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As Northern California’s Premier Drug and Alcohol Rehab Recovery Center, we aim to provide you with current events and information on drug, alcohol and substance abuse to help you or your loved one on your journey to addiction recovery and long term sobriety.

Parents: How to Help an Addicted Teen

As a parent, it can be easy to take your teenager’s addiction personally. Anger and betrayal are common feelings when a parent first discovers that his or her child has been using drugs. While these feelings are normal and common, it is not beneficial to express them when it comes to resolving the issue at […]

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Top Drug Addiction Programs in Saratoga

For those seeking outpatient drug addiction treatment, drug addiction programs in Saratoga provide the perfect setting. Whether a person is seeking outpatient treatment as their first treatment option or is looking for a place to transition to after inpatient it is important to find the best treatment facility for their addiction recovery. When evaluating drug […]

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Best Drug Addiction Programs in Los Gatos

For individuals seeking professional assistance with substance abuse, drug addiction programs in Los Gatos provide the ideal setting for focusing on recovery.  Selection of a treatment facility is one of the biggest decision someone facing inpatient rehab treatment has to make.  It is important that the chosen facility allow each client to feel comfortable while […]

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Non 12 Step Treatment Program Options

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a very personal process.  In order to successfully overcome addiction, it is important that each individual discover and address the root cause of their addiction.  Although popular, 12 step programs are not the ideal solution for everyone.  Successful addiction recovery depends on finding the right fit so […]

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Non 12 Step Treatment Programs in California

Seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is commendable.  Professional assistance through non 12 step treatment programs can provide the perfect path for addiction recovery and long lasting sobriety.  Selection of a treatment center is an important part of the journey to recovery.  The program you choose ultimately plays a large role in your […]

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What Are The Possible Treatment Options For Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive substance that has an adverse effect on a person’s mind and body.  Understanding the available methamphetamine treatment options can help you select the type of program that is best suited to address your needs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Research has shown that traditional methods of addressing substance abuse and drug addiction […]

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Find Pain Medication Detox Programs in the Santa Cruz, CA Area

Pain medication detox programs in Santa Cruz CA area provide individuals with a way to overcome their addiction to prescription medication.  Addiction to prescription drugs including pain medication is on the rise in the United States.  While pain medication has benefits when taken as prescribed, taking large doses of medication or taking medication that was […]

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Drug Addiction Programs in Los Gatos

Residential drug addiction programs in Los Gatos provide the perfect setting to focus on overcoming substance abuse.  By stepping away from the stress and responsibilities of everyday life, those in rehab are able to identify and address the root cause of addiction and to develop the tools necessary remain sober.  The addiction treatment facility you […]

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