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Non 12 Step Treatment Program Options

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a very personal process.  In order to successfully overcome addiction, it is important that each individual discover and address the root cause of their addiction.  Although popular, 12 step programs are not the ideal solution for everyone.  Successful addiction recovery depends on finding the right fit so that each person receives the treatment that addresses their specific needs. Non 12 step treatment programs provide an alternative for those who have been previously unsuccessful with a 12 step approach or who are not likely to benefit from a peer lead treatment program.

CA-bay-area-addiction-recoveryTypes of non 12 step treatment programs include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, commonly referred to as CBT, helps individuals become and remain sober by changing the way they think.  The belief is, that by changing the way a person thinks, you can effectively change their behavior.

There are six phases to CBT non 12 step treatment programs:

  • An assessment
  • Reconceptualization
  • Acquisition of skills
  • Consolidation of skills with training and application
  • Maintenance and generalization
  • A post treatment assessment and follow up

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery provides non 12 step treatment programs that help clients remain sober through self-empowerment.  The SMART Recovery program uses a 4 point approach:

  • Building and maintaining motivation
  • Coping with urges
  • Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • Living a balanced life

This approach teaches self-empowerment and self-reliance and gives participants the tools they need for self-directed change. The SMART Recovery system is recognized by a number of medical and addiction treatment professionals including the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Center for Health Care Evaluation, the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the American Society for Addiction Medicine.

Rational Recovery

Rational Recovery provides non 12 step treatment programs that focus on each individual’s ability to make the decision to stop their addictive behavior and providing clients with the tools needed to continue a sober lifestyle.

The Rational Recovery program is based on AVRT or the Addictive Voice Recognition Technique.  The addictive voice is each person’s internal dialogue that supports the addiction.  The belief is that by recognizing this voice for what it is, clients are able to control their urges and remain sober.

Summit Estate Recovery Center provides inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment in their northern California locations.  By focusing on each client as an individual, Summit Estate is able to prepare clients for life after leaving treatment and to build the foundation for lifelong sobriety.  Summit Estate’s facilities provide luxury addiction treatment, with environments that allow clients to feel comfortable.  Summit Estate offers non 12 step treatment programs including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Recovery and SMART Recovery.

drug-rehabs-with-yogaOne of the first steps in for those receiving treatment at Summit Estate is an evaluation and therapeutic one on one session with a counselor.  The counselor takes care to understand each client’s goals and objectives for treatment as well as to begin to uncover what led to the addictive behavior.  It is only at this point that the client’s treatment program is created.  Because clients are actively involved in the process of designing their treatment, they are more engaged in the program and more satisfied with the outcome.  Summit Estate furthers these objectives by providing an unmatched staff to client ratio.  At their inpatient facility in Los Gatos, 30 team members are assigned to no more than six clients at a time.  This personalized attention helps to build the foundation necessary to overcome addiction and to remain sober after leaving treatment.

For additional information on the non 12 step treatment programs Summit Estate provides, contact them today.  Their admissions team can answer questions about the treatment process, coordinate your arrival in their program and begin to learn more about you as an individual.  The admissions team can work with your insurance company to identify your coverage and can provide you with your specific out of pocket costs.  In many cases, insurance coverage makes luxury treatment affordable. For those individuals that have concerns about paying for treatment, Summit Estate works with two finance companies that specialize in funding addiction treatment.

To get started, please complete the form linked below and a Summit Estate team member will reach out to you.  Or, contact Summit Estate by phone at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.