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What To Know About Your Possible Addiction Treatment Options

When a person is struggling with substance abuse, there are a number of available options for treatment.  While someone may be serious about changing their life, it is nearly impossible to do so without professional assistance.  Understanding the available treatment options can help you decide which treatment type and facility will best suit your needs.

end-drug-addiction-now12 Step Programs

Traditional 12 step programs use a person’s beliefs as the foundation for treatment.  Ongoing treatment is provided through group meetings which are led by individuals who have also struggled with, and overcome addiction.  Often, individuals are paired with a sponsor who can be called upon in the event the addicted person needs support or help getting through a troubling situation.   Ongoing participation in these group meetings is encouraged for long term sobriety.

Non 12 Step Programs

Non 12 step programs focus on the addicted person’s behavior and focuses on modifying those behaviors for sobriety and clean living.  Typically provided in a luxury setting, the initial goal of a non 12 step program is to understand the root cause of the addictive behavior and to addresses those issues.  Then, while working with the addicted individual, a detailed treatment plan is developed to incorporate each person’s specific goals for treatment and recovery.   Non 12 step programs focus on clean living in all aspects of life and developing the skills necessary to overcome fear and stress.

Located on a 23 acre estate in the greater Los Angeles area, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides luxury addiction treatment with a focus on each individual.  Their facility is fully staffed by 30 team members who have the sole mission of providing each client the support they need to recover from their addiction.  By limiting the number of clients they are working with at one time to six, Summit Estate has an unmatched client to staff ratio, thereby providing the ideal setting for addiction recovery with a  non 12 step addiction treatment program.

To receive additional information on the addiction treatment programs provided by Summit Estate, contact them today.  Please complete the form on this site and they will reach out to you, or simply call 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

Private Room Inpatient Drug Rehab For Executives in Silicon Valley

Executives and other high level professionals have a set of unique needs when entering inpatient drug rehab.  Because of this, it is important to choose a facility that is familiar with the needs of executives and is able to successfully treat their unique circumstances.

find-an-addiction-counselorLuxury rehabs provide a personalized level of care in a setting that is comfortable for executives.  Private rooms provide executives with the personal space they are accustomed to and comfortable in while providing intensive inpatient treatment.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is conveniently located near Silicon Valley and offers luxury inpatient drug rehab on 23 acres of serene gardens, lawns, and orchards.  Their six bed facility is fully staffed by 30 team members who are all focused on providing each of their clients with the specific support they need to recover during inpatient drug rehab and to remain sober after treatment.  To ensure all of their clients feel comfortable during their stay at inpatient drug rehab, they offer the following amenities:

  • Luxury hotel-quality bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Gourmet meals that are prepared daily by their in-house chef
  • Exercise facilities and personal training
  • Spa area that includes a sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Internet service

Summit Estate offer a number of programs that keep all of their clients engaged while in treatment:

  • Participation of each client in putting together the treatment care plan
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Stress management
  • Codependency and relationship management
  • Weekly outings
  • Onsite and offsite recovery meetings

Summit Estate provides world class inpatient rehab treatment for executives and professionals.  By customizing the treatment programs to meet the needs of each client, Summit Estate has become highly successful.  To begin your journey to recovery, please contact Summit Estate today.  Please complete the form on this site or give Summit Estate a call at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

Addiction Recovery Progams and Centers in Northern Califorina

Recovering from an addiction can be one of the most difficult situations a person may face.  No matter if the addiction is to prescription medication, drugs, alcohol or a combination of substances, it can be nearly impossible to stop abusing substances without professional help.  In order to become sober, it is important to find an addiction recovery center that is able to successfully treat your specific issue and offers a recovery program that fits your needs.

end-drug-addiction-nowThere are a number of addiction recovery centers located in northern California.  Research has found that the top centers provide individual attention and customize their approach based on the unique needs of the individual.  Additionally, a luxury addiction recovery center provides a level of comfort that allows clients to focus on their recovery.

Summit Estate Recovery Center sits on 23 acres of lush greens, orchards and gardens in northern California.  The center provides luxury addiction recovery treatment that focuses on the specific needs of each individual client.  By limiting the number of clients at any time to six, each Summit Estate client is able to receive the specific treatment they need to overcome their addiction and to be prepared for life outside of treatment.

Summit Estate offers a number of amenities to ensure clients are comfortable during their inpatient rehab:

  • Luxurious private and semi-private bedrooms
  • Highly appointed bathrooms
  • Onsite chef that prepares fresh, nutritious meals that aid in balancing the brain
  • Hiking trails for exercise, enjoying the outdoors and relaxation
  • Well-equipped exercise facilities with personal trainer
  • Yoga studio for use as therapy
  • Spa facilities including Jacuzzi and sauna

In the comfortable, relaxing setting provided by Summit Estate, clients are able to focus on the intensive inpatient treatment that will provide the foundation for success after leaving the program.  Addiction recovery treatment includes:

  • Individual counseling
  • Individual therapy and family therapy
  • Onsite and offsite group meetings
  • Weekly outings that allow clients to discover their interests while sober
  • Focus on coping with and defeating pain and fear
  • Discovering the root cause of addiction and addressing those issues
  • Addressing the personal, professional and legal issues that were caused by the clients addictive behavior

To receive additional information on Summit Estate, please complete the form on this site and they will reach out to you.  Or you can contact Summit Estate at 800-701-6997.

Executive Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley executives face a unique set of issues when seeking alcohol rehab centers.  It is important to find a center that is conveniently located, equipped to deal with unique needs of executives and provides luxury accommodations.  With all of the addiction recovery programs available, it can be difficult to determine which center will provide the right atmosphere for long term recovery.

dual-diagnosis-treatment-centersSummit Estate Recovery Center is conveniently located near Silicon Valley on a 23 acre estate.  Summit Estate specializes in providing individualized care and providing each of their clients with the specific support they need for sober life outside of treatment.   The rehabilitation experts at Summit Estate have been extremely successful at providing alcohol rehab to executives in an environment where they can be comfortable including:

  • Luxury accommodations
  • Gourmet meals that are freshly prepared daily  by an in-house chef
  • Yoga studio with instruction
  • Spa area including Jacuzzi and sauna
  • Exercise center with personal training
  • Optional massage and other personal comfort services

The comprehensive alcohol rehab inpatient experience includes:

  • Individual and family therapy
  • Individual rehab
  • Stress management
  • Group therapy
  • Offsite and onsite group meetings
  • Weekly outings

Summit Estate understands that executives need to begin addiction treatment as quickly as possible so that they are able to return to the responsibilities of their everyday lives.  Summit Estate provides medically controlled detoxification.  This way, clients are able to detox in a controlled and comfortable manner, enabling them to begin their addiction recovery sooner.  Once detoxification has occurred, each client works with their counselor to outline their unique treatment plan.  There is no one size fits all approach.  Each client’s goals, situation and needs after treatment are considered.  During treatment, each client receives:

  • Assistance with the personal, professional and legal issues that have resulted due to their alcohol addiction.
  • Methodologies for recognizing and handling stress.
  • An opportunity to develop a joy for sober activities and to gain insight on their preferences without the influence of alcohol.
  • Strategies for avoiding and combatting cravings.

For additional information on Summit Estate’s alcohol rehab program, please contact them today.  Complete the form on this site or simply call 800-701-6997. Thank you.

Find Non 12 Step Alcohol Recovery Programs in Northern CA

Despite their popularity, 12 step programs are not successful for all individuals with addiction issues.  Many people benefit from a non 12 step approach.  Typically, non 12 step alcohol rehab programs provide individualized treatment that specifically addresses the unique needs of each client.

hollistic-approach-rehabsWho might benefit from a non 12 step alcohol rehab program?

Traditional 12 step programs build upon an individual’s faith in order to become and remain sober.  The approach is furthered by regular attendance of meetings that are held by and led by others that also have battled addiction.   While this approach can be successful, there are number of people who may benefit from a different type of program.  If you can answer yes to any of the following, a non 12 step approach may be ideal for you:

  • Have you been unsuccessful with non 12 step programs in the past?
  • Does your lifestyle or personality make regular attendance of meetings difficult or unlikely?
  • Are regular 12 step meetings unavailable in your area?

What can I expect during a non 12 step recovery program?

Non 12 step recovery programs often occur in a luxury, serene environment that is well suited for clients to step away from the everyday stress of life and focus on their recovery.  Non 12 step programs often have a whole body approach, educating clients on how clean living should extend to every aspect of life. Additionally, a non 12 step program is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual.  Each client is a part of the process and helps to build the action plan for their recovery.

Located on 23 serene acres in northern California, Summit Estate Recovery Center is a premier, addiction treatment facility that provides personalized care.   The luxury facility continually receives high reviews from clients and has a high success rate for addressing alcohol addiction.

For additional information on Summit Estate’s alcohol rehab program, contact us today.  A member of our admissions team can answer your questions, verify your insurance coverage and provide your specific out of pocket costs.  Please complete the form on this site and we’ll reach out to you or give us a call at 800-701-6997.

Top Los Gatos Alcohol Treatment and Alcohol Recovery Centers

With many treatment options available it can be difficult to find the right treatment center.  In order to have the best treatment you must find the right center to handle your specific needs.  There is a top alcohol treatment center conveniently located in Los Gatos, CA.

dual-diagnosis-addiction-treatmentSummit Estate Recovery Center is located on 23 acres of gardens, lawns and orchards.  Our six bed facility specializes in providing individualized care to all of our clients.  We believe the best way to provide alcohol rehab is to ensure each client receives the specific level of care they need for success.  This attention to personal details begin with each client’s initial phone call with our center.  At that point we begin to identify your treatment needs.

Upon arrival at Summit Estate, each client undergoes a medically controlled detoxification.  Each client has a specifically tailored detox process that is built upon their unique physical needs.  By providing a medically controlled rehab, our clients are able to detox in a comfortable manner and able to start their treatment sooner.

After detoxification, each client sits down with their counselor to establish their treatment plan.  It is important that each client participate in this process. In order to successfully recover and return to normal life, treatment must address each client’s needs and incorporate their goals.

Alcohol rehab at treatment Summit Estate includes the following:

  • Establishing clean living mind and body
  • Discovering what triggers anxiety and depression and anxiety
  • Developing the necessary tools to reduce stress and to handle cravings
  • Elimination of fear and pain and the resulting stress they cause
  • Learning ad engaging in healthy behaviors and activities
  • Finding new habits and things that you find interesting sober
  • Addressing the personal, professional and legal issues that arose as a result of addiction and addictive behavior
  • Participation in inpatient program
  • An ongoing support and aftercare plan after leaving inpatient treatment

Contact Summit Estate today for additional information on our treatment programs.  We are highly reviewed from previous clients and have had high success rates providing alcohol rehab treatment.  Please complete the form on this site or call 800-701-6997.

What To Look For in a Top Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Center

Making the decision to enter inpatient drug rehab is the first of many steps a person takes towards sobriety and living a clean lifestyle.  Selecting the best inpatient drug rehab facility is the next important decision.  The treatment center and its staff play a large role in the successfulness of an individual after leaving treatment.  Because of this, it is important to select a top inpatient drug rehabilitation center.

Dual-Diagnosis-TreatmentOnce addicted to a substance, it can be virtually impossible to stop taking it.  In fact, without the help of an intensive inpatient drug rehab program, many people are unable to become clean.  A top rehab program provides individual attention and tailored treatment in a luxury setting.  Top rehabilitation centers offer:

  • Medically controlled detoxification
  • Individual and family therapy sessions
  • Individual counseling
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Serene setting with natural backdrop
  • Spa area with hot tub and sauna
  • Exercise facilities with personal training
  • Yoga studio with instruction

The amenities above help each client feel comfortable during their stay and allow them to focus on their recovery.  Top drug recovery centers provide individual attention to their clients and customized treatment plans.  After undergoing their medically controlled, comfortable detox regimen, each client meets with their counselor to outline their treatment plan.  Top treatment centers incorporate the goals and desires of their clients into their treatment.  In order to be successful, the treatment plan needs to realistically reflect each client as an individual and address their unique needs.  Personal attention continues through the aftercare phase of treatment.  Top rehab centers continue to support their clients even after they have physically left the inpatient treatment program.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is a top rated treatment center that sits on 23 acres of lawns, gardens, and orchards in northern California.  This six bed facility is fully staffed by 30 team members who are all dedicated to getting each of our clients on the road to recovery.  For additional information on our drug rehab program or to coordinate your entry into our center, contact us today.

Please call us at 800-701-6997 or complete the form on this site to get started.  Thank you.

How To Tell A Loved One They Need Help With Alcohol Addiction Without Starting a Fight

Having a loved one with an alcohol addiction is one of the most stressful situations a person can face.  It is heartbreaking to watch the downward spiral of addiction and frustrating to feel there is nothing that you can do about it.  Chances are you’ve attempted to talk with your loved one about entering alcohol rehab in the past without success.  There is a way to tell your loved one that it is time to seek treatment in a non-combative manner.  Helping your loved one see their addiction for what it is and the issues it causes can be the first step in helping them see that they need to enter an alcohol rehab.

dual-diagnosis-treatment-centersWhile many people have heard of interventions, they may not understand the best way to have an intervention for their loved one.  During an intervention, the addicted person’s family and close friends meet with them to describe what affect their addiction has had on each of their lives.  The goal is to help the addicted person see their addiction in a different light, and to accept an invitation to enter rehab.  It is important that interventions are performed in a non-combative manner.  The goal is not to attack the addicted person, but to show them how their addiction is impacting both their life and the lives of the people around them.

Interventions are most effective when led by interventionists.  These professionals can help prepare you and your family and can moderate the intervention, deescalating issues as they arise.  Summit Estate Recovery Center works with interventionists who can help your family tell your loved one that they need help with their alcohol addiction.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is located on 23 acres of orchards, lawns, and gardens in northern California.  We provide individualized treatment plans in our six bed facility to ensure that each client receives the right treatment for their needs.  In addition to individual counseling we offer family counseling to address issues related to the addiction and to set the stage for life outside of inpatient treatment.

For additional information on the programs we provide or help setting up an intervention with your loved one, contact us today.  Our admissions counselors are available to speak with you and your loved one and can provide additional insight on the intervention process.  Please complete the form on this site or give us a call at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.

Premier Luxury Alcohol Recovery Programs and High End Treatment Centers

If you’ve made the decision to seek treatment for alcohol addiction, consider a high end treatment center that provides a luxury alcohol rehab program. A luxury alcohol rehab program provides premier accommodations, personal attention, and a treatment plan that builds upon each client’s unique goals and needs. Clients who feel comfortable in their surroundings and receive individualized treatment have the best success rates for recovery and sobriety.

find-help-for-alcohol-addictionSummit Estate Recovery Center sits on a 23 acre estate that is comprised of lawns, gardens, hiking trails, and orchards. Our luxury six bed facility provides alcohol rehab and addiction treatment that is personalized to the unique needs of each individual. We understand that each of our clients has a unique set of circumstances and therefore deserves a unique approach. This is all done in a luxury setting that includes:

  • Luxury hotel quality bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Nutritious, gourmet meals that are freshly prepared daily by our in-house chef
  • Spa area including jacuzzi and sauna with available amenities such as massage
  • Onsite gym with personal trainer
  • Yoga studio with instruction
  • Meditation areas with nature as a background
  • Fully stocked fishing pond

In this setting, our clients are able to focus on their recovery. Our intense inpatient program includes:

  • Medically controlled detoxification
  • Family and individual counseling
  • Individual therapy
  • Onsite and offsite meetings
  • Weekly outings
  • Focus on managing and eliminating stress
  • Focus on relationships
  • Focus on repairing the personal, professional, and legal issues that occurred as a result of the alcohol addiction

Despite the luxury, a premier treatment program may be more affordable than you think. As a part of the admissions process, the admissions counselors work with your insurance to coordinate your inpatient treatment benefits. Once that is done, we will present to you your specific out of pocket costs. If you are concerned about paying for the inpatient treatment, we can put you in touch with two financing companies that specialize in funding inpatient rehabilitation.

For additional information on the alcohol rehab programs we provide or to find out your specific out-of-pocket costs, contact Summit Estate today. Please complete the form on this site, or simply give us a call at 800-701-6997.

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution and Stay Sober

Recovery does not end when you leave inpatient treatment.  Instead, it continues every day when you make the decision to continue your resolution to stay sober.  Although you learn coping mechanisms during treatment, staying sober is not possible unless you make the effort every day. To address the issues that arise during your everyday life, remember the following:


  • Continue to identify and address what triggers your cravings and identify what you can do to avoid those triggers.
  • Have a strong support network of people that you can rely on and be honest with.  These individuals can be friends, family members, or others who are in recovery.  Use those people to stay accountable and focused.
  • Take care of yourself.  Clean living extends to every aspect of your life including what you eat and your exercise routine.  Eat well balanced, nutritious meals and get regular exercise.  In addition to improving your overall health, exercise serves as an excellent way to reduce stress.
  • Learn your own interests.  It can be difficult to identify your favorite activities once you decide to stay sober.  Take time to determine what activities you enjoy sober.  Don’t be afraid to try new things because your favorite activity might be just around the corner.
  • Carefully select the situations and surroundings to avoid places that lend themselves to you relapsing.  Be comfortable declining an invitation and saying “no.” If you become uncomfortable, excuse yourself from the situation.
  • Keep in contact with your recovery care team.  These individuals are personally invested in your recovery and can be a great resource in your journey to stay sober.  Depending on your unique situation, you may be a good candidate for outpatient rehab or refresher courses designed to build upon your inpatient recovery.

Your recovery can begin with your first contact with our recovery center.  Our expert team can equip you to stay sober through counseling, therapy, and individual attention in a luxury setting.  An admissions counselor can provide your specific out of pocket cost, answer questions about our program, and coordinate your arrival.  Reach out to us today by completing the form on this site or calling 800-701-6997.