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How To Find a Drug Rehab With Luxurious Facilities

Luxurious Facilities Can Help Speed Up Your Addiction Recovery

Luxury drug rehab provides a unique situation where clients can comfortably overcome their addiction and receive treatment.  Finding the center with the best amenities and accommodations can help you to be successful during treatment.

northern-california-addiction-treatmentWhen looking for a luxury drug rehab center, look for the following:

  • Private and semi-private bedrooms that are highly appointed and excellently furnished
  • Five star quality bathrooms
  • Onsite chefs that freshly prepare meals daily and focus on providing balanced meals that support brain health
  • Exercise facility that includes high quality training equipment with available personal trainer
  • Use of yoga and art as therapy and addiction treatment
  • Spa area for relaxation with optional personal services such as massage and acupuncture

In addition to the above, a quality luxury drug rehab center will provide personalized addiction treatment.  Rather than having a cookie cutter approach, a quality program will design treatment plans after working with the individual and understanding their unique needs.  Additionally, the ideal facility will have the ability to provide personal attention because of their staff to client ratio.

Summit Estate Recovery Center provides luxury addiction treatment on their 23 acre estate in Northern California.  Their expert addiction treatment team provides personalized treatment that takes into consideration the unique wants and needs of each client.  Limited to six inpatient clients at a time, the 30 member team at Summit Estate is able to provide each person the unique support they need.

During inpatient treatment at Summit Estate, each client receives:

  • A customized, medically controlled detoxification protocol that allows clients to avoid the negative effects of withdrawal.
  • One on one therapy and counseling with the goal of identifying, addressing, and healing the root cause of a person’s addictive behavior.
  • A structured addiction recovery program that provides clients with the tools they need to overcome cravings and stress and remain sober.
  • An ongoing treatment plan for life after leaving inpatient treatment.

For additional information on the luxury drug rehab program at Summit Estate Recovery Center, contact them today. Please complete the form on this website and a member of their admissions team will reach out to you, or contact them directly at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.