Substance Abuse Treatment Program Highlights

Luxury Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Northern CA

Luxury Substance Abuse Treatment Programs with an Individualized Approach

At Summit Estate, our individualized substance abuse treatment programs feature a three-pronged treatment philosophy: Holistic Activities, Therapeutic Counseling and a Non-12-Step Approach. Each modality is crucial to helping our clients convincingly and comfortably recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Clients at both our Residential estate in Los Gatos, California and our Outpatient facility in Saratoga, California benefit from our multifaceted approach to addiction treatment. Summit Estate is a luxury drug and alcohol rehab center located near Silicon Valley. We offer a wide range of high-end amenities and accommodations, along with a high staff-to-client ratio of 3-to-1. We help clients recover from all forms of substance abuse, including alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs, and we also customize our treatment for co-occurring disorder (depression and anxiety) clients. Additionally, we provide medical detox services, meaning we’re prepared to take clients from the very first stage of recovery through roughly the following three months, with plentiful aftercare options. For thorough addiction recovery guidance among a backdrop of opulent amenities and gorgeous scenery, your choice is clear: Summit Estate Recovery Center. As for the different facets of our drug and alcohol recovery program, read the highlights below and then click on one of the buttons to discover more.

Holistic Activities

Frequent yoga instruction. Various massage techniques. Personal training. Nutritional counseling. Whatever it takes to help clients heal mentally and physically while feeling comfortable during the recovery process, those are the steps we’re going to take at Summit Estate. These modalities are integrated into our treatment programs at various levels and depending on the level are either incorporated fully or available at an additional cost. For example massage and reflexology treatments, provided by affiliated experts, are available to clients who would like to add these services to their recovery program. Additionally, we offer sober adventures and weekly outings to residential clients who would like to break out of the confines of our facility once a week to relearn how to have a little fun while remaining sober. Learn More

Therapeutic Counseling

Let’s talk about it. We know a long-lasting recovery isn’t going to happen if treatment seekers stay to themselves and keep all of their secrets and difficulties bottled up. Therefore, at Summit Estate, we use evidence-based methods like one-on-one counseling and group therapy at both of our residential and outpatient facilities. We even offer couples and family therapy to help clients and their loved ones begin to heal together. Learn More

Non-12-Step Approach

There are various forms of the 12 Steps of Recovery, which feature a heavy spiritual component. While the 12-Step format is largely a one-size-fits-all approach, at Summit Estate we, instead, focus on delivering highly personalized treatment using holistic and evidence-based methods. With that in mind, we are happy to accommodate clients who wish to attend outside 12-Step meetings and who wish to work on those steps when they return to our Residential facility, in conjunction with our treatment program. Learn More

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