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Best Drug Rehab San Jose

Deciding to stop using drugs is the first step in addiction recovery. The next step is to find the best drug rehab San Jose has to offer.  A luxury drug addiction treatment facility that focuses on providing individualized care provides the best setting for long lasting recovery.

dual-diagnosis-treatment-centersWhen evaluating drug rehab San Jose facilities, consider the following:

  • Client to Staff Ratio – The client to staff ratio at an addiction treatment facility can play a large role in the amount of personal attention a client receives.  It is important to find a center that is adequately staffed for the number of clients they have.  Personal attention and individualized treatment translates into a better residential rehab experience and higher success rates.
  • Amenities – Research has shown that a luxury treatment facility provides the ideal environment for drug addiction treatment.  A luxury treatment facility will provide a number of amenities to help clients feel comfortable during their inpatient treatment.  A high level of comfort will, in turn, allow clients to relax and focus on recovering from their addiction.  Important amenities to look for include exercise facilities, personal services such as massage and acupuncture, highly appointed accommodations and gourmet meals are indicative of a luxury facility.
  • Individualized Care – No two people are the same.  Despite being addicted to the same substance, different people will have different backgrounds and differing goals for addiction treatment.  Because of this, each person needs a treatment care plan that is uniquely theirs. A standardized approach to addiction recovery is not successful and can actually turn clients away from treatment.  Look for addiction recovery centers that build treatment plans with the help of the inpatient client.  This partnership ensures the client gets what they want out of treatment.
  • Program Offerings – Many people are familiar with 12 step programs. These type of peer led programs build upon a person’s faith and provide ongoing support through group meetings.  Although many people have found success with the 12 step approach, they are not for everyone.  For individuals who have previously been unsuccessful with 12 step programs or who have lifestyles that are not compatible with ongoing meetings, a non 12 step approach may be ideal.  CBT style, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on changing the way a person thinks in order to change their behavior.
  • Customized Detoxification – For a large number of people who have a substance abuse addiction, the thought of detoxification is terrifying.  Many people associate detox with the pain, discomfort and physical illness that occurs with withdrawal.  Customized detoxification, done under the care of a physician addresses this fear.  By customizing the detox process, clients are able to become clean without enduring pain.  Detoxification can be done in a comfortable and controlled manner, which leads to clients being able to begin treatment sooner and with a clear mind.
  • Clean Living – A high quality drug rehab San Jose treatment center will focus on a clean lifestyle that extends to all areas of a person’s life.  What a person eats, their level of stress and their physical activity all enter into a clean lifestyle.  After treatment, it is important that clients establish clean living habits in all areas of their life.

A premier drug rehab San Jose location, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides personalized addiction treatment.  Located in a serene, natural setting, Summit Estate’s 23 acres of gardens, orchards and greens has hiking trails and a fishing pond for recreation and relaxation.  A private rehab center, Summit Estate limits its clients to six inpatient beds.  This structure allows the 30 member staff to focus on the specific needs of each individual client.

Unlike many luxury treatment centers, Summit Estate accepts insurance from most major carriers.  By accepting insurance, the treatment offered by Summit Estate can become realistic for many budgets.  In the event that paying for treatment is a concern, Summit Estate has partnerships with two financing companies that focus on funding inpatient treatment.

For additional information on Summit Estate’s inpatient drug rehab San Jose programs, contact Summit Estate today.  Please complete the form linked below and a member of the Summit Estate team will reach out to you.  Or, please call 800-701-6997 to speak directly to a member of the Summit Estate team. Thank you.

How To Decide Which Outpatient Recovery Programs Are Right For You

Deciding on the Right Outpatient Recovery Program

Outpatient recovery programs aim to provide clients with the tools they need to lead sober lives after leaving treatment.  Often provided as a secondary level of treatment after completing an inpatient program, outpatient recovery programs further equip clients for clean living.  For some individuals, residential programs are not ideal, in those cases, outpatient recovery programs can provide assistance while allowing clients to actively take part in their everyday lives.

drug-addictionThe treatment center you choose will have a large impact on your overall success.  Therefore, it is important to select a facility that addresses your needs. With the vast number of outpatient recovery programs available, choosing the right center can be overwhelming.  Being fully informed can make the searching process less difficult.  When looking for an outpatient treatment program, be sure to evaluate the following:

  • Treatment Schedule – For individuals seeking outpatient treatment, it is extremely important to select a program that is in tune with their schedule.  If treatment is not easily accessible, it can be easy to stop attending treatment sessions and to lose momentum in recovery.   Look for a treatment facility that offers treatment during times that work with your personal and professional schedules.
  • Location – Where a treatment center is located is important.  Centers that are not easily reached, or a far distance from a person’s home or job are not ideal.  Choose a center that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine to increase the likelihood that you’ll continue with treatment.
  • Treatment Style – All addiction treatment programs have a goal of providing clients with long lasting recovery.  However, not all programs provide this care the same way.  For some individuals, a 12 step approach is ideal, relying upon peer interaction and group therapy for ongoing support.  For others, a CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, approach is best suited for long lasting sobriety.  Take time to understand the types of outpatient recovery programs each center offers.  Some programs will focus primarily on group therapy while others provide mostly individual therapy.  It is important to understand what you want out of treatment and to find a program that is in line with those goals.
  • Financing – The cost of treatment is an important factor to consider.  A number of things effect the specific out of pocket costs a person pays for outpatient addiction recovery.  For many individuals, insurance coverage greatly reduces the amount a person has to pay out of pocket.  For others, financing options are important.  Be sure to ask potential treatment centers about their pricing and if they accept your insurance.

Your level of comfort with a treatment programs is the most important component of the outpatient recovery selection process.  Sobriety is a lifelong endeavor, it is important to select a treatment center that is equipped to help you live a clean lifestyle.

Summit Estate Recovery Center provides inpatient and outpatient recovery programs to help clients overcome their addictions and lead clean lives.  By focusing on each client’s individual needs, the Summit Estate Team is able to have high recovery success rates and client satisfaction.  Conveniently located in Saratoga, Summit Estate offers outpatient recovery programs for new clients and those transitioning from inpatient treatment.  In a luxury setting, Summit Estate offers:

  • Individual counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • The option for past clients to return for ongoing support

A cornerstone of the programs available at Summit Estate is couples therapy.  The effects of an individual’s addiction is not limited to their life.  The ripple effects can be felt in the lives of the addicted person’s loved ones.  Repairing those bonds is an important part of the recovery process and helps to set the stage for a positive environment to return to after treatment.

Further, freshly prepared, gourmet meals provide a welcome opportunity for clients to socialize and relax, while receiving nutrition that aids in maintaining a balanced brain chemistry.  A comfortable common area provides room for group therapy sessions and the sober events that are a key component of recovery.

Learn more about the outpatient recovery programs at Summit Estate by contacting them today.  Please complete the form linked below and a member of the Summit Estate team will reach out to you.  Or, reach out to them directly by calling 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

What To Look For When Choosing an Executive Alcohol Rehab

Amenities You’ll Find at an Executive Alcohol Rehab

Executive alcohol rehab programs provide a unique approach to addiction treatment that provides the precise levels of support that executives need in order to be successful after leaving treatment.  Due to the nature of their professional responsibilities, it is important that executives receive treatment that will allow them to manage responsibilities and stressful situations without the use of alcohol.  Luxury executive alcohol rehab programs that provide individualized attention are best suited for executive addiction recovery.

CA-bay-area-addiction-recoveryThere are several things to look at when evaluating executive alcohol rehab programs:

  • Detoxification Protocol – Detox is an important part of the recovery process. Often, detoxification is expected to result in pain and discomfort as the body experiences withdrawal.  A medically controlled detoxification protocol allows clients to detox in a comfortable manner.  This allows clients to be safe and comfortable while their body is rid of the substance.  Additionally, this level of comfort allows clients to begin their addiction recovery sooner.
  • Personalized Care – Each client’s needs for treatment will differ based on their goals and objectives for treatment and their unique circumstances.  Since no two people have the same situation, a cookie cutter approach to addiction treatment is not ideal.  By tailoring a treatment plan to the needs of each client, individuals receive the best addiction treatment for their needs.  The treatment plan should incorporate the client’s desires and goals to ensure the client gets what they are looking for out of treatment.
  • Staff to Client Ratio – Personal attention, including one on one interactions are important to becoming and remaining sober.  A high staff to client ratio means staff members will have the time and focus to identify each client’s needs and to provide that support.  Individuals that receive personal interaction and attention have the highest success rates after recovery.
  • Aftercare Plan – Executive alcohol rehab treatment should not stop when the client leaves the inpatient program.  Treatment and support should be ongoing, especially immediately after a person leaves treatment.  Outpatient programs provide a way for clients to gradually return to their everyday routines, while still receiving the therapy needed to remain sober.  Typically, outpatient recovery programs allow clients to return home in the evenings and weekends while receiving treatment during business hours.  Beyond this, an aftercare communications plan should occur after each client leaves treatment.  This ensures clients receive ongoing support as they return to their lives.
  • Amenities – Executives are accustomed to a certain level of comfort and luxury.  Because of this, it is important to find a treatment center that measures up to those expectations.  A high quality, well-furnished facility allows executives to feel comfortable and focus on their recovery.  Amenities should include treatments for all aspects of a person’s life including their physical fitness.

Located in California’s Bay Area, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides specialized addiction treatment in a luxury setting.  Situated on 23 acres, Summit Estate’s treatment center is limited to six bed, thereby creating a perfect environment for recovery in a private setting.   Staffed by 30 team members, Summit Estate’s program focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of the addiction.   Summit Estate’s executive alcohol rehab program has several goals:

  • Establishing a clean mind and body with a holistic approach to recovery
  • Addressing the root cause of the addiction
  • Handling the legal, personal and professional issues that are the result of the alcohol addiction and behavior while under the influence
  • Discovering a person’s interests while sober
  • Participation in an intensive inpatient treatment plan that is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT.
  • Building the confidence necessary to remain sober after leaving treatment
  • Creation of coping tools to handle stress, fear and anxiety

Summit Estate’s program offers a number of amenities to ensure client comfort including:

  • Luxuriously furnished private and semi-private bedrooms
  • High end bathrooms with marble and professional details
  • Communication center with internet access
  • Nutritious, gourmet meals that are freshly prepared daily
  • Yoga studio with master yogi
  • Exercise room with equipment and personal trainer
  • Available personal treatments including massage and acupuncture

Receive additional information on the executive alcohol rehab programs at Summit Estate by contacting them today.  Please complete the form linked below and a Summit Estate team member will reach out to you. Or, you may give Summit Estate a call at 800-701-6997.

Drug Rehab San Jose, CA

How To Find The Best Drug Rehab in San Jose, CA

Deciding to stop taking drugs is the first step towards addiction recovery and sobriety.  A drug rehab San Jose, CA area luxury treatment facility can provide the ideal setting for recovering from a drug addiction.  Despite a person’s best efforts, overcoming a drug addiction can be nearly impossible without professional help.  A residential treatment program with a personalized approach allows individuals to build the foundation necessary for lifelong sobriety.

drug-addiction-treatmentMany people find drug rehab San Jose locations to be perfect for getting away from the stress of everyday life and focusing on recovery.   Many luxury treatment facilities are located near the water or in serene natural settings as these areas lend themselves to personal reflection and relaxation.  Individuals who are relaxed have the easiest transition into residential treatment.  With multiple rehab centers in northern California, it is important to find the center that is best equipped to address your rehab needs.  When looking for an addiction treatment facility, keep the following in mind:

  • Luxury Setting – Research has shown that individuals have the most success in inpatient rehab treatment when they are in a comfortable setting.  A luxury treatment center will offer highly appointed private and semi-private bedrooms with high end furnishings.  Meals should be freshly prepared daily, with a focus on nutrition that leads to balanced brain chemistry.  Additional amenities should include exercise facilities that allow clients to implement a clean lifestyle for their mind, body and spirit.
  • Individualized Treatment – No two people have the same story.  Their reasons for addictive behavior, lifestyles and goals for treatment are different.  Therefore, each individual client has a specific need during residential treatment.  Standardized approaches to addiction recovery are often unsuccessful.  A program that focuses on the needs of the individual and incorporates the client’s goals for treatment provides the ideal foundation for recovery.
  • Detoxification Protocols – Many individuals delay or avoid treatment due to concerns about the detoxification process.  It is common for individuals to associate detox with the pain and discomfort often associated with the withdrawal process.  A medically controlled, individualized detoxification protocol in a drug rehab San Jose program allows clients to detox without pain.  In fact, medically controlled detoxification allows clients to begin their inpatient recovery sooner.
  • Available Family Therapy – The effects of addiction are not solely limited to the individual with the substance abuse problem.  The ripple effects of addiction are also deeply felt by the addicted person’s friends and family.  Family therapy provides a way for the addicted person and their family to receive therapy and heal together.  This process can heal families and help to provide a more positive situation for clients to return to after leaving inpatient treatment.
  • Treatment Approach – Many drug rehab San Jose treatment programs utilize a 12 step approach.  While 12 step programs are widely known, they are not the best program for everyone.  Individuals who; have been unsuccessful with a 12 step program, whose lifestyles do not allow regular attendance of meetings or who are looking for a program that is not rooted in religious beliefs may find a non 12 step program to be more effective.  A CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, program focuses on the fact that how a person thinks is directly related to how they behave.  Therefore, by changing the way a person thinks, negative behavior, including addiction, can be addressed and overcome.

Summit Estate Recovery Center offers world class addiction treatment in the drug rehab San Jose, CA location.  Situated on 23 acres, this six bed facility focuses on providing private and personalized addiction treatment.  Their 30 member staff results in an unmatched staff to patient ratio which ultimately results in better outcomes and clients that are fully prepared to return to their everyday lives.  Every Summit Estate client receives:

  • An individualized treatment plan that allows clients to identify and address the root cause of their addiction.
  • A treatment care team with extensive experience who are experts in their respective fields.
  • A non 12 step program with available alternate recovery programs
  • Group, family and individual therapy and counseling.
  • A holistic program that aims to extend clean living to all aspects of a client’s life.

To receive additional information on the addiction recovery programs available at Summit Estate, contact them today.  Please complete the form linked below and a Summit Estate team member will reach out to you.  Or, you may contact an admissions representative directly by calling 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

The Top 10 Signs You May Need to Visit a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

For many people, the line between social drug and alcohol use and addiction is blurry.  It can be difficult to see when recreational use has turned into an addiction.   If you can answer yes to any of the below, it may be time to enter a rehab center for addiction treatment.


  • Have you neglected your responsibilities at work, home or school because of your use of drugs and alcohol?
  • Have you engaged in risky behavior while under the influence of drugs or alcohol that you would not have engaged in while sober?
  • Has your use of drugs or alcohol resulted in problems with the authorities?
  • Have your family or friends spoken with you about their concerns about your use of drugs and alcohol?
  • Have your loved ones distanced themselves due to your behavior while using drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you find yourself using more drugs or alcohol to achieve the same feeling?
  • Do you use drugs or alcohol so that you do not experience the negative effects of withdrawal?
  • Have you found yourself drinking or taking more drugs than you planned?
  • Do you spend a lot of time thinking about taking drugs or drinking alcohol?
  • Have you stopped activities that you used to find enjoyable to use drugs or alcohol instead?

All of the above point to a possible drug and / or alcohol addiction.  The best way to overcome an addiction is to enter an inpatient drug rehab center for an addiction treatment program.  During inpatient treatment, individuals receive the support they need to identify the root cause of their addiction and to build the coping tools necessary to maintain sobriety after leaving treatment.   Summit Estate Recovery Center provides personalized addiction treatment in a state of the art facility located in northern California.  Situated on 23 acres, their rehab center is located in a serene setting that serves as the perfect background for addiction recovery.  Their private, six bed facility provides luxury addiction treatment that is tailored to the unique needs of each individual.   For additional information on the addiction treatment programs available at Summit Estate, complete the form below.  A member of the rehab center staff will reach out to you.  Or, please call 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

Find The Top Reviewed Rehab Centers in Northern California

Northern California Top Reviewed Rehab Center

The serene location of northern California makes it uniquely ideal for addiction treatment.  Because of this, there are a number of facilities in the area that offer inpatient drug rehab treatment.  With number of options available, it may be difficult to select the right rehab center to address your specific needs.  Choosing a highly reviewed rehab center may be the best way to find a treatment facility that provides the level of care needed to become and remain sober.

Dual-Diagnosis-TreatmentLocated on 23 acres of gardens, orchards, hiking trails and lawns, Summit Estate provides luxury addiction treatment in a private setting.  Their rehab center has six beds, and is fully staffed by 30 team members who are all focused on providing each client the specific support they need to overcome their addiction.  Because of their attention to personal detail, they are consistently among the highest reviewed rehab centers in northern California.

Research has found that inpatient drug treatment is most successful when clients are comfortable in their surroundings.  Summit Estate understands this and provides a number of amenities during inpatient treatment including:

  • Luxurious, highly appointed, bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Fresh, gourmet meals prepared onsite daily by one of the in house chefs
  • Outdoor areas for relaxation including hiking trails, fishing pond, gardens and orchards
  • Indoor exercise facility with state of the art equipment and personal trainer
  • Spa area with sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Available massage and acupuncture
  • Communications center with internet

Once comfortable, clients at Summit Estate are able to focus on their recovery.  Addiction treatment is done through multiple methods including:

  • Individual and family therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Optional offsite and offsite 12 step meetings
  • Sessions on stress management, codependency, relationships and behavior
  • Offsite recreational activities
  • Yoga therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Mediation

In addition to the intensive inpatient treatment program, Summit Estate ensures their clients receive sufficient personal and quiet time for reflection and relaxation.   The combination of these things provides clients the support they need during treatment and the tools they need once they leave treatment to maintain their sobriety.

To receive additional information on Summit Estate’s rehab center, contact them today.  Please complete the form below and a team member will reach out to you.  Or, give Summit Estate a call at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

Does Going To a Drug Rehab Center Really Work

It May Be Time To Visit a Drug Rehab Center For Help With Your Addiction

A number of things determine the successfulness of a person overcoming their drug addiction.  First, each individual’s dedication to changing their life is key.  Second, an inpatient drug rehab center provides the best option for recovering from addiction.  Despite a person’s dedication to stop using drugs, it can be virtually impossible to stop using without professional assistance.  Not only does a rehab center successfully treat drug addiction, it also provides the best level of success for addiction recovery.

drug-rehab-bay-area-CAIn many cases, drug addiction becomes a cycle:

  • A person uses their drug of choice
  • Due to ingesting the drug, the amount of neurotransmitters in the brain is dramatically increased, resulting in the high feeling.
  • The brain attempts to regulate itself by purging neurotransmitters.  This is done not only to the neurotransmitters that are a result of the drug, but also the neurotransmitters that are naturally occurring in the brain’s tissue.
  • The person comes down from the high.

Unfortunately, the cycle does not stop there.  Neurotransmitters are responsible for feelings of pleasure in the brain.  When they are depleted, a person may be unable to have feelings of pleasure.  Because of this, a person will need to use more drugs to feel normal.

A rehab center provides the best tools for addressing and overcoming the addiction.  Breaking the physical addiction to drugs, identifying the root cause of the addiction and establishing coping mechanisms for dealing with stress without using drugs are all important for sobriety.  Unless all three of these things are done, a person can easily fall back into their addictive behavior.

Summit Estate Recovery Center has a high success rate in treating addiction.  This is possible through an unmatched client to staff ratio.  Summit Estate’s rehab center is limited to six beds and staffed by 30 team members.  From the admissions process through after care, each member of the Summit Estate team is tasked with providing individualized care to assist clients in their recovery.

Receive additional information on the treatment programs available at Summit Estate by completing the form linked below.  A member of the Summit Estate admissions team will reach out to you to address any questions or concerns you may have.  Or, call 80-701-6997 to speak directly with a Summit Estate representative.  Thank you.

Are There Rehab Centers Specifically For Executives

When an executive has an addiction problem, it is important that they find a treatment center that is able to fully address all of their needs.  A luxury rehab center can provide the level of support necessary for executives to recover from their addiction and return to their everyday lives.

hollistic-approach-rehabsLocated in the greater Los Angeles area, Summit Estate Recovery Center prides itself in providing addiction treatment with an individual focus in a luxury setting that is ideal for executives.  There are a number of amenities available during inpatient addiction treatment including:

  • Highly appointed private and semiprivate bedrooms
  • Luxury bathrooms with marble and high end finishes
  • Yoga studio with master yogi that specializes in using yoga as a therapeutic means of overcoming addiction
  • Exercise facilities with personal trainer
  • Spa area with sauna and Jacuzzi for relaxation
  • Serene setting with 23 acres of lawns, gardens, orchards and hiking trails
  • Gourmet meals prepared fresh daily by in house chefs
  • Internet access and communication center

By providing these amenities, executives are able to participate in the intensive inpatient program while living in comfort.  Research has found that this type of environment is best suited for addiction treatment, recovery and lifelong sobriety.

Once admitted, each Summit Estate client begins their personalized treatment program in their rehab center:

  • A medically controlled, customized detoxification protocol.  This allows clients to detox comfortably, without the stress and discomfort associated with withdrawal.
  • Working directly with a therapist to outline a treatment program that takes into consideration each client’s goals and objectives.
  • Participation in group and individual therapies with the goal of identifying, addressing and healing the root cause of the addiction.
  • Developing positive behaviors and interests while sober.
  • Establishing an aftercare plan including how to deal with stressful situations after leaving treatment without the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Addressing any personal, legal or professional issues caused by the addiction.

Contact Summit Estate today for additional information on the treatment programs available to executives.  Please complete the contact form linked below and a member of Summit Estate’s staff will reach out to you.  Or, please call 800-701-6997 to speak directly with a member of the admissions team. Thank you.

Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Northern California

Northern California’s beautiful scenery provides the perfect backdrop for recovering from addiction.  There a number of addiction treatment facilities in the area that provide a number of different treatment programs.  Finding the right rehab center that can successfully treat your drug or alcohol addiction is a key part of your recovery.

california-addiction-recoveryLocated in the Bay Area, Summit Estate Recovery Center sits on 23 acres of gardens, orchards and greens.  Their luxury rehab center specializes in providing individualized addiction treatment to each client. By focusing on the specific needs of the individual.  Through an unmatched staff to client ratio Summit Estate is able to personalize the treatment plan of each inpatient client.  Through a non 12 step program, the addiction recovery team at Summit Estate aims to identify, address and heal the root cause of addiction and addictive behavior.  While each person’s specific road to recovery is different, there are several goals for each client:

  • Becoming clean in mind and body
  • Discovering what causes fear and anxiety for each client
  • Establishing tools that allow clients to manage their stress and anxiety without the use of drugs or alcohol
  • Eliminating the negative and toxic emotions of fear and pain
  • Participating in healthy, positive behaviors
  • Rediscovering each individual’s interests while sober
  • Addressing and receiving help with the personal, professional and legal issues that occur as a result of the addicted behavior
  • Being fully engaged in an intensive inpatient therapy program
  • Development of a continuing care plan for life outside of treatment

Summit Estate also offers an aftercare and outpatient treatment program that continue to provide ongoing support to clients after they leave the inpatient program. Additionally, the team encourages clients to return to Summit Estate for refresher courses and to present their continuing care plans to future inpatient clients.

All of this is done in a luxury facility that allows clients to feel comfortable while they focus on recovering from their addiction.  For additional information on the addiction care programs available at Summit Estate, please complete the form linked below and they will reach out to you.  Or, simply call 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

Where are the Best Luxury Drug Rehab Programs in California

California Luxury Drug Rehab Programs

Luxury drug rehab is ideal for executives and those who wish to have a private rehab experience.  Commonly, luxury drug rehab facilities are located in peaceful settings that are ideal for relaxation and focusing on recovery.  The best drug rehab in California can be found near Silicon Valley in northern California.

CA-bay-area-addiction-recoverySummit Estate Recovery Center provides luxury drug rehab treatment that focuses on the unique needs of the individual clients.  By focusing on delivering the specific attention, strategies and therapies that a specific client needs, Summit Estate has been able to have high levels of success through addiction treatment.  The Summit Estate recovery care team is able to provide this personalized focus and attention because of their client to staff ratio.  Their inpatient facility has six beds and is staffed by 30 team members who all focus on providing individualized treatment.

The recovery team at Summit Estate understands that clients are more likely to be successful when the clients feel comfortable and at home during their inpatient treatment.  To address this need, Summit Estate offers a number of amenities including:

  • Private and semi-private bedrooms with luxury furnishings
  • Deluxe bathrooms with marble finishes
  • Meals that are prepared fresh daily with a focus on nutrition and creating optimal brain health
  • Personal trainer and a state of the art physical fitness area
  • Yoga studio facilitated by yogi with years of experience using yoga as an addiction treatment
  • Serene setting including hiking trails, fishing pond, and meditation areas
  • Weekly outings

Once clients are comfortable, they are able to focus on the therapies that are a part of inpatient luxury drug rehab.  Treatment for each client is designed on a person by person basis.  However, there are several items that all clients will receive:

  • A customized, medically evaluated and controlled detoxification plan
  • Working with the therapist to develop a care plan that addresses that client’s individual goals and objectives for treatment
  • Partnership to identify the root cause of the addiction and to work towards addressing the issue

To receive additional information on the treatment programs available at Summit Estate’s luxury drug rehab, contact them today.  Please complete the form on this site and a member of the admissions team will reach out to you. Or you may simply call 800-701-6997 to speak with a team member directly.