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Best Drug Addiction Programs in Los Gatos

For individuals seeking professional assistance with substance abuse, drug addiction programs in Los Gatos provide the ideal setting for focusing on recovery.  Selection of a treatment facility is one of the biggest decision someone facing inpatient rehab treatment has to make.  It is important that the chosen facility allow each client to feel comfortable while they receive intensive therapies that support them on their road to recovery.

drug-addiction-treatmentSeveral things set the best drug addiction programs in Los Gatos apart from other facilities.  As a part of your selection process, be sure to evaluate each of the following:

Personal Attention

The best, most successful treatment programs will focus on each client as an individual.  No two people are the same and, therefore, no two people should have the same treatment plan.  Personalizing treatment gives clients the specific tools they need to be successful in recovery and long term sobriety.


In order to feel comfortable during the treatment process, clients must be in an environment where they can feel at home.  Look for a center that provides amenities that enhance the treatment process.  It can be difficult to fully submit to the recovery process when a person feels uncomfortable in their surroundings.

Treatment Philosophy

Twelve step programs are popular ways of addressing addiction. Despite this popularity, twelve step programs are not the ideal treatment for everyone.  People who have been unsuccessful with twelve step programs in the past or those who are unlikely to regularly attend meetings may find success in an alternate approach.  Be sure to find a program that matches your personality and style.


While cost should not be the primary factor, it should be evaluated when comparing centers.  Acceptance of insurance coverage as payment can dramatically reduce a client’s out of pocket cost.  Take time to understand your coverage and ask perspective drug addiction programs in Los Gatos about payment options including the use of insurance.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is one of the best drug addiction programs in Los Gatos.  Their six bed, luxury treatment facility sits on 23 acres at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  This picturesque landscape allows their clients to relax and focus on their recovery.  Summit Estate offers a virtually unmatched staff to client ratio, with 30 team members focused on providing each client exactly what they need to recover from their addiction.

Summit Estate offers a number of amenities to ensure clients are comfortable during their stay in residential treatment.  Those amenities include:

  • Luxury bathrooms
  • Comfortable and luxurious private and semi-private bedrooms
  • Exercise studio with personal trainer
  • Spa facilities that include hot tub and sauna
  • Optional personal services including massage and acupuncture
  • Comfortable community areas for socialization and relaxation including a business center
  • Outdoor areas for retreat with hiking trails and a fishing pond
  • Yoga studio with master yogi
  • Gourmet meals that are freshly prepared daily by an onsite chef

The personal attention at Summit Estate begins with a client’s initial contact.  The admissions team takes time to understand each potential client as an individual in order to provide detailed answers to each client’s questions.  The admissions team can coordinate payment with insurance companies as well as schedule a client’s arrival to treatment.

After arrival, each client receives a personalized detoxification protocol that allows for detox in a comfortable and controlled manner.  Reducing the discomfort commonly associated with detox and withdrawal allows clients to begin their recovery sooner.  The next step of the treatment process takes place during an individual counseling session.  The counselor asks detailed questions in order to gain additional background information on each client. Additionally, the counselors identify the client’s wants, goals and objectives for their inpatient treatment experience.   The counselor is then able to craft a unique treatment plan that is tailored to the needs and goals of each client.  Personal attention allows clients to be both successful in their sobriety and satisfied with their inpatient rehab experience.

end-drug-addiction-nowOnce a client leaves their inpatient program, Summit Estate continues to provide support in a number of ways.  An optional outpatient program allows clients to gradually return to their everyday lives while continuing to receive support during working hours.  Once clients leave Summit Estate they automatically receive aftercare where they are followed up with regularly to ensure they have the support they need to remain sober.

To receive additional information on the drug addiction programs in Los Gatos offered by Summit Estate, contact them today.  Please complete the form linked below and a Summit Estate team member will reach out to you.  Or, speak with an admissions representative at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.