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Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Northern California

Northern California’s beautiful scenery provides the perfect backdrop for recovering from addiction.  There a number of addiction treatment facilities in the area that provide a number of different treatment programs.  Finding the right rehab center that can successfully treat your drug or alcohol addiction is a key part of your recovery.

california-addiction-recoveryLocated in the Bay Area, Summit Estate Recovery Center sits on 23 acres of gardens, orchards and greens.  Their luxury rehab center specializes in providing individualized addiction treatment to each client. By focusing on the specific needs of the individual.  Through an unmatched staff to client ratio Summit Estate is able to personalize the treatment plan of each inpatient client.  Through a non 12 step program, the addiction recovery team at Summit Estate aims to identify, address and heal the root cause of addiction and addictive behavior.  While each person’s specific road to recovery is different, there are several goals for each client:

  • Becoming clean in mind and body
  • Discovering what causes fear and anxiety for each client
  • Establishing tools that allow clients to manage their stress and anxiety without the use of drugs or alcohol
  • Eliminating the negative and toxic emotions of fear and pain
  • Participating in healthy, positive behaviors
  • Rediscovering each individual’s interests while sober
  • Addressing and receiving help with the personal, professional and legal issues that occur as a result of the addicted behavior
  • Being fully engaged in an intensive inpatient therapy program
  • Development of a continuing care plan for life outside of treatment

Summit Estate also offers an aftercare and outpatient treatment program that continue to provide ongoing support to clients after they leave the inpatient program. Additionally, the team encourages clients to return to Summit Estate for refresher courses and to present their continuing care plans to future inpatient clients.

All of this is done in a luxury facility that allows clients to feel comfortable while they focus on recovering from their addiction.  For additional information on the addiction care programs available at Summit Estate, please complete the form linked below and they will reach out to you.  Or, simply call 800-701-6997.  Thank you.