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Top Drug Addiction Programs in Saratoga

For those seeking outpatient drug addiction treatment, drug addiction programs in Saratoga provide the perfect setting. Whether a person is seeking outpatient treatment as their first treatment option or is looking for a place to transition to after inpatient it is important to find the best treatment facility for their addiction recovery.

Alcohol-RecoveryWhen evaluating drug addiction programs in Saratoga, be sure to consider the following:


It is important to select a drug addiction program that is convenient to your lifestyle. Unlike an inpatient program where the goal is to step away from everyday life, outpatient programs must coordinate with a person’s existing responsibilities. Look for programs that are easily accessed and offer treatment during times that work for your schedule. It is much easier to stop attending a program that is not easily reached or is inconvenient. No matter how good a treatment center is if you do not regularly attend the program will have no effect.

Program Style

Twelve step programs are often thought of as the norm when considering drug addiction treatment. While the twelve step process is well known, it is not a one size fits all approach. Twelve step programs focus on peer coaching by others who have battled addiction for ongoing support after treatment. For some, particularly those who have lifestyles that do not allow for the regular attendance of meetings, an alternate treatment approach may be a better fit.

Non 12 step programs include CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. A CBT approach does not rely upon peers for further support. Instead, clients learn to change the way they think in order to change their behavior.

Approach To Treatment

Addiction treatment centers that offer a holistic approach to treatment will focus on all aspects of your life. In addition to addressing the addiction and the addictive behavior, a holistic approach to addiction recovery addresses all aspects of a person’s life. Clean living extends to the food a person eats, the way they manage stress and physical fitness. All of these things affect a person’s brain chemistry and have the ability to influence a person’s ability to stay sober. Look for an addiction treatment center that aims to improve all aspects of life.

Staffing Levels

Personal attention and focus is the hallmark of a high quality treatment center. No two people have the same issues. Therefore, no two people should have the same treatment plan. A center that is fully staffed has the flexibility and the focus to understand the unique needs of each patient. Centers with low staff to client ratios are unable to provide the much needed benefits of individualized treatment. Be sure your chosen center is adequately staffed to serve the needs of all of their clients.

Family Therapy

dual-diagnosis-treatment-centersIndividual therapy is a key component of the recovery process. It is extremely important for clients to look into themselves, and with the assistance of a professional, to identify and deal with the root cause of their addiction. Without this step, no recovery plan can be effective. However, the effects of addictive behavior is not limited to the client. The addicted person’s family and friends are harmed as well. Family and group therapy sessions allow addicted individuals and their families to recover together. Additionally, family therapy can help to set the stage for a healthy living environment outside of treatment.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is an industry leading provider of outpatient drug addiction programs in Saratoga. The Summit Estate team has found success for their clients by personalizing their treatment approach based on each client’s needs. By involving clients in their recovery, clients are more engaged and more satisfied with the addiction recovery process. Their luxury settings in both their Saratoga and Los Gatos locations provide the perfect balance of comfort and structure to enable their clients to receive the tools necessary for lifelong recovery.

For additional information on Summit Estate’s drug addiction programs in Saratoga, contact their team today. The admissions team can answer questions you have about the process and work with your insurance company to determine your specific out of pocket cost. To get started, complete the form linked below and a Summit Estate team member will reach out to you. Or speak to Summit Estate directly by calling 800-701-6997.