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Does Going To a Drug Rehab Center Really Work

It May Be Time To Visit a Drug Rehab Center For Help With Your Addiction

A number of things determine the successfulness of a person overcoming their drug addiction.  First, each individual’s dedication to changing their life is key.  Second, an inpatient drug rehab center provides the best option for recovering from addiction.  Despite a person’s dedication to stop using drugs, it can be virtually impossible to stop using without professional assistance.  Not only does a rehab center successfully treat drug addiction, it also provides the best level of success for addiction recovery.

drug-rehab-bay-area-CAIn many cases, drug addiction becomes a cycle:

  • A person uses their drug of choice
  • Due to ingesting the drug, the amount of neurotransmitters in the brain is dramatically increased, resulting in the high feeling.
  • The brain attempts to regulate itself by purging neurotransmitters.  This is done not only to the neurotransmitters that are a result of the drug, but also the neurotransmitters that are naturally occurring in the brain’s tissue.
  • The person comes down from the high.

Unfortunately, the cycle does not stop there.  Neurotransmitters are responsible for feelings of pleasure in the brain.  When they are depleted, a person may be unable to have feelings of pleasure.  Because of this, a person will need to use more drugs to feel normal.

A rehab center provides the best tools for addressing and overcoming the addiction.  Breaking the physical addiction to drugs, identifying the root cause of the addiction and establishing coping mechanisms for dealing with stress without using drugs are all important for sobriety.  Unless all three of these things are done, a person can easily fall back into their addictive behavior.

Summit Estate Recovery Center has a high success rate in treating addiction.  This is possible through an unmatched client to staff ratio.  Summit Estate’s rehab center is limited to six beds and staffed by 30 team members.  From the admissions process through after care, each member of the Summit Estate team is tasked with providing individualized care to assist clients in their recovery.

Receive additional information on the treatment programs available at Summit Estate by completing the form linked below.  A member of the Summit Estate admissions team will reach out to you to address any questions or concerns you may have.  Or, call 80-701-6997 to speak directly with a Summit Estate representative.  Thank you.