First-Class Addiction Recovery Facility Amenities

Addiction recovery doesn’t have to be a painful and uncomfortable process. At Summit Estate, we believe, by providing our clients with premium resources and luxury comfort, we enable them to better find peace and joy during treatment. Many of our amenities focus on relaxation and recreation as part of a fully holistic treatment approach to overall therapy. Learning to enjoy life without substance abuse is important to long-term alcohol addiction and drug addiction recovery success. We understand effective holistic treatment includes comfortable amenities as well as a wide range of activities to stimulate the body and mind. Soothing Sauna Therapy

Soothing Sauna Therapy

Soothing sauna therapy at Summit Estate Recovery Center.Ancient civilizations, including various Native American tribes, have relied on saunas, or sweat lodges, as a means of physical purification. A number of benefits have been observed through sauna therapy. We have found it is especially effective in aiding the detox process by stimulating the release of toxins from the body. Sauna therapy, available for clients enrolled at our Day Treatment Supportive Housing Program can be a relaxing and enjoyable part of your treatment.

Luxurious Jacuzzi

Luxurious Jacuzzi at Summit Estate Recovery Center in Northern California.The gentle, warm-flowing bubbles of our Jacuzzi provide a comforting and therapeutic experience. Hydrotherapy has been around for centuries. Studies have shown positive effects in many areas, including muscle stimulation, circulation, mood improvement, relaxation, and detoxification. Our Jacuzzi, available for clients enrolled at our Day Treatment Supportive Housing Program,  delivers an extraordinarily comforting experience as stress seems to slip away into the swirling current.

Gorgeous Orchard and Gardens

Gorgeous orchard and garden at Summit Estate Recovery Center in Los Gatos.As many authors, artists, and countless professionals can attest, there is something magically cathartic about stepping out into nature. Scientific studies have demonstrated something as simple as a hike or a nature walk can positively affect mood and health and even aid in combating depression. Our rehabilitation center is situated on an expansive 23-acres of scenic orchards and lush gardens where you can relax and focus on overcoming your alcohol and drug abuse issues. A hospital setting can be stressful, and stress can hinder recovery; that’s why we have dedicated our facility to providing comfort and balance so, you can achieve real, lasting recovery. Have a look at our photo and video gallery, or book a tour to see our grounds for yourself.

Stocked Fishing Pond

Stocked fishing pond at Summit Estate Recovery Center.How great would it be to walk out your back door and go fishing? At Summit you can! As part of our unparalleled luxury accommodations, the property houses a fully-stocked fish pond for your enjoyment. Imagine starting your day in quiet contemplation on crystal glass waters. This beautiful setting, and the joy of fishing, make the recovery process both memorable and fun. A perfect way to enjoy our spectacular natural surroundings, our stocked fishing pond is a favorite of many clients. *Due California’s drought, the fishing pond may be unavailable, depending on conditions.

Comprehensive Fitness Programs

Comprehensive fitness program at Summit Estate Recovery Center.At Summit Estate, our goal is for clients to become happy, healthy, and productive in every aspect of their lives. To achieve this, we approach substance abuse treatment holistically, offering a variety of modalities for healing the mind, body, and spirit.  Strengthening physical fitness is an essential part of the rehabilitation process, as substance abuse tends to result in a variety of health issues. Not only does the introduction of a fitness regime help to strengthen the client’s physical body, the focus and discipline required to participate in fitness activities also develops mental skills supporting the client in resisting future temptations. Clients enrolled at our Day Treatment Supportive Housing Program,can choose from a variety of fitness activities including yoga, running, personal training in the gym, ping pong and much more.

State-of-the-Art Fitness Center

Our state-of-the art gym provides you with everything you need to improve your strength and general fitness during your recovery with us—including a Personal Trainer. With a personalized workout plan designed to fit your unique health and fitness needs, you’ll leave our program stronger than ever, both mentally and physically. Keep Reading and Learn More About Summit Estate: Our Programs

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