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Best Drug Rehab San Jose

Deciding to stop using drugs is the first step in addiction recovery. The next step is to find the best drug rehab San Jose has to offer.  A luxury drug addiction treatment facility that focuses on providing individualized care provides the best setting for long lasting recovery.

dual-diagnosis-treatment-centersWhen evaluating drug rehab San Jose facilities, consider the following:

  • Client to Staff Ratio – The client to staff ratio at an addiction treatment facility can play a large role in the amount of personal attention a client receives.  It is important to find a center that is adequately staffed for the number of clients they have.  Personal attention and individualized treatment translates into a better residential rehab experience and higher success rates.
  • Amenities – Research has shown that a luxury treatment facility provides the ideal environment for drug addiction treatment.  A luxury treatment facility will provide a number of amenities to help clients feel comfortable during their inpatient treatment.  A high level of comfort will, in turn, allow clients to relax and focus on recovering from their addiction.  Important amenities to look for include exercise facilities, personal services such as massage and acupuncture, highly appointed accommodations and gourmet meals are indicative of a luxury facility.
  • Individualized Care – No two people are the same.  Despite being addicted to the same substance, different people will have different backgrounds and differing goals for addiction treatment.  Because of this, each person needs a treatment care plan that is uniquely theirs. A standardized approach to addiction recovery is not successful and can actually turn clients away from treatment.  Look for addiction recovery centers that build treatment plans with the help of the inpatient client.  This partnership ensures the client gets what they want out of treatment.
  • Program Offerings – Many people are familiar with 12 step programs. These type of peer led programs build upon a person’s faith and provide ongoing support through group meetings.  Although many people have found success with the 12 step approach, they are not for everyone.  For individuals who have previously been unsuccessful with 12 step programs or who have lifestyles that are not compatible with ongoing meetings, a non 12 step approach may be ideal.  CBT style, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on changing the way a person thinks in order to change their behavior.
  • Customized Detoxification – For a large number of people who have a substance abuse addiction, the thought of detoxification is terrifying.  Many people associate detox with the pain, discomfort and physical illness that occurs with withdrawal.  Customized detoxification, done under the care of a physician addresses this fear.  By customizing the detox process, clients are able to become clean without enduring pain.  Detoxification can be done in a comfortable and controlled manner, which leads to clients being able to begin treatment sooner and with a clear mind.
  • Clean Living – A high quality drug rehab San Jose treatment center will focus on a clean lifestyle that extends to all areas of a person’s life.  What a person eats, their level of stress and their physical activity all enter into a clean lifestyle.  After treatment, it is important that clients establish clean living habits in all areas of their life.

A premier drug rehab San Jose location, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides personalized addiction treatment.  Located in a serene, natural setting, Summit Estate’s 23 acres of gardens, orchards and greens has hiking trails and a fishing pond for recreation and relaxation.  A private rehab center, Summit Estate limits its clients to six inpatient beds.  This structure allows the 30 member staff to focus on the specific needs of each individual client.

Unlike many luxury treatment centers, Summit Estate accepts insurance from most major carriers.  By accepting insurance, the treatment offered by Summit Estate can become realistic for many budgets.  In the event that paying for treatment is a concern, Summit Estate has partnerships with two financing companies that focus on funding inpatient treatment.

For additional information on Summit Estate’s inpatient drug rehab San Jose programs, contact Summit Estate today.  Please complete the form linked below and a member of the Summit Estate team will reach out to you.  Or, please call 800-701-6997 to speak directly to a member of the Summit Estate team. Thank you.