out our online insurance verification form and we will get back to you quickly. You will find a link to the form below, as well as several other admissions-related options and resources.

Schedule a Tour

Want to see our facilities first before deciding if Summit Estate is the right rehab program for you or a loved one? Take a guided tour and meet some of the staff at our residential rehab center in Los Gatos, California. If you’d like to tour our Outpatient facility in Saratoga, California as well, just let us know! Schedule A Tour Here

Payment Options

How do you plan on paying for substance abuse treatment? Understandably, most clients use their insurance policy to try to cover the costs. If your policy covers only some (or none) of the fees, we have options for helping you make up the difference, including low-interest financing. See Your Payment Options

Verify Your Insurance Online

Summit Estate’s admissions counselors are savvy at helping you get every benefit that your insurance company offers for Bay Area rehab admissions. If you are coming to Summit Estate through your insurance provider, we’ll need to go through an insurance questionnaire on the phone or receive a completed online insurance verification form. We recommend submitting your insurance information online first – it takes a minimum of two hours for us to hear back from your insurer with estimated coverage amounts from your policy. This way, we’re ready to move deeper into the admissions process during our first phone call. Find the insurance verification form by clicking on the button immediately below. Verify Your Insurance Now

Schedule an Intervention for Addiction Treatment

Having a hard time convincing a loved one to undergo treatment for drug or alcohol addiction? We can professionally stage an intervention. With one of our skilled partner interventionists who will coordinate the event, in advance, and facilitate the intervention. We can even hold the intervention at our Saratoga, California outpatient rehab center. Schedule an Intervention

Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions FAQs

Do you have questions about Summit Estate you haven’t seen answered on this website, particularly as it relates to the admissions process? See if our frequently asked questions page has the answer for you. See Admissions FAQs

A Note on the Admissions Process

Summit Estate offers individualized addiction treatment in a private, luxury facility. Because of this, there may be a short wait list for admissions. We realize, however, that recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a pressing issue so, our expert team will work to get you or your loved one admitted into treatment as soon as possible. If a spot at our residential facility is not immediately available, we may be able to get you started at our Outpatient facility in Saratoga. Most clients are able to start their program at either our Los Gatos residential facility or our Saratoga Outpatient recovery center within a few days of calling us.

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