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Is There A Link Between An Empty Nest And Depression?

Link Between An Empty Next And

The time when children leave home for college or careers can bring on feelings of sadness, loneliness, and grief in many parents. Coined “empty nest syndrome” by health professionals, this transition can lead some men and women to depression and even to turn to drugs or alcohol. As a parent, the focus is on providing […]

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3 Activities Of Self-Expression In Recovery

Make Time For Yourself-Self-Expression In Recovery-Summit Estate

For those who are in addiction recovery, one of the primary goals is to develop strategies that can help overcome negative emotions and behaviors. Before starting on the road to recovery, the substance was used to numb feelings like anger, sadness, guilt, and shame. Without the substance as a crutch, feelings are often more pronounced […]

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Why Is Heroin Addiction So Hard To Treat?

No Matter-Why Is Heroin Addiction So Hard To

The image of an addict shooting up heroin on the street is not a pretty picture. While not everyone who abuses heroin winds up desperate and homeless, the reality is that the drug is extremely dangerous, and a high percentage of people who uses it will develop a life-threatening dependence on it. How Heroin Works […]

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The Addiction & Mental Illness Connection & Effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment

View-Effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment In Northern CA-SummitEstate

Research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse has shown that 6 in 10 individuals who suffer from substance abuse also have at least one mental illness. Many suffer from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress (PTS), and other mood disorders. Because of this, substance abuse treatment for many must also include treatment for mental […]

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Do Addicted Parents Always Raise Addicted Children?

Do Addicted Parents Always Raise Addicted Children-SummitEstate

The question has been raised countless times – does addiction run in families? While studies on the subject of drug and alcohol addiction continue, researchers have found strong indicators that family history can be a factor in alcohol and drug abuse in children. In fact, the risk has consistently been found to be approximately four […]

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It’s Easier Than You Think To Become Addicted To Prescription Drugs

Easier To Become Addicted To Prescription Drugs-SummitEstate

When most people think of drug addicts, they have an image in their mind of someone on the street getting high on illegal drugs. However, the reality is that many individuals fall into a devastating cycle of drug addiction after being prescribed a medication for an injury or illness. The Commonality Of Prescription Medication Addiction […]

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The Importance Of Nutrition Counseling And Eating Well In Rehab

Gourmet Meal-Nutrition Counseling In Rehab-Summit Estate

While balanced nutrition is important for everyone, it is especially vital for those who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. It’s simply a fact that malnutrition is often an unfortunate consequence of addiction. And, the poor eating habits that frequently go hand-in-hand with addiction often lead to a host of additional physical, mental, and […]

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Who Is Inpatient Treatment Best For?

Inpatient Treatment

There are many types of treatment for substance abuse. When you’re trying to find the best option for yourself or a loved one, there are a variety of considerations to explore. For some, outpatient treatment is sufficient for starting on the road to recovery. However, inpatient programs offer some distinct advantages that make it particularly […]

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My Loved One Has A Dual Diagnosis, What Now?

Loved One-Dual Diagnosis Treatment In CA-Summit Estate

It can be overwhelming to find out that your loved one is suffering from a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental illness. You may be wondering where you should begin when it comes to getting help and moving forward. Dual Diagnosis Stats – Your Loved One Is Not Alone First, it’s important to know […]

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What Are Dissociative Drugs And How Does Treatment Work?

It Takes Nothing To Join The Crowd-Dissociative

Dissociative drugs, such as PCP (Phencyclidine), DXM (Dextromethorphan), Ketamine and LSD, are a class of hallucinogenic drugs that alter user’s perceptions of sight and sound. They also produce feelings of detachment or dissociation from one’s environment or self. Some types of dissociative drugs can be found in over-the-counter cold and cough medicines, others are prescribed […]

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