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As Northern California’s Premier Drug and Alcohol Rehab Recovery Center, we aim to provide you with current events and information on drug, alcohol and substance abuse to help you or your loved one on your journey to addiction recovery and long term sobriety.

A Report on Northern California Drug Statistics and Insights

A Report on Northern California Drug Statistics and Insights

Federal and local officials formally recognize northern California as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). Production/manufacturing, distribution, sales, and use all play a role in the regional drug landscape. The information provided in a federal report from the US Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center elucidates the reality of the drug problems citizens […]

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Summit Estate’s Dr. Kenneth Blum Publishes Important New Addiction Study In Medical Journal

Summit Estate’s very own clinical consultant Dr. Kenneth Blum, M.Sc, DHL, was the lead author of an article recently published in Current Pharmaceutical Design medical journal. Dr. Blum and his collaborators believe they may be onto the “hatching of the addiction egg” with their research. Current Pharmaceutical Design publishes in-depth reviews that involve modern research […]

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Trends in Opioid Use, Strength, and Addiction

Drug Treatment Programs

Opioid addiction continues to rise in the United States. Americans struggle with the consequences every day. Opiates come in many different forms and strengths. Increasing tolerance and downplaying the number of pills taken often marks addiction. Identifying the Problem An estimated 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. In 2001, The Joint Commission labeled pain […]

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Painkillers For Kids: Recent FDA Approval Marks The Latest Step In OxyContin’s Evolution

OxyContins Evolution Approved For Children - Summit Estate

The United States has been embroiled in an opioid overdose epidemic for years, resulting in growing public support for stricter prescription practices and more oversight of pharmaceutical manufacturers. One of the most potent opioid painkillers on the market is OxyContin, and that name has been part of the public drug discussion for the past couple […]

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America’s Surprising History With (What Are Now) Illegal Drugs

Heroin Cocaine Marijuana Always Illegal Featured - Summit Estate

Mind-altering drugs have played a role in recorded history for thousands of years. Pain relief, treatment of illnesses, spiritual experiences and expanding one’s consciousness have all been cited as reasons for experimentation with well-known potent substances. Medical necessity has driven such experimentation, as has simple curiosity, for millennia. The United States has been embroiled in […]

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How To Help A Family Member Who Is An Alcoholic

alcoholism treatment

There’s an old adage that family is where life begins and love never ends. The bond established between a newborn infant and a doting parent may be the most powerful connection on Earth. The love that parents feel for their children can move mountains. The profound connection between siblings lasts a lifetime. There’s simply no […]

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When Prescription Drug And Heroin Addiction Hits Close To Home In The Bay Area

Heroin Addiction

With the recent news that Prince’s death was due to the prescription painkiller Fentanyl, increasing light is being shed on America’s growing epidemic of prescription painkiller and heroin addiction. Individuals from all walks of life are becoming addicted to these powerful drugs and even suffering from lethal overdoses. Just how widespread is the problem with […]

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Tech Employers In Silicon Valley Offering Perks Including Addiction Treatment Options?

Empoyers In Silicon Valley Offer Rehab Services For Execs

With Silicon Valley companies vying to get top talent, the battle of employee perks has heated up tremendously over the last several years. While a decade ago, it was impressive to offer free meals, a gym and dry cleaning services, these benefits do little to impress those who are being wooed by industry leaders. Today’s […]

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San Jose Seeking Greater Control Over Sober Living Homes?

Seeking Control Over Sober Living Homes In San Jose - Summit Estate

With rates of addiction continuing to climb in San Jose and throughout the United States, the need for addiction treatment programs and sober living environments is growing. This has led to more addiction treatment facilities and sober living homes opening their doors in residential areas which has spurred growing discussion and debate from neighborhood residents. […]

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