Summit Estate is committed to providing exceptional and effective addiction treatment in a luxurious, private environment. We have a number of different program options for individuals looking to overcome addiction. From drug and alcohol Detox to Residential to Day Treatment to Outpatient, and even intervention, we attack addiction from all sides. Below is an overview of the varied rehab programs offered at our northern California addiction treatment center. If you see a program that looks like the right fit for you or a loved one, call us today to get started.

Program Highlights

Our Clinically based and recovery oriented treatment approach utilizes a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities consisting of CBT, DBT, and Mindfulness practices, led by licensed and professionally trained staff.

The full continuum of care at our northern California addiction treatment center uses the same strategies and philosophies to further your recovery from drug or alcohol use.

At the same time, your treatment program is tailored to your individual recovery needs.

Holistic substance abuse treatment modalities make up a large portion of our approach to help those who are addicted.

Activities such as yoga  and meditation are a large part of your physical, mental and emotional recovery.


Medically Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

Summit Estate offers medically supervised detox at our residential northern California addiction treatment center. Detox is usually necessary for someone struggling with dependence on alcohol or other addictive substances.

Clients undergo detox, roughly a one-week process, then begin residential treatment all on the same premises. Our medical detox professionals take extra care to make the sometimes-intense process as comfortable and effective as possible, by tailoring the detox protocol to each client.

Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program

The home site of our residential addiction treatment program is a private, iconic estate on an oak knoll in the Saratoga Hills, providing the perfect setting for executive treatment.

We have private and semi-private rooms, as well as, other luxurious amenities such as a hot-tub, sauna, gym with personal training available and more. The serene nature of the residential property creates a comfortable substance-free living environment. Stays usually range from 30 to 90 days. You can fuel your recovery in several different ways – from therapy, counseling and holistic practices to gourmet meals and sober adventures.

True healing takes place when a person is not simply trading one addictive vice for another, but has taken the necessary steps to address core issues. Our diverse, multifasceted  approach to holistic treatment allows you to explore techniques and modalities specific to your individual needs. While some may resonate more with yoga or a personal trainer, others may find healing with massage therapy, acupuncture, or nutritional counseling. We make these additional services readily available to clients who wish to take advantage of them.

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Outpatient Recovery Program

If you have completed a residential treatment program at Summit Estate or another drug rehab center, or if you are appropriate for a non-residential level of care, Summit Estate offers rehab services at our San Jose, California outpatient addiction treatment center. Like our Residential facility in the hills of Saratoga, attention is paid to every detail at our unique and informal outpatient center. Here, you are able to undergo counseling and holistic therapy of various types, and are treated to a nutritious meal prepared by our expert culinary staff.

Intervention Staging

Need help convincing someone you love to enter rehab for drug abuse or alcoholism? If you can’t persuade your loved one to speak to one of Summit Estate’s admissions counselors, we will connect you with a specialist to coordinate an intervention. You can even hold the intervention at our Outpatient facility in San Jose. Our northern California addiction treatment center partners with trained interventionists who are deft at managing the emotions in the room and making sure everyone is heard. A productive intervention will end up with the loved one agreeing to accept treatment.