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Drug Rehab San Jose, CA

How To Find The Best Drug Rehab in San Jose, CA

Deciding to stop taking drugs is the first step towards addiction recovery and sobriety.  A drug rehab San Jose, CA area luxury treatment facility can provide the ideal setting for recovering from a drug addiction.  Despite a person’s best efforts, overcoming a drug addiction can be nearly impossible without professional help.  A residential treatment program with a personalized approach allows individuals to build the foundation necessary for lifelong sobriety.

drug-addiction-treatmentMany people find drug rehab San Jose locations to be perfect for getting away from the stress of everyday life and focusing on recovery.   Many luxury treatment facilities are located near the water or in serene natural settings as these areas lend themselves to personal reflection and relaxation.  Individuals who are relaxed have the easiest transition into residential treatment.  With multiple rehab centers in northern California, it is important to find the center that is best equipped to address your rehab needs.  When looking for an addiction treatment facility, keep the following in mind:

  • Luxury Setting – Research has shown that individuals have the most success in inpatient rehab treatment when they are in a comfortable setting.  A luxury treatment center will offer highly appointed private and semi-private bedrooms with high end furnishings.  Meals should be freshly prepared daily, with a focus on nutrition that leads to balanced brain chemistry.  Additional amenities should include exercise facilities that allow clients to implement a clean lifestyle for their mind, body and spirit.
  • Individualized Treatment – No two people have the same story.  Their reasons for addictive behavior, lifestyles and goals for treatment are different.  Therefore, each individual client has a specific need during residential treatment.  Standardized approaches to addiction recovery are often unsuccessful.  A program that focuses on the needs of the individual and incorporates the client’s goals for treatment provides the ideal foundation for recovery.
  • Detoxification Protocols – Many individuals delay or avoid treatment due to concerns about the detoxification process.  It is common for individuals to associate detox with the pain and discomfort often associated with the withdrawal process.  A medically controlled, individualized detoxification protocol in a drug rehab San Jose program allows clients to detox without pain.  In fact, medically controlled detoxification allows clients to begin their inpatient recovery sooner.
  • Available Family Therapy – The effects of addiction are not solely limited to the individual with the substance abuse problem.  The ripple effects of addiction are also deeply felt by the addicted person’s friends and family.  Family therapy provides a way for the addicted person and their family to receive therapy and heal together.  This process can heal families and help to provide a more positive situation for clients to return to after leaving inpatient treatment.
  • Treatment Approach – Many drug rehab San Jose treatment programs utilize a 12 step approach.  While 12 step programs are widely known, they are not the best program for everyone.  Individuals who; have been unsuccessful with a 12 step program, whose lifestyles do not allow regular attendance of meetings or who are looking for a program that is not rooted in religious beliefs may find a non 12 step program to be more effective.  A CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, program focuses on the fact that how a person thinks is directly related to how they behave.  Therefore, by changing the way a person thinks, negative behavior, including addiction, can be addressed and overcome.

Summit Estate Recovery Center offers world class addiction treatment in the drug rehab San Jose, CA location.  Situated on 23 acres, this six bed facility focuses on providing private and personalized addiction treatment.  Their 30 member staff results in an unmatched staff to patient ratio which ultimately results in better outcomes and clients that are fully prepared to return to their everyday lives.  Every Summit Estate client receives:

  • An individualized treatment plan that allows clients to identify and address the root cause of their addiction.
  • A treatment care team with extensive experience who are experts in their respective fields.
  • A non 12 step program with available alternate recovery programs
  • Group, family and individual therapy and counseling.
  • A holistic program that aims to extend clean living to all aspects of a client’s life.

To receive additional information on the addiction recovery programs available at Summit Estate, contact them today.  Please complete the form linked below and a Summit Estate team member will reach out to you.  Or, you may contact an admissions representative directly by calling 800-701-6997.  Thank you.