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Centers For Treating Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Treatment in California

Dual diagnosis treatment simultaneously addresses substance abuse and the underlying mental illness.  For individuals that have both issues, it is important to fully address them simultaneously during inpatient treatment.  Otherwise, the chance for relapsing into drug abuse is extremely high.   Because of this, people with dual diagnosis treatment needs must find a center that is equipped to address both concerns at the same time.

find-help-for-alcohol-addictionIt is common for people to have both a drug addiction and mental health issue.  In fact, in many instances one causes the other.  Some people with mental health issues use drugs to self-medicate their symptoms.  Additionally, some individuals who have drug addictions experience mental health symptoms because of their drug use.

Located in the Bay Area, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides dual diagnosis treatment.  Their programs focus on understanding the unique needs of each individual and providing each one with the specific care they need to recover.  This is particularly true for those individuals who have a dual diagnosis.  It is imperative that they are allowed to receive the medical care necessary to address their mental health needs while recovering from addiction.   Summit Estate is uniquely able to do this due to their unmatched staff to client ratio.  Their practice is limited to six inpatient clients at a time who work closely with the center’s 30 staff members.   These individuals work together to stop the cycle of addiction when there is an addiction and mental health issue:

  • Person takes their drug of choice
  • Due to ingesting the drug, the person’s brain is flooded with neurotransmitters
  • The person experiences a high due to the increased neurotransmitters
  • The brain attempts to find equilibrium and purges the neurotransmitters from its tissue.  This includes the neurotransmitters which are naturally made and stored by the body.
  • The person comes down off of their high
  • Because of the depleted neurotransmitters, the individual is unable to feel pleasure, resulting in depression and anxiety.
  • In order to self-medicate these feelings the person takes their drug of choice.

To receive additional information on the dual diagnosis treatment program at Summit Estate, contact them today.  To do so, please complete the information form using the link below.  Or, please call 800-701-6997.  Thank you.