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Which Drug Rehabilitation Center Has The Best Facilities

Summit Estate Offers Luxurious Facilities

Drug rehab centers provide an invaluable service to people who have a drug addiction.  Despite their best efforts, people who are addicted to drugs can find it nearly impossible to stop taking drugs without professional assistance. Luxury drug rehab provides a comfortable environment for recovering from drug addiction while gaining the tools needed for lifelong sobriety.

drug-rehabs-bay-area-CAIn Northern California, Summit Estate Recovery Center has the best facilities for addiction recovery.  Their luxury drug rehab focuses on providing individualized care to each of their clients.  The personal attention each client receives begins with the initial phone call and continues throughout aftercare.   The team at Summit Estate is able to provide this individualized care because of their world class staff to client ration.  The six bed facility is fully staffed by 30 team members who are each tasked with providing the support necessary for clients to overcome their drug addictions.

The luxury drug rehab at Summit Estate provides a number of amenities to ensure clients are comfortable during inpatient rehab.  These amenities include:

  • A serene setting on 23 acres of beautifully landscaped orchards and gardens
  • Hiking trails for relaxation, recreation and outdoor fitness
  • A fishing pond that allows clients to participate in outdoor activities or enjoy the peace of a pond
  • Indoor fitness center with exercise equipment and a personal trainer for physical health
  • Luxury accommodations that include private and semi-private bedrooms and luxury bedrooms
  • High speed internet access
  • Balanced, gourmet meals, made on site daily by the center’s in house chef, that provide the foundation for optimal brain health
  • Yoga studio with instruction on how to use yoga to overcome addiction and reduce stress
  • Available personal services including acupuncture and massage

The above amenities showcase Summit Estate’s world class facilities.  Once they are in the relaxing setting, clients are able to focus on developing and working their personalized recovery plan.

For additional information on the luxury drug rehab Summit Estate Recovery Center provides, contact them.  Please complete form linked below and a staff member will reach out to you.  Alternatively, please call 800-701-6997 to speak with an admissions counselor.  Thank you.