/When it comes to addiction treatment, a range of programs and services are necessary to ensure recovery is possible. Without a variety of services available, it can be difficult to receive the well-rounded care necessary for healing and recovery. At Summit Estate, we provide Northern California addiction treatment therapies to help our residents learn the coping mechanisms and life skills they need for lasting recovery.

Participating in Northern California Addiction Treatment Therapies

Whether you’re in a residential or outpatient program, addiction therapy in California is an essential component of a treatment plan. Each therapy serves its own purpose and helps residents learn even more about themselves than ever before. Before you begin participating in addiction counseling in California, it’s helpful to understand what each form of therapy does. Some Northern California addiction treatment therapies offered at Summit Estate includes the following:

  • Individual therapy program– Individual counseling provides crucial one on one time with a resident and a therapist. These sessions allow a bond to take shape and helps the individual feel more comfortable discussing their experiences and goals. During these sessions, individuals are able to understand the reasons behind their substance abuse and learn ways to best move forward.
  • Group therapy program– Through group meetings, individuals are able to learn from the experiences of their peers. Therapists help facilitate conversations surrounding goals, triggers, and other experiences. They also work to ensure that all communication remains respectful and effective.
  • Family therapy program– Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual abusing the substances. Family members and loved ones also experience the negative effects of addiction. Through a family therapy program, individuals are able to repair broken relationships and reach a place of understanding, compassion, and empathy.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy program– CBT is a common modality of psychotherapy that aims to end negative patterns of thinking. A therapist will help the individual identify their negative thought and behavioral patterns and establish new ways of thinking.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy program– DBT uses four focus areas to help decrease relationship conflict, manage their emotions, and work through stress. These four areas of focus are mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.

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Benefits of Addiction Counseling in California

While some might find counseling services to be daunting, these services carry several benefits to residents. In participating in a variety of counseling sessions, individuals can experience the following benefits:

  • Improve communication skills– Speaking in different settings helps to strengthen the communication skills of individuals. Not only will they learn how to speak more clearly, but they also learn how to be better listeners as well.
  • Identify their triggers– Counseling sessions allow individuals to identify the triggers that lead to their addiction. Whether it be people, places, or specific situations, individuals learn what sets off their cravings and how to manage their triggers in a healthier way.
  • Create healthier routines– Because residents have such structured schedules of therapy sessions, they establish healthy routines. These routines can then take shape in their life after treatment is complete.

Finding Addiction Therapy in California at Summit Estate

If you’re seeking an addiction treatment center in Northern California, look no further than Summit Estate. Our residential addiction treatment program places residents in the scenic space of Saratoga. Here, residents can immerse themselves in their treatment, and their days are filled with addiction treatment therapies.

Our outpatient addiction treatment center provides residents with more freedom and allows them to head home after their day. While their days are still structured with Northern California addiction treatment therapies, they don’t have to be at the center for as long as they would in a residential program.

To learn more about Northern California addiction treatment therapies for either yourself or a loved one, contact Summit Estate today. Call now at 800.701.6997 to speak with our admissions team and begin your recovery journey today.

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