Gourmet Meals To Support Addiction Recovery

Gourmet meals to support <strong srcset=addiction recovery at Summit Estate Recovery Center.” width=”823″ height=”353″> Meals are not an afterthought at our Northern California locations. A big part of our clients’ experience involves nutritionally balanced and visually appealing meals created by our chefs. In fact, we believe these meals are one of the keys to helping clients heal both physically and mentally to create a successful path to long-term drug and alcohol recovery. Clients who have attended residential rehabilitation at Summit Estate in Los Gatos, California have fond memories of the delicious gourmet meals. While other rehab centers offer institutional food, at Summit Estate, we serve carefully planned meals to satisfy our clients’ senses and nourish their bodies, supporting alcohol detox, drug detox and recovery. We also provide our clients with nutritious, delicious meals at our Outpatient facility in Saratoga, California.

Nutrition as Part of an Individualized Recovery Program

Nutrition as part of individualized drug and alcohol recovery program at Summit Estate Recovery Center. It’s not uncommon for those who struggle with being addicted to be nutrient deficient. At Summit Estate’s Residential facility, we often see clients who have let nutrition and general health fall by the wayside due to their substance abuse. We employ a professional nutritionist to work with each client to understand the importance of nutrition as a component in replenishing mind and body. Meals at Summit Estate’s Residential facility are developed collaboratively between our professional chef and addiction nutritionist, helping clients recover from the ravages of alcoholism and drug abuse in a manner that is healthy and delicious. Outpatient Cuisine

Outpatient Cuisine

We treat our Outpatient groups to the same level of care. Our continued focus on nutritious, well-balanced meals, created by our expert chef, is part of the holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. Group therapy discussion dinners at Summit Estate Recovery Center’s outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center in the Bay Area.

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