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How to Stop Drinking Using a Non-12 Step Recovery Program

Despite being legal, alcohol is one of the most abused substances in the United States. For many, it is nearly impossible to stop drinking once they become addicted. While 12 step programs are successful for some people, they are not ideal for everyone. In order to be successful, each individual must find the right treatment program for their specific needs. A non-12 step recovery program may what you need to become sober and stay that way.

find-help-for-alcohol-addictionHow does a non-12 step recovery program work?

A non-12 step recovery program works by providing individualized attention and treatment with support from holistic therapies.  No two individuals have the same issues or struggles with alcohol addiction.  Therefore, in order to be successful it is important that each client be treated as an individual.  This process should begin with the intake process and continue through aftercare.

What happens during inpatient treatment?

Summit Estate has a holistic approach to alcohol addiction treatment.  Detoxification is one of the first things that happens during inpatient treatment.  By providing an individualized treatment protocol, clients are able to detox in a comfortable and controlled manner, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

After detox, each client begins their one on one sessions with a counselor.  During these initial sessions, the counselor takes care to learn more about the individual and their goals for treatment.  Using the client’s input, the counselor puts together a treatment plan that is specially tailored to meet the needs of that client. As the sessions continue, they are supplemented by additional therapies to help each individual overcome their alcohol addiction including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group sessions with an educational focus
  • Process group therapy
  • Optional onsite and offsite 12 step meetings and alternative therapy meetings
  • Holistic therapies including a focus on physical health through personal training and yoga
  • Gourmet meals that are designed to promote the return of balanced brain chemistry

By treating each client’s specific needs, we are able to build the foundation for long term sobriety.

Contact Summit Estate today to receive additional information on our non-12 step recovery program.  Either complete the form on this site and we’ll reach out to you, or simply call 800-701-6997.

Finding a Non 12 Step Rehab Program Near Northern California

Making the decision to enter inpatient rehab for drug addiction is the first of many that lead to long term sobriety.  To have the best chance at recovery, it is important that each individual select a rehabilitate program that best suits their needs.  For many people, a non 12 step rehab program is the right approach to recovery.

the-road-to-recoveryWhile there are many rehab programs in northern California, finding the right one can seem daunting.  Summit Estate Recovery Center is conveniently located in northern California and offers a non 12 step rehab program with an individual focus.  Our six bed facility is fully staffed in order to provide each client with the specific tools and support they need to recover from their addiction and to continue to be successful after treatment.

To provide our clients the best opportunity for lasting recovery, treatment includes:

  • Family and individual therapy
  • One on one therapy sessions
  • Group sessions both onsite and offsite
  • Mediation
  • Coping and problem solving skills
  • Yoga and art therapy
  • Legal counseling

Traditional 12 step programs build upon a client’s spiritual beliefs. With a non 12 step rehab program, the focus is on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  Cognitive Behavior Therapy provides clients with the tools they need to use their thoughts to affect their moods and behavior.  Dialectical Behavior Therapy builds upon this approach and also looks at how a person’s behavior in relationships can be addressed.  The tools learned during treatment are the foundation for remaining sober after leaving inpatient treatment.

We provide a non 12 step program in a relaxing setting that gives our clients the perfect opportunity to step away from the stresses of life and to focus on recovery.  Our 23 acre facility includes a number of amenities including a fishing pond, hiking trails, exercise room and luxury hotel quality accommodations.

Contact us today to receive addition information on our non 12 step rehab program.  Our admissions counselors are ready to answer any questions you may have and to coordinate your entry to the program.  Complete the form on this site or give us a call at 800-701-6997 to get started.

Why a Non-12 Step Rehab May Be The Right Option For You

Non-12 step rehab programs provide an alternative method of treatment for those that are seeking addiction recovery.  While they are popular, 12 step programs do not work for everyone.  Different individuals have needs that may not conform to a traditional program.  A non-12 step rehab center can provide the individual attention an addicted person needs to become sober.  Before selecting your treatment center, make sure they are equipped to handle your needs and are offering the treatment approach that works best for you.

dual-diagnosis-treatment-centersNon-12 step rehab programs may be a good fit for you if:

  • You have difficulty functioning in a group environment
  • Follow up via 12 step meetings is not available in your area
  • Your schedule does not allow for attending meetings regularly

Non-12 step rehab provides individualized treatment to all clients.  Many nontraditional rehabs focus on cognitive behavior therapy or CBT.  Additionally, these types of centers often provide treatment for the whole body in order to facilitate clean living in every aspect of life.

Summit Estate Recovery Center offers a holistic approach to recovery care.  Conveniently located in Northern California, our 23 acre facility provides the perfect backdrop for recovery.  Summit Estate’s rich gardens, orchards, hiking trails, and fully stocked fishing pond allow clients to return to nature as they recovery from their addiction.  To facilitate recovery we also provide:

  • Hotel quality bed and bathrooms
  • Family and individual therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Art treatment
  • Yoga treatment
  • Offsite and onsite meetings
  • Meditation
  • Exercise facilities
  • Gourmet, freshly prepared, nutrient rich foods

The admissions counselors at Summit Estate Recovery Center can provide you with additional information regarding program offerings.  Our personalized approach to addiction recovery begins with the initial contact, where we take time to understand your specific needs.  This individualized approach extends throughout your stay, beginning with your arrival.  As a part of the admissions process you will meet our medical team and begin your specifically designed detoxification protocol.  Then, you meet with your therapist to outline your recovery care plan that is aligned with your specific goals.

Get started on the road to recovery by contacting Summit Estate.  Simply completely the form on this site or contact us at 800-701-6997.

Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities in Northern California

Receiving inpatient treatment is an important step in recovering from drug and alcohol treatment.  While there are a number of drug and alcohol treatment facilities in northern California, they will not all fit your specific needs.  Narrowing down drug and alcohol treatment facilities will help you choose the right facility to help on your road to sobriety.

dual-diagnosis-addiction-treatmentThere are certain features that the best treatment facilities offer:

  • Luxury accommodations – The best treatment facilities will offer luxury bedrooms and bathrooms for clients.  Individuals will have a better rehab experience if they feel comfortable during the inpatient treatment.  Discomfort is a distraction that should be avoided.
  • Individualized attention – While there are benefits to group therapy, each person is different and has different needs during rehab.  The best treatment facilities will understand this and will take time to build the treatment protocol based on each person’s individual needs.  Additionally, the staff to client ratio should allow time for staff to provide individual attention.  An offer crowded facility will not be able to provide the individual attention needed for success.
  • A whole body approach – The effects of addiction extend far beyond the physical addiction.  Clean living should extend to every aspect of a person’s life.  Therapy and counseling should be supplemented by yoga, exercise and healthy eating to facilitate clean living in every aspect of life.
  • Customized detox – Many individuals delay or avoid rehab as they are concerned about the pain and discomfort that is often associated with detox.  The best treatment facilities will offer customized detoxification plans that allow clients to detox in a comfortable and controlled manner.

Summit Estate Recovery Center offers a non 12 step recovery program in a luxury setting.  Our six bed facility sits on 23 acres of lush gardens, orchards and lawns and provides the perfect setting for your recovery.  Our facility provides the perfect place to step away from the stress of life and to focus on recovering from addiction and establishing a clean life.

Contact us today to find out what sets Summit Estate apart from other drug and alcohol treatment facilities.  Complete the form on this website and we’ll reach out to you or call 800-701-6997.

What is a Non 12 Step Rehabilitation Center

Often, when people think of rehab for substance abuse, they envision a 12 step program.  While 12 step programs are highly popular and are ideal for some, they are not a one size fits all approach.  A non 12 step rehabilitation center provides an alternative to traditional substance abuse rehab and may be the perfect way for some to receive treatment.

dual-diagnosis-treatment-centersWhat is a non 12 step recovery program?

In a non 12 step rehabilitation center, the focus is on the behaviors of the individual and how those behaviors can be modified and addressed through in patient treatment.   Many non 12 step rehabilitation centers use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT as a part of treatment.

Treatment is outlined in the Phases of Addiction Treatment Model:

  • Motivation – Identifying what motivates the individual to enter and remain in inpatient treatment and gain sobriety.
  • Awareness / Education – Learning and understanding what the root cause of the addictive behavior.
  • Resources / Challenges – Assembling a support system and understanding how to use it, understanding what their triggers are and establishing a plan on how to avoid relapse.
  • Dedication – Developing a thorough and measurable plan for after discharge that sets the stage for continued sobriety.

What amenities does a non 12 step recovery center offer?

A number of amenities are available during inpatient rehab including:

  • Luxury accommodations
  • Gourmet meals
  • Exercise center with personal training
  • Yoga studio with a certified yoga instructor
  • Spa facilities

In order to be successful, clients must feel comfortable during treatment.  The best recovery centers understand that.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is located in northern California and provides luxury treatment in our non 12 step rehabilitation center.  Our focus is providing each of our clients with the tools they need to become and remain sober.  Our six bed facility sits on a 23 acre estate that is covered in lush orchards, lawns and grasses that provide the ideal backdrop for relaxation and a focus on recovery.  By limiting our facility to six beds we are able to provide individualized attention that allows each client to identify the root cause of their addiction and to build the tools needed to address those concerns.

Learn more about the substance abuse program at Summit Estate, contact us today.  Simply complete the form on this site and we’ll reach out to you, or call 800-701-6997.

Find Top Residential Drug Rehab in California

The residential drug rehab you chose for inpatient treatment will play a pivotal role in your recovery and sobriety.  Therefore, it is important to select a center that is well equipped to treat your specific recovery needs.  A luxury residential rehab with an individual focus is the best place to receive inpatient treatment and begin the road toward long lasting recovery.

end-drug-addiction-nowSummit Estate Recovery Center is conveniently located in northern California near Silicon Valley.  They specialize in providing each client with a specifically tailored treatment plan to assist their recovery.  Located on 23 acres, Summit Estate’s six bed facility is staffed by 30 professionals who are all tasked with providing clients with the level of support they need to become and remain sober.

During treatment at Summit Estate clients will first undo a personalized medical detox protocol.  By tailoring detox to the needs of the individual, clients are able to detox in a comfortable and controlled manner.  A safe and painless detox sets the stage for a clear mind for the intensive inpatient recovery that follows.

Each of our clients will experience the following during their stay in our residential drug rehab:

  • Establishing a clean lifestyle, mind and body
  • Discovering the root cause of issues with anxiety and depression
  • Developing the tools necessary to decrease stress and reduce cravings
  • Focusing on eliminating the negative feelings of fear and pain
  • Engagement in healthy activities and behavior
  • Discovering of what makes each client happy and what activities bring pleasure while sober
  • Receiving assistance for addressing the real legal, personal and professional issues caused by the clients substance abuse
  • Participation in a highly structured and thorough inpatient rehabilitation program
  • Creation of an action plan for addressing concerns after leaving inpatient treatment

Summit Estate is the top residential drug rehab center in northern California. We offer clients personal attention that provides the ideal foundation for recovery and sobriety.  Our staff to client ratio is unmatched in the industry, setting us aside as the premier location for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Speak with one of our admissions counselors today to find out more about our programs.  Please complete the form on this site or call 800-701-6997.

Why Inpatient Rehab in California Can Help You Change Your Life

Once a person has an addiction to drugs and alcohol, it can be virtually impossible to stop without help.  An inpatient rehab facility provides the best opportunity for becoming clean and learning how to live sober.  There are many options for inpatient rehab, finding the facility that can best meet your individual needs creates the foundation for changing your life.

treating-drug-and-alcohol-addictionA quality inpatient rehab program provides detox, therapy and aftercare to equip clients to change their lives.


A high quality, luxury treatment program will provide personalized detoxification protocols that allow clients to detox in a comfortable and safe manner.  It is common for people to delay treatment as they do not want to experience the pain and discomfort that is often thought to be required during detox.  This is not the case.   By providing a customized protocol with oversight from a medical team,  it is possible to comfortably detox in order to be able to focus on their inpatient treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

An intensive, individualized treatment program begins with a needs assessment.  By uncovering the specific needs and goals of each client, the treatment team is able to develop a protocol that will best prepare them for success.  No two people have the same set of circumstances and therefore they are not going to benefit from the same types of treatment.  Individualizing care gives individuals the best chance for lasting sobriety.

The goal of treatment is to:

  • Become clean and sober both mentally and physically
  • Discover the true cause of depression and anxiety
  • Understand how to limit cravings and to reduce stress levels
  • Learn how to address and eliminate the negative emotions of fear and pain
  • Participate in healthy activities
  • Discover interests while sober
  • Address any legal, personal and professional issues that were caused as a result of substance abuse
  • Actively participate in treatment
  • Develop a plan for living a sober life after leaving rehab

Aftercare Plan

The need for support does not stop when a client leaves the inpatient facility. A comprehensive aftercare plan including regular contact ensures that individuals receive the support they need as they transition back into everyday life.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is located on 23 acres in northern California and specializes in providing personalized treatment in a luxury setting.  Learn more about our program by speaking with one of our admissions counselors.  Please complete the form on this site or call 800-701-6997.

Find Well Reviewed Alcohol Inpatient Rehab in Northern CA

Although it is a legal substance, alcohol remains one of the top abused substances in the United States.  For many, the line between recreational drinking and an addiction can be blurry.  Often, those who have a problem struggle to see how their drinking has gotten out of control.  If your drinking has negative effects on your personal, professional or family life, you may need treatment.  Finding a highly rated, well equipped alcohol inpatient rehab is your best chance at recovery and long lasting sobriety.

find-help-for-alcohol-addictionA luxury inpatient alcohol rehab program sets the ideal stage for recovery.  With five star accommodations and a personalized focus, a high quality luxury rehabilitation can provide the support you need to overcome your addiction.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is located on 23 acres in northern California and specializes in providing treatment plans that directly addresses the needs of each of our clients.  We provide customized detoxification so our clients can avoid the high stress, pain and discomfort often associated with detox.  With a customized approach and monitoring, detox can be done in a controlled and comfortable manner.

After detox, we provide intensive therapy in our inpatient alcohol rehab consisting of:

  • Individual therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Yoga and art therapy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Meditation

Our goal during inpatient alcohol rehab is to provide our clients with the tools they need to be successful after treatment.  This includes:

  • Identifying and addressing the root cause of the addictive behavior
  • Learning how to deal with fear and anxiety
  • Managing stress levels and handling cravings
  • Resolving any legal, professional or personal issues that arose because of the alcohol addiction
  • Developing new interests or hobby that appeal to the client while they are sober
  • Creating an ongoing care plan for life outside of inpatient alcohol rehab

To begin your journey to sobriety, contact a member of our team today.  Our admissions counselors can provide additional information on our programs, coordinate payment with your insurance company and arrange your arrival in our alcohol inpatient rehab.   You can submit your information on this site or simply give us a call at 800-701-6997.

Locating Top Reviewed Drug Inpatient Rehab in Northern Cali

Drug addiction poses a real problem for the addicted person and their family and friends.  Once a person has agreed to enter treatment, it is important to find a drug inpatient rehab that fits your individual needs. Selecting a highly rated drug treatment center can go a long way in ensuring that you receive the recovery support you need for lifelong sobriety.

Dual-Diagnosis-TreatmentWhat makes a drug inpatient rehab successful?

The biggest factor in the success of treatment is the level of personal treatment that is provided.  Customizing a drug addiction treatment plan based on each client’s individual situation and their goals for treatment ensures that they are engaged in the process and have a treatment plan that works for them.

What happens during detox?

During detoxification, the body is rid of its physical addiction to a drug.  If done in an uncontrolled manner, this process can be painful and stressful for the addicted person.  We offer medically controlled, individualized detoxification for all of our clients.  This way, they are able to begin treatment earlier and truly focus on learning the tools that will result in sobriety.

What’s a highly rated center in Northern California?

Summit Estate Recovery Center is located on 23 acres in Northern California.  We provide a luxury rehab experience including:

  • Five star accommodations
  • Gourmet food that is nutrient rich and prepared fresh daily
  • Location in nature including lawns, gardens and orchards
  • Fully stocked fishing pond
  • Yoga studio
  • Exercise facilities
  • Spa area including sauna and Jacuzzi

We intentionally limited ourselves to a six bed facility in order to provide intensive, individualized therapy.  Our center is fully staffed by 30 individuals, resulting in a staff to client ratio that is unmatched in the industry.   Because of this, we are able to provide a level of personalized attention that is not easily found in other centers.

To find out more about Summit Estate’s drug inpatient rehab, contact us today.  Our admissions counselors are available to answer your questions and provide your out of pocket costs after coordination with your insurance company.  Please complete the form on this site or call 800-701-6997.

Why Discussing Your Addiction With Family and Friends Can Help Your Recovery

Most people with addiction issues do not advertise that they have a problem.  In fact, most people who are struggling with substance abuse go out of their way to mask or hide their addictive behavior.  Part of entering and being in addiction recovery is being honest about your problem.  Telling friends and family members about your addiction can help your recovery.

stop-drinking-todayThe Discussion

Telling your loved ones about your addiction can seem overwhelming.  The reality is, although you may believe you’ve completely hidden your addiction, chances are your loved ones are aware of the problem and have been effected by it.  When speaking with your loved ones, be honest about your feelings and be open to hearing about their feelings as well.  It is important to talk about what you will be doing to facilitate your addiction recovery.  Knowing that you are aware of the addiction and that you are seeking treatment will help to put your friends and family at ease.

How It Helps

One of the aspects of recovery is being honest about your addiction and how it has affected you legally, professionally, and personally.  Additionally, there are many options for family therapy as a part of addiction treatment.  Your family and friends will likely be a part of your support system after treatment and it is important they be involved in learning how to best support you in your sobriety

Addiction Treatment

Research has shown that inpatient addiction treatment is best equipped to address substance abuse.  By stepping away from everyday life, people are able to focus on their recovery away from stress and temptation.  In addiction recovery, individuals build the foundation for being able to reduce stress, overcome cravings, and to live a clean lifestyle.  In order to be successful, individuals should look for a recovery center that is able to address their specific needs.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is located on 23 acres in northern California.  Their focus on individual attention and customized recovery puts them among the top reviewed addiction recovery centers.  Their admissions counselors are able to answer your questions and coordinate your entry to the program.  Please complete the form on this site or call 800-701-6997.