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Find Pain Medication Detox Programs in the Santa Cruz, CA Area

Pain medication detox programs in Santa Cruz CA area provide individuals with a way to overcome their addiction to prescription medication.  Addiction to prescription drugs including pain medication is on the rise in the United States.  While pain medication has benefits when taken as prescribed, taking large doses of medication or taking medication that was not prescribed by a physician can easily lead to an addiction.  Despite their best intentions, people who are addicted to pain medication can find it nearly impossible to overcome their addiction without professional assistance.

prescription-pill-addictionLuxury drug addiction programs provide individuals with a comfortable environment where they can get away from the stress in their lives and focus on their recovery. Located in a serene setting, pain medication detox programs in Santa Cruz CA area provide the perfect backdrop for addiction recovery.  When searching for the right pain medication detox programs in Santa Cruz CA area, be sure to evaluate the following:


When a person feels comfortable in their environment they are more likely to relax and to be open to the addiction recovery process.  Amenities help clients feel at home and provide an outlet for relaxation and restoration after a day of intensive therapy.  Additionally, amenities add further value to the addiction recovery process, allow clients to experience positive events while sober as a way to identify their interests.  Take care to find an addiction treatment with amenities that will best allow you to feel at home and focus on your recovery.

Personal Attention

A center’s staff to client ratio determines how much individual attention each client receives.  Centers with low staff to client ratios will not have the resources or the bandwidth to provide a personalized experience.  Well-staffed centers have the ability to focus on the specific needs of each client in order to equip them with the tools they need for remaining sober after they leave treatment.  Involving clients in their recovery plan both engages them in the process and ensures the program meets their personal goals and objectives for treatment.  Look for a center that has the ability to focus on their clients as individuals.

Treatment Style

Non 12 step programs are well suited for many individuals.  Rational Recovery, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and SMART Recovery provide alternatives to the 12 step approach. Individuals who have been unsuccessful with 12 step programs or who do not wish to partake in group meetings often find benefit with a non 12 step program.  Consider what types of treatment would be the best fit for your personality and lifestyle, then look for a program that matches your needs.

Family Programs

The effects of addictive behavior can be seen in the lives of the addicted person’s family.  It is important that family is involved in the recovery process.  This way, the addicted person and the family can heal together.  Additionally, it helps to create a positive environment to return to after leaving inpatient treatment.

Summit Estate Recovery Center provides luxury pain medication detox programs in Santa Cruz CA with a focus on the specific needs of each client.  Their practice is limited to six inpatient clients at a time who are served by a team of 30 addiction experts.  These experts work together to ensure that clients have the tools they need to remain sober after leaving the residential program.  During their stay at Summit Estate’s facility, clients enjoy a number of amenities that include:

  • Exercise center with a personal trainer
  • Yoga studio with instruction by a master yogi
  • Spa facilities with sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Available massage and acupuncture
  • Luxuriously appointed accommodations
  • Gourmet meals freshly prepared daily

addiction-to-xanaxIt is in this comfortable environment where clients receive the highest quality pain medication detox programs in Santa Cruz CA area.  The personalized care begins during the intake process, where the Summit Estate team learns more about each client as an individual.  Next, each client experiences a medically controlled, personalized detoxification protocol.  Using a medically controlled process allows Summit Estate clients to avoid the pain and discomfort commonly associated with withdrawal from pain medication.   This allows clients to begin their recovery process sooner.

For additional information on the pain medication detox programs in Santa Cruz CA area provided by Summit Estate, contact them today.  Please complete the form linked below and a member of the Summit Estate team will reach out to you. Or, simply call 800-701-6997 to speak with a member of the admissions team directly.  Thank you.