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Non 12 Step Treatment Programs in California

Seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is commendable.  Professional assistance through non 12 step treatment programs can provide the perfect path for addiction recovery and long lasting sobriety.  Selection of a treatment center is an important part of the journey to recovery.  The program you choose ultimately plays a large role in your recovery and your ability to remain sober after treatment.

dual-diagnosis-treatment-centersWhen looking for a residential non 12 step treatment programs, be sure to evaluate potential centers on the following:


Having accreditation means a recovery center, their facility and their treatment methods have been reviewed by an independent third party as recognized as providing quality service.  You can also check with the state for additional information on the program’s history.  You should also ensure that the program is being run by individuals that are qualified to run a treatment program.

Treatment Methods

Be sure to ask about the facility’s treatment methods.  12 step programs are popular but are not effective for everyone.  It is important that the programs the program uses are recognized by the industry and a good fit for your needs.  Additionally, perspective treatment centers should be able to provide statistics on their success rates.

Aftercare and Follow Up

A high quality program will provide extended support through an aftercare program.  For some, transitioning to an outpatient treatment program after their residential experience is ideal.  This allows clients to begin returning to their everyday lives while still benefiting from treatment.  After leaving treatment, all programs should provide ongoing follow up, especially in the first weeks after exiting the program.  Ongoing support is important for long lasting sobriety and being able to resist cravings.

Length of Treatment

At a minimum, residential treatment programs should last 30 days.  This amount of time is required to detox, find the root cause of addiction and to develop the tools necessary to deal with stress and cravings.  For some, 30 days is not long enough.  Look for treatment programs that have flexible treatment terms.  This way, your treatment can be based on your specific needs and not limited to a predefined length of stay.

Staff to Client Ratio

Personal attention and support is important in receiving intensive inpatient treatment necessary to overcome addiction.  Centers with a low staff to client ratio are not equipped to provide personalized addiction treatment.  Ask about staff to client ratios and if treatment programs are customized to the needs of each client.

Summit Estate Recovery Center offers non 12 step treatment programs for dual diagnosis, drug, prescription drug and alcohol recovery.  Their center focuses on treating each client as an individual and providing the specific support and therapies they need to recover from addiction and life sober lives outside of treatment.  Summit Estate is able to do this through a virtually unmatched staff to client ratio, with 30 team members available for the treatment of six clients at a time.  By having a six bed facility, Summit Estate is able to provide private, non 12 step treatment programs with an individual focus.

Treatment plans at Summit Estate are based on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT, approach.  CBT changes a person’s behavior through changing the way they think.  By changing thought patterns, clients are able to manage stress and cravings and engage in healthy behaviors. During their treatment, all Summit Estate Clients experience the following:


  • Personalized treatment plans that look at clients as individuals in order to identify and address the root cause of their addiction.  Each client is involved in the creation of their plan.
  • Highly trained staff including medical team, therapists and clinical experts.
  • A non 12 step treatment program with available alternatives such as Rational Recovery and SMART Recovery.
  • Group counseling, individual therapy and available family therapy.
  • A best practice approach to dual diagnosis treatment including accurate diagnosis of underlying mental health issues.
  • A holistic program that focuses on clean living in every aspect of life, including physical fitness, nutrition and healing the mind, body and spirit.

Contact Summit Estate today for additional information on the non 12 step treatment programs they provide in Northern California.  Please complete the form linked below and a Summit Estate team member will reach out to you.  Or, contact Summit Estate by phone at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.