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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs in Northern California

Many people who have substance abuse problems also struggle with mental disorders.  Known as dual diagnosis, mental disorders and substance abuse problems often go hand in hand with one resulting in the other.  People who have both mental disorders and addiction issues are more likely to relapse after treatment, particularly if both the mental disorder and substance abuse issues are not adequately addressed.  When selecting a facility for your dual diagnosis treatment, look to find a center that understands and successfully treats both concerns.

dual-diagnosis-addiction-treatmentThere is a cyclical relationship between substance abuse and mental disorders, with one often triggering the other:

  • Addicted person takes drug or alcohol
  • The addicted person’s brain is flooded by neurotransmitters
  • A feeling of being high is experienced
  • The brain attempts to rebalance chemically by purging neurotransmitters, including those that were naturally produced and stored by the body
  • The high feeling ends and the user begins to come down
  • Due to the depleted levels of neurotransmitters, there is difficulty experiencing pleasurable feelings resulting in depression and anxiety
  • Addicted person takes drugs or alcohol

While providing dual diagnosis treatment, it is important to address both the mood disorder and the underlying cause of substance abuse.   Summit Estate is able to treat both issues through personal attention and understanding each client’s specific needs.  Every aspect of our treatment protocols are individualized to provide the best foundation for recovery and lifelong sobriety.   We offer a number of methods of treatment including:

  • Personalized detoxification protocol
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Meditation
  • Offsite and onsite group sessions
  • Reflection and integration
  • Coping and problem solving skills
  • Weekly outings
  • Yoga therapy with instruction
  • Art therapy
  • Exercise area with personal training
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy

A Summit Estate admissions counselor can provide additional information about our dual diagnosis treatment program as well as begin to understand your unique concerns.  We are able to be successful treating dual diagnosis clients because we work with each individual’s unique circumstances.  This begins with your initial contact with our facility.  Contact us to get started by either calling 800-701-6997 or by completing the contact us form on this site.

Who Offers The Best Addiction Treatment in Santa Cruz California

Deciding to enter inpatient treatment is the first of many steps toward overcoming your addiction.  The next question is how to identify the best place to receive the best addiction treatment.  The staff members at your chosen facility play a large role in the success or failure of your recovery.  This is why it is important to identify the best addiction treatment facility for your specific recovery needs.

california-drug-rehabsConveniently located in Santa Cruz, California, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides the best addiction treatment.  This is done through a focus on the individual needs of each of our clients.  We understand that no two people have the same situation and therefore, they should not have the same treatment protocols.  We take time to understand each of our clients’ goals and objectives and incorporate them into the treatment protocol.  We provide individual attention as we are uniquely able to focus on their specific needs.  This is possible through a client to staff ratio that is unmatched in the industry.

Our addiction treatment center is located on 23 acres of gardens, orchards and lawns which provide the perfect backdrop during recovery.  This relaxing setting allows our clients to step away from the stress of everyday life and direct all of their energy toward recovery and lifelong sobriety.   We limited the capacity of our treatment facility to six beds to ensure each of our clients receives the individualized attention and level of comfort that is optimal for addiction recovery.  Our center is fully staffed by 30 individuals each of whom are tasked with providing our clients with the highest level of care.

Get started today to receive the best addiction treatment in Santa Cruz, California.  An admissions representative is able to answer any questions you have about the process and begin to understand what your goals and objectives.  Our admissions counselors will work with your insurance company in order to understand your specific out of pocket costs and review that information with you.  If funding treatment is a concern, we can put you in contact with two financing companies that specialize in providing funding for addiction treatment.   Please contact us today by calling 800-701-6997 or completing the form on this website.

Choosing the Premier Addiction Treatment Center in Northern Cali

All addiction treatment centers are not created equal.  Therefore, it is important to find the center that is best equipped to provide treatment for your unique circumstances.  Do some research so that you can select the premier addiction treatment center and receive the highest level of treatment.

treating-drug-and-alcohol-addictionA premier addiction treatment center will provide:

  • Personalized attention – Clients are most successful in their recovery when they receive personalized attention during treatment.  Every person’s circumstances, goals and objectives are different, and their treatment plans should be as well.
  • Luxury setting – Recovery is best done in a relaxing, serene environment.  Many premier addiction treatment centers are located in relaxing setting such as on the beach, near water or near nature reserves.  A serene location allows clients to step away from the stress of everyday life and to focus on their recovery.
  • Four star accommodations – Comfort is important during treatment.  In a premier setting the bedrooms, bathrooms and center as a whole will be highly appointed.
  • Individualized detoxification – Detox does not have to be painful or stressful.  By addressing each individual’s specific medical needs it is possible to detox in a comfortable and controlled manner.
  • Gourmet meals – The food people consume has a direct effect on their brain chemistry.  Eating a nutrient rich diet allows clients to return to optimal brain chemistry while improving overall health.
  • Aftercare – Treatment should not stop once a client leaves the inpatient program.  A graduated aftercare program provides the additional support clients need to be successful after treatment.

The daily offering at a premier treatment facility should include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Yoga classes
  • Personal training
  • Offsite and onsite group sessions
  • Art therapy

Summit Estate Recovery center is located on 23 acres in northern California.  Providing premier addiction treatment, Summit Estate finds success for its clients through personal attention throughout the recovery process.

Receive additional information on Summit Estate by contacting them today.  Their team of admissions counselors are available to answer your questions about treatment, learn about you as an individual and discuss the cost of treatment.  Either contact us by phone at 800-701-6997 or complete the contact us form on this website.

California Professionals and Executives Rehab Treatment

Substance abuse effects every aspect of the abuser’s life. There are negative repercussions personally and professionally.  Due to their professional obligations, executives have a unique set of issues when dealing with recovery from drug or alcohol abuse.  For executives and professionals, it is important to find a rehab treatment facility that understands the unique pressures they face.

recovery-for-alcoholLocated on 23 acres in northern California, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides individualized rehab treatment in a luxury setting.  We take time to understand each of our clients and provide a treatment plan that addresses their particular needs and goals.  This is possible due to our unmatched client to staff ratio.  We are a six bed facility that is fully staffed by 30 addiction professionals.  Each member of our staff is tasked with providing our clients with individualized care during their stay in inpatient rehab.  We take this further by providing aftercare to ensure our clients receive the support they need for lifelong sobriety.

We offer a number of amenities during treatment including:

  • Luxury bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Yoga studio with instruction
  • Freshly prepared gourmet meals
  • Exercise area with personal training
  • Art therapy
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Individual therapy
  • Offsite and onsite group meetings
  • Spa area with sauna and Jacuzzi

Inpatient treatment begins with a personalized detoxification regimen.  Under the care of our medical staff, clients are able to detox in a comfortable and controlled manner.  Next, our clients meet with their counselor to outline their goals and objective for their rehab stay.  Using this information, we build an individualized treatment protocol that addresses every area of our client’s lives.  Clean living is more than just stopping the substance abuse.  Clean living extends to the food we eat and our level of physical fitness.  By adopting clean habits our clients are better prepared for clean and sober living after treatment.

Speak with a member of our staff today to learn more about how our executive rehab program can help you achieve your goal of recovery.  In addition to providing information about the program, we can coordinate your entry to the program and work with your insurance company.  Call us at 800-701-6997 or complete the form on this site and we’ll reach out to you.

Deciding Whether An Intervention is The Best Approach For Your Loved One

Having a loved one that is struggling with substance abuse can be devastating.  In addition to seeing firsthand the damage they are doing to their own lives, you are dealing with the effects of their behavior on yours.  Although you may feel helpless to do anything to get your loved one to enter treatment and become sober, that is not the case.  Through an intervention, you have the ability to help your loved one look at their substance abuse differently and enter treatment.

find-help-for-alcohol-addictionWhat is an intervention?

An attempt by an addicted person’s friends and family to get them to enter recovery.  This is done by allowing each participant to share how the addicted person’s substance abuse has affected them personally.   It allows the addicted person to hear from their friends and family at once in an attempt to get them to make the decision to enter treatment?

How should an intervention be done?

Often, it is best to work with a professional interventionist to guide and facilitate your efforts.  A professional interventionist is highly trained in directing interventions so that they achieve the desired result of getting your loved one into treatment.  In addition to facilitating the session, an interventionist can help prepare friends and family for the intervention.

In most instances, friends and family members prepare letters or statements beforehand to read during the session.  Additionally, participants are encouraged practice what they will say to the addicted person during the session should they choose not to enter treatment.  For many loved ones who have enabled the addicted person, this provides an opportunity to say they will no longer provide assistance.

Is there help for family members after the intervention?

Loved ones are encouraged to become active participants in the recovery process.  Family therapy allows the family to heal together.  Family therapy can also help prepare the family to support the addicted person after treatment.

Contact Summit Estate Recovery Center today to learn how our program can help your loved one achieve sobriety.  We offer family visits and family therapy as a part of our treatment program.  Additionally, we work with professional interventionists that can help you confront your loved one.  Reach out to us today by phone at 800-701-6997 or complete the form on this site and we’ll reach out to you.

Find Executive Retreats For Drug and Alcohol Addiction Near Silicon Valley

Executives and professionals have a unique set of responsibilities.  They must juggle both personal and professional obligations which can make seeking help for drug addiction or alcohol addiction more difficult.  When looking for the right place to receive inpatient treatment for substance abuse, it is important to find a location that allows you to feel comfortable while providing the level of support you need for lifelong sobriety.

stop-drinking-todaySummit Estate Recovery Center provides excellent rehabilitative treatment for alcohol addiction in a luxury setting.  Our six bed facility is situated on 23 acres of beautiful natural lawns, gardens and orchards near Silicon Valley.  This location provides the perfect retreat to allow executives to step away from the high stress of their everyday lives and to focus on recovery.

We provide individualized treatment plans that include:

  • Individual and family therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Meditation
  • Offsite and onsite group meetings

To ensure executives feel comfortable during their stay, we offer the following amenities to all of our guests:

  • Four star quality accommodations, including highly appointed bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Delicious, gourmet, freshly prepared food
  • Yoga studio with classes led by an instructor that specializes in yoga therapy for those struggling with addiction
  • Exercise room with personal training available
  • Spa facilities including sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Fully stocked fishing pond
  • Hiking trails

Additionally, acupuncture, massage and reflexology is available to you at an additional charge.

Speak with an admissions counselor today to discuss our alcohol addiction program.  We are able to answer any questions you may have as well as begin the process of getting to know you as an individual.  Our staff can coordinate your arrival to inpatient treatment, in most instances, new clients are able to arrive within 1 to 2 days. We also work with your insurance company to identify your level of coverage and determine your specific out of pocket cost.  Should paying for inpatient treatment be a concern, we can put you in contact with two finance companies that specialize and providing funding for recovery care.

Take the first step towards recovery by contact us via phone at 800-701-6997 or complete the form on this site.

Why The Top Drug Rehabs in California Aren’t As Expensive as You Might Think

To have the best chance of successful recovery, it is important to find atop drug rehab that has a strong record of success.   A treatment facility that provides quality drug rehab treatment with personalized attention is best equipped to help patients find long lasting sobriety.  Many people presume that a luxury treatment facility will be too expensive and out of their price range.  This may not be the case; the ideal drug rehab for you may be affordable.

prescription-pill-addictionAt Summit Estate Recovery Center, we provide quality drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment in a luxury setting.  We work with many major insurance companies to coordinate benefits and provide the highest level of care.  By working with insurance companies, we are able to provide each client’s individual out of pocket costs.  Based on your specific levels of insurance coverage,   your length of stay and treatment needs, your specific treatment cost may be vastly different than someone else’s.  In fact, you may find that a luxury clinic that accepts insurance coverage is more reasonably priced than another facility that does not.

Should paying for rehab be a concern, we work with two finance companies that specialize in funding inpatient treatment.  There may be options that fit your budget and financing needs.  Decisions can be made quickly so that you are able to enter treatment as quickly as possible.

Located on 23 acres of natural gardens, orchards and lawns, Summit Estate Recovery Center has an individualized approached to addiction treatment.  Our unmatched staff to client ratio affords us the opportunity to take time and understand the individual needs of each of our clients.  By doing this, we are able to develop and implement customized treatment protocols to give our clients the best possible opportunity for success.  Our support does not end after leaving our facility.  Should a slow return to life outside of treatment be necessary, we provide outpatient coverage.  We also provide ongoing support in the weeks and months after treatment.

To discover your specific out of pocket costs for treatment, contact us today.  We may be reached at 800-701-6997 or complete the contact us form on this site and we’ll reach out to you.

Find Luxury Drug Addiction Facilities Near Silicon Valley

One of the factors in the success of a drug addiction program is how comfortable clients feel in the setting.  For many, a luxury drug addiction facility provides the ideal setting to step away from the stress of everyday life and to focus on recovery.   Providing more than just lush accommodations, luxury drug rehab facilities typically have a holistic approach to treatment, taking care to promote clean living in all aspects of life.  Combining these efforts promotes recovery and long lasting sobriety.

dual-diagnosis-addiction-treatmentSummit Estate Recovery Center is conveniently located near Silicon Valley and provides individualized addiction treatment.  Located on 23 acres of gardens, orchards and lawns, our facility provides the best in rehab care by focusing on the specific needs of each client.  No two people are the same; therefore, a cookie cutter approach to treatment is not optimal for success.  Our six bed recovery center is staffed by 30 individuals who are each tasked with understanding each client’s specific needs.  This unmatched client to staff relationship gives us the flexibility to care for each of our clients as an individual and to best prepare them for life after inpatient treatment.

To ensure our clients have comfortable stays during their inpatient treatment, we offer many amenities including:

  • Luxuriously appointed bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Gourmet meals prepared fresh daily by our in house chef
  • Spa facilities including a sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Hiking trails
  • Fully stocked fishing pond
  • Recreational areas
  • Yoga studio with instruction
  • Fitness area and equipment with a personal trainer
  • Available optional acupuncture, massage and reflexology

In this comfortable setting we provide intensive rehab treatment that includes:

  • Customized detox protocols
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Mediation
  • Offsite and onsite 12 step and non 12 step group meetings

Learn more about how we can provide the luxury drug addiction treatment you’ve been looking for by contacting us today.  During your initial phone call we can provide additional information on our programs as well as answer any questions you may have about the process.  Call us at 800-701-6997 or complete the form on this site and we will  reach out to you.

Find Luxury Alcohol Treatment Facilities Near San Jose, CA

Alcohol addiction causes a ripple effect in both the addicted person’s life and the lives of the people around them.  Unfortunately, even once a person has decided to stop drinking, it can be difficult if not impossible to recover from the addiction without help.  Research has found that luxury treatment facilities, such as those located near San Jose, California provide the best opportunity for recovery and sobriety.

Alcohol-RecoverySummit Estate Recovery Center is conveniently located near San Jose, and provides luxury alcohol addiction treatment on a serene 23 acre estate.  By providing a relaxing atmosphere, clients are able to step away from the stress of life and focus on their recovery.  To ensure that all of our clients are comfortable during their stay, we offer a number of amenities including:

  • Four star quality bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Hiking trails
  • Fully stocked fishing pond
  • Yoga studio with instruction
  • Exercise facilities with personal training
  • Freshly prepared gourmet meals

While in the comfortable environment, we provide our clients with the tools they need to recover from their addiction.  To do this, we take a personalized approach with each of our clients.  Beginning with the initial contact with our admissions team, we aim to learn more about each person and their unique circumstances.   Upon a client’s arrival at Summit Estate, they begin their personalized detoxification protocol.  These individualized protocols allow clients to detox in a controlled and comfortable manner, thereby allowing them to start treatment sooner and avoid the stress and anxiety commonly associated with detox.  After detoxification, we meet with each client to understand their personal goals and objectives for inpatient treatment.  Once we understand what the clients want, we develop a personalized treatment plan to set the foundation for sobriety.  Daily treatment includes the following sessions:

  • Individual counseling
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Codependency
  • Mediation
  • Group meetings
  • Art therapy

The team at Summit Estate is uniquely equipped to address the individual needs of each of our clients.  This is possible through our unparalleled staff to client ratio.  We are a six bed facility that is staffed by 30 individualized who have the sole focus of giving you the tools to become and remain sober.

To begin, contact us today at 800-701-6997 or complete the contact us form on this site and we’ll reach out to you.

How To Tell If Your Drinking Habits May Require Addiction Treatment

Despite being legal, alcohol is one of the most abused substances in the United States.  For many, there is a thin line between using alcohol in a recreational manner and having an alcohol addiction.  A good rule of thumb is, if your drinking is causing negative effects in your life, you have a problem.

find-help-for-alcohol-addictionYou may need to enter inpatient rehab for an alcohol addiction if you answer “yes” to some or all of the questions posed below:

  • Is drinking alcohol a part of your daily routine and something you do every day?
  • Do you intentionally mislead others about how much alcohol you are drinking?
  • Have you needed to increase the amount of alcohol you drink in order to get the same feeling that you did previously?
  • Has your drinking had a negative effect on other aspects of your life including your family, professional and personal interactions?
  • Have you tried to stop drinking own your own in the past but have been unsuccessful?
  • Do you commonly find yourself drinking more than what you initially planned?
  • Have you realized you reached the point you wanted to stop drinking but continued to drink anyway?
  • Is the amount of time and/or money you’ve spent on alcohol increasing?

Inpatient rehab is the best way to receive help for alcohol addiction.  Speak with one of our admissions counselors today to receive additional information on our alcohol addiction program. Our staff members can also speak with you and help you understand if your drinking is a problem that can benefit from inpatient treatment.  Many people delay entry into treatment, even when they realize they have a problem, as they believe treatment is cost prohibitive. Luxury addiction treatment may be more affordable than you think.  First, we work with your insurance company to provide you with your individual out of pocket expense.  Next, if paying for treatment is a concern, we work with two finance companies that specialize in funding inpatient rehab.

Begin your road to recovery by contacting Summit Estate Recovery Center today.  We may be reached via phone at 800-701-6997 or simply complete the form on this site and we’ll reach out to you.