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Find A Recovery Center For Xanax Addiction in The Bay Area

Xanax addiction is a growing concern in the United States today. Prescription drug abuse continues to grow with few people understanding the true risks for using medication outside of its intended use. Xanax addiction has huge risks to the abuser. Of all the overdose deaths attributable to prescription drug use in 2008, nearly half involved use of the drug Xanax. Prescription drug addiction is virtually impossible to break on one’s own. In order to be successful, an intensive inpatient treatment program is necessary.

how-to-end-your-drug-abuseSummit Estate Recovery Center provides Xanax addiction treatment in the luxury treatment facility located in the Bay Area. Located on 23 acres, the center’s natural setting and dedication to personalized treatment combine to provide the ideal location for addiction treatment. Summit Estate provides each client with the support they need to begin their recovery and remain sober.

During treatment, each Summit Estate client goes through the following:

  • A medically controlled detoxification protocol that allows each client to detox in a comfortable manner. Detoxing in this manner allows clients to begin their recovery sooner.
  • Meeting with their counselor to work together to create a personalized treatment plan that takes into consideration each client’s goals and objectives for treatment.
  • Participation in a whole body rehabilitation program that focuses on healing the entire person, mind, body and soul. This process includes yoga therapy, physical training, personal and family therapy.
  • Development of a continuing care plan to develop the skills necessary to deal with stress, cravings and temptation after leaving inpatient addiction recovery treatment.

Receive additional information on the Xanax addiction treatment program at Summit Estate by contacting them today. Their highly qualified admissions counselors are able to provide a number of services including answering questions about their program and providing information on intervention. For those who are looking to enter addiction treatment, the admissions counselors can research insurance coverage and provide the specific out of pocket cost for inpatient treatment. Should paying for treatment be a concern, Summit Estate works with two financing companies that specialize in inpatient treatment.

Please complete the form on this site and a member of the staff will reach out to you or call 800-701-6997.

Addiction Recovery Statistics

Addiction statistics are compiled by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  According to them, 23.5 million people over age 12 needed treatment for substance abuse in 2009.  Unfortunately, only 11 percent of these individuals received treatment in a center that specialized in addiction recovery.  For those that entered treatment for substance abuse, the breakdown by substance is as follows:


  • Alcohol addiction – 23.1%
  • Alcohol addiction with another substance – 18.3%
  • Marijuana addiction – 17.0%
  • Heroin addiction – 14.1%
  • Crack cocaine addiction – 8.1%

The number of individuals that use prescription drugs outside of the way they are prescribe continues to grow in the United States. 52 million people in the United States have used prescription medication for non-medical issues in their lifetime.  Of those, 6.1 million people have used prescription medication outside of the way it was intended within the last month.

The first step in addiction recovery is the addicted person deciding to stop using drugs or alcohol.  However, it can be nearly impossible to overcome addiction without professional help.  Individuals have the best chance at addiction recovery and long term sobriety when they participate in an intensive inpatient addiction treatment program.

Summit Estate Recovery Center provides personalized addiction treatment in their private, luxury facility located near Silicone Valley.  By limiting their practice to six clients at a time, Summit Estate is able to provide each individual the specific support and care they need to discover and address the root cause of addiction.  This is done in a luxury facility with a number of amenities including:

  • Luxury, five star quality private and semi-private bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Fresh meals prepared daily with a focus on taste, nutrition, and optimal brain health
  • Spa facilities complete with sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Exercise room with personal trainer
  • Natural setting including hiking trails

The admissions team at Summit Estate can answer questions about available options as well as follow up with each client’s insurance company in order to provide their specific out of pocket costs.  To receive additional information on the addiction recovery programs available at Summit Estate Recovery Center, complete the form linked below or call 800-701-6997.

Why Xanax is So Addicting

Prescription drug use outside of the way it was prescribed continues to rise in the United States.  While many medications are extremely useful when taken as prescribed, they can easily become dangerous when taken in excess or in a manner that does not reflect a physician’s intention. In 2008, 14,800 people died as a result overdosing on prescription medication. Xanax is no exception as Xanax addiction is a growing problem in the United States. In fact, nearly half of those deaths involved taking a class of medications known as benzodiazepines, the class of drugs that Xanax belongs to.

how-to-end-your-drug-abuseXanax, and all benzodiazepines, have a depressive effect on the central nervous system and work by slowing down the brain.  While this type of reaction can help those with anxiety and panic disorders, Xanax can have a negative effect on the body including:

  • Increased anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Slowed rate of breathing
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Death

People with Xanax addiction can find it nearly impossible to stop using the substance on their own.  This is because benzodiazepines have a real effect on the human body.  This negative effect results in a cycle of substance abuse:

  • Ingesting Xanax
  • The amount of neurotransmitters in the brain is dramatically increased resulting in a high feeling
  • The brain attempts to return to normal levels and purges neurotransmitters, which are necessary to be able to feel pleasure.  This purge results in coming down off of the high
  • Due to the lack of neurotransmitters, the individual finds it nearly impossible to experience pleasure.
  • The individual ingests additional Xanax to feel better

Located in the Bay Area, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides high quality rehab treatment in a luxury setting.  Their 23 acre estate, comprised of hiking trails, orchards, gardens and lawns, provides the ideal setting for clients to focus on their recovery.  Their 30 staff members focus on the specific needs of each of the six clients they have at a time.  By limiting the number of clients, Summit Estate has an unmatched client to staff ratio, allowing Summit Estate to provide the specific treatment each client needs for success.

For additional information on the Xanax addiction recovery program at Summit Estate, complete the form on this site or give them a call at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

The Best Drug Rehab in the Bay Area CA

Location plays a large role in the selection of a treatment facility for drug alcohol addiction.  However, where a center is located should only be one part of an individual’s selection process for treatment.  For people who are looking for a drug rehab Bay Area CA facility, it is important to find a center that provides the level of care they need to recover from addiction and remain sober.

dual-diagnosis-addiction-treatmentThe ideal facility for drug rehab Bay Area CA will provide individualized treatment in a luxury setting that allows clients to feel comfortable and focus on their recovery.  Located in a serene setting on 23 acres, Summit Estate Recovery Center specializes in understanding the unique needs of each of their clients.  By staffing their six bed facility with 30 team members, the team at Summit Estate provides an unmatched client to staff ratio.

The team at Summit Estate includes a number of individuals who are tasks with providing their clients what they need to uncover and address the root cause of their addiction.  Their team includes:

  • Social Workers
  • Program Directors
  • Therapists
  • Outreach Clinicians
  • Counselors
  • Facility Managers
  • Doctors
  • Interventionists
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Health and fitness coaches
  • Nutritionists
  • Acupuncturists

The team at Summit Estate provides each client with the following:

  • An individualized detoxification protocol that is customized to the unique needs of the individual
  • The creation of a drug treatment plan that takes into consideration the specific goals and objectives of each client
  • A whole body approach that focuses on all aspects of a client’s life, mind, body and soul
  • Comprehensive therapy and counseling to identify the root cause of the addiction and to modify negative behaviors.
  • Development of coping mechanisms for handling stress, fear and cravings as they arise.
  • Creation of a continuing care plan that outlines the clients plan for living life outside of inpatient treatment

For additional information on Summit Estate’s drug rehab Bay Area CA and the programs they offer, contact them today.  Please complete the form linked below and a member of Summit Estate’s admissions team will reach out to you.  Or you can give Summit Estate a call at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

Overcoming Drug Addiction And Self Help Addiction Recovery Tips

Drug addiction has a negative impact on many areas of a person’s life.  Once a person has decided to stop taking drugs, they must continue to make decisions that allow them to stay sober.  While inpatient addiction recovery is the best option for becoming and staying sober, there are many things a person can do to become and remain sober.

dual-diagnosis-treatment-centersMake the Decision to Change

This first, and most important, step is the beginning of the road to addiction recovery.  Making this decision also means deciding to change the behaviors you had while using drugs.  Changes each individual will have to make include:

  • Finding new and healthy ways of dealing with stress
  • The kinds of recreational activities you participated in
  • The people you surround yourself with
  • How you cope with being bored

Look Into Treatment Options

Addiction recovery means adopting clean living habits in every aspect of your life.  This includes the way you look at yourself and the people around you.  Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to stop taking drugs without treatment.  Finding the ideal treatment program for you can help you on the road to sobriety and provide you with the tools you need to become and remain sober.  Things to remember while seeking treatment include:

  • Not every treatment type works for everybody.  While 12 step programs are widely used, they are not the solution to everyone’s addiction. Make sure to find a treatment plan that works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Your treatment should address all aspects of your life, not just the drug use.  Addiction is rarely caused by one factor.  Unless you identify and address the issues at the root cause of the addiction, it will be impossible to recover.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is conveniently located on 23 acres in northern California.  The facility sits on a backdrop of gardens, orchards, lawns and, hiking trails that provide the perfect setting for addiction recovery.  By having an addiction recovery approach that focuses on the unique needs of each individual, Summit Estate is able to help their clients become and remain sober.  For additional information on their programs, complete the form on this site using the link below or call them at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab Like

Fear of the unknown can cause many people to delay entering inpatient drug rehab.  Understanding what happens in rehab can make the decision to enter treatment easier and can relieve some of the anxiety associated with entering inpatient drug rehab.

find-an-addiction-counselorLuxury inpatient rehab with a non 12 step approach includes:

  • A medically customized and controlled detoxification protocol is provided for all clients in our natural setting.  While many think discomfort and distress is necessary for rehab, that is not the case.  When done in a medically controlled manner, clients are able to focus on their recovery sooner.
  • Luxury accommodations allow patients to feel comfortable during inpatient treatment.  Private and semi-private rooms are available. Additionally, being able to retire to a highly appointed room after treatment allows clients to decompress after treatment.
  • An individualized treatment approach that addresses the specific needs of each of the clients.  Clients should be involved in designing their treatment plan in order to incorporate their wants and needs.  It is important that clients feel invested in their recovery.
  • Gourmet meals that are nutritious and prepared daily.
  • Exercise facilities that have personal trainers on site in order to facilitate clean living for the entire body.

A typical day in inpatient recovery can include a number of sessions:

  • Meditation time and area
  • Session on reflection and integration
  • Personal and group therapy
  • Sessions on codependency
  • Group therapy
  • Available offsite and onsite group therapy
  • Yoga or art therapy
  • Developing coping and problem solving skills
  • Family therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions

Summit Estate Recovery Center is located in northern California and provides drug rehabilitation in a luxury setting.  The center provides inpatient care to six individuals at a time to ensure the center is able to provide each client with individualized care. Summit Estate has a team of 30 recovery experts, each dedicated to providing clients with the tools they need to become and remain sober.

For additional information on Summit Estate’s inpatient drug rehab, contact Summit Estate today.  Summit Estate’s treatment program has received many accolades from former clients and the industry at large. Please complete the form on this website and we’ll reach out to you or give us a call at 800-701-6997. Thank you.

CA Inpatient Drug and Mental Disorder Rehabiliation Centers

Drug addiction and mental illness often occur together.  In many instances, drug addiction and mental illness cause one another in an endless cycle.  For those individuals who have a dual diagnosis of drug addiction and mental illness it is important to find a rehabilitation center that is equipped to address both issues.

get-help-with-addictionSummit Estate Recovery Center’s inpatient drug rehab program offers a world class dual diagnosis treatment program.  The recovery experts at Summit Estate understand the markers for the cycle of substance abuse and mental illness:

  • Addicted person takes their drug of choice
  • Excess neurotransmitters flood their brain
  • Addicted person feels the high associated with the excess neurotransmitters
  • The addicted person’s brain regains chemical balance
  • Addicted person has the feeling of coming down from their high
  • Addicted person has difficulty experiencing pleasure without drug
  • Addicted person takes their drug of choice

Individuals with mental health concerns are more likely to develop a drug addiction.  In many cases, people with mental illnesses attempt to self-medicate and seek illicit drugs over other treatment options. Furthermore, individuals with drug addiction often develop negative feelings and emotions that can create a mental health issue.  Regardless of what caused the issue initially, individuals who have dual diagnosis are more likely to relapse than their single diagnosis counterparts.

Summit Estate is conveniently located in northern California and offers state of the art recovery in our inpatient drug rehab.  We offer many amenities to guarantee that our clients feel comfortable during the inpatient drug rehab and are able to focus on their recovery. Our amenities include:

  • Private and semi-private rooms and bathrooms
  • Luxury hotel-quality accommodations
  • Personal attention from inpatient drug rehab staff
  • Spa area including a sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Fully equipped exercise facility with personal trainer
  • Yoga studio with instruction
  • Offsite and onsite group meetings
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • 23 acres of lawns, gardens, and orchards

Summit Estate continually provides high quality inpatient drug rehab in a setting that is best suited for relaxation and a focus on sobriety. Learn more about our dual diagnosis and inpatient rehab service and contact us today.  Please complete the form on this site or simply call 800-701-6997.

Addiction Recovery For Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Overcoming substance abuse requires a decision to make some serious changes to one’s lifestyle.  Every aspect of a person’s life including how they manage stress and what they do for fun must be altered to provide the best chance for addiction recovery and lifelong sobriety.  In order to be best equipped to manage these life changes and to handle all the challenges of life, intensive inpatient treatment is the best option.

find-help-for-alcohol-addictionSuccessful rehab treatment begins with identifying a center that is well equipped to handle your unique needs and that has a treatment style that is in line with your personality. A center that has a personalized approach and treats each client as an individual is best suited for setting the stage for lasting recovery.

Located in northern California, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides luxury inpatient addiction recovery programs for alcohol and drug abuse.  Their attention to the unique set of circumstances each of their clients face allows them to have high success rates.  Summit Estate provides treatment for a number of substance abuse issues including:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Multiple substance addiction
  • Addiction with dual diagnosis

Each of their treatment programs begin by uncovering the unique set of circumstances each client faces.  Then, by working with the client, a comprehensive addiction recovery treatment plan is developed that takes into consideration the clients goals for treatment and support needs after leaving treatment.  This is accomplished by:

  • Understanding and addressing the root cause of the addictive behavior
  • Undergoing a medically controlled detoxification protocol
  • Learning how to manage stress and fear
  • Discovering what each client enjoys while sober
  • Addressing the legal, professional and personal issues that resulted due to the addiction
  • Establishing healthy, clean living habits in all aspects of life, mind, body and spirit
  • Learning stress management techniques
  • Participation in intensive individual and group therapies

To learn more about the addiction recovery programs provided by Summit Estate Recovery Center, contact them today.  A member of their admissions team can answer any questions you have, research your insurance coverage, provide your specific out of pocket costs and coordinate your entry into treatment.  To get started, complete the form linked below and Summit Estate will reach out to you.  Or, simply give them a call at 800-701-6997.   Thank you.

Addiction Treatment Approaches For Drug and Alcohol Abusers

Addiction treatment approaches for drug and alcohol abusers vary in effectiveness based on the unique needs of the individual.  Each person is different and, therefore, the approach to their treatment should take into concern their individual needs, goals and objectives for addiction recovery.   A luxury treatment center with a focus on providing individualized rehab provides the best chance at successful recovery and long term sobriety.

the-road-to-recoverySummit Estate Recovery Center offers luxury rehab treatment in a serene setting in greater Los Angeles.  Located on 23 acres of gardens, orchards and lawns, Summit Estate’s location provides clients with the opportunity to step away from the stress of everyday life and to focus on recovering from their addiction.  Addiction treatment is customized for each of Summit Estate’s clients from their initial contact with Summit Estate.   During the initial contact with one of Summit Estate’s admissions counselors:

  • Information is learned about each client as an individual
  • Insurance information is researched in order to provide each client with their specific out of pocket costs
  • Arrangements are made for arrival at Summit Estate

The individualized care continues upon arrival at the facility.  Each client undergoes a personalized, medically controlled detoxification protocol that allows for detox in a comfortable manner.  Eliminating the pain and discomfort commonly associated with detoxification allows clients to begin their recovery sooner and focus on getting better instead of focusing on their discomfort.

Summit Estate offers a non 12 step approach to rehabilitation that lends itself to adaptability.  Rather than building on the foundation of a person’s faith, a non 12 step approach focuses on the individual’s addictive behaviors and modifying the life as a whole.  Clean living is not only about ceasing to abuse drugs and alcohol.  Clean living extends to every aspect of a person’s life, all of which are covered during inpatient treatment at Summit Estate.

For additional information on the addiction treatment approaches Summit Estate offers, contact them today.  Please complete the contact us form using the link below and Summit Estate will reach out to you.  Or, speak to one of Summit Estate’s admissions counselors by calling 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

Find Addiction Treatment Blogs

Seeking addiction treatment can be intimidating, especially if a person is unfamiliar with inpatient treatment and what it involves.  Addiction treatment blogs can provide valuable information about addiction treatment programs, give insight on the inpatient treatment process and give addicted individuals a place to communicate with others in similar situations.  Addiction treatment blogs can be found in a number of places including the websites of treatment centers and support groups.

dual-diagnosis-treatment-centersThe addiction treatment blog for Summit Estate Recovery Center offers a wealth of information including:

  • Information on the programs available for drug and alcohol addiction recovery
  • Insight on what to expect during inpatient treatment
  • Explanation of the types of therapies used during treatment
  • Tips on how to remain sober after deciding to stop using drugs and alcohol
  • Information on options for paying for treatment
  • Details on the center’s outpatient and after care programs

The Summit Estate blog provides a way for communicating with the staff and others who may be in similar situations.

Summit Estate Recovery Center provides individualized drug and alcohol addiction recovery in northern California.   In their luxury, six bed facility, Summit Estate provides a non 12 step addiction recovery program that is customized to the specific needs of each client.  Each client is involved in designing their addiction plan to ensure their recovery meets their personal goals and objectives.

During treatment, each client focuses on the following:

  • Undergoing a customized detoxification plan
  • Becoming clean both mind and body
  • Discovering their triggers for depression and anxiety
  • Developing the tools necessary to manage stress and resist cravings
  • Learning how to eliminate fear and pain and the negative effect on the body
  • Participating in healthy behaviors
  • Rediscovering their specific interests while sober
  • Addressing and resolving the personal, professional and legal issues that arose as a result of addiction
  • Fully participating in an intensive inpatient treatment program
  • Establishing a plan for living outside of inpatient treatment including stress management and avoiding unhealthy situations

For additional information on the addiction recvoery programs available at Summit Estate, contact them today.  Please complete the form on this site and Summit Estate will reach out to you or give Summit Estate a call at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.