Outpatient Rehab Facility in Saratoga, California

At Summit Estate’s Outpatient rehab facility in Saratoga, our unique, informal, and luxurious rehabilitation setting is designed to invoke a sense of calm. It is not a clinical environment. Rather, it is a home-like space you might enjoy when spending time with friends and family during your addiction recovery. Summit Estate Outpatient Recovery Center common room where patients receive help for drug and alcohol addiction. Plush couches and café-style seating in our open concept common room, provide a restful setting for group discussions on your experiences being addicted, and for private reflection. Feeling at peace in your environment allows the freedom to open up and begin the deep work of healing. Our goal of creating a home-like environment doesn’t stop at our decor. Each evening, you will share a nutritious, comforting meal as a group, facilitating organic conversation and sharing. We transform your counseling sessions into “a meeting of friends”.

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