Group therapy is a type of counseling where one or more therapists work with several clients simultaneously. Psychotherapy is available in Northern California at hospitals, community centers, rehabilitation facilities, and mental clinics. Our therapists at Summit Estate Recovery Center can use this kind of therapy alone or integrate it with other treatment strategies, including a residential treatment program, according to our clients’ needs. To learn more about the benefits of group therapy and other addiction treatment programs, contact our team today at 800.701.6997.

The Core Principles of Group Therapyseveral young adults participate in a group therapy program in northern california

The objectives of therapy revolve around several principles, which instill hope.

Such a program can incorporate members at different recovery stages. Participants in the initial stages of recovery derive hope from seeing their counterparts responding well to treatment. It works by bringing together people in different recovery levels, encouraging those who have recently embarked on the treatment.

Therefore, the approach also focuses on helping individuals discover that their problems are not unique. Other people have undergone similar experiences, but they managed to overcome through professional treatment.

Sharing a problem is part of the solution. Group therapy programs provide a platform for members to share information on how they feel, especially after some sessions. Those who have difficulty coping can get tips from their group members who are recovering and use their strategies in their paths to recovery. They will also share their strengths, enhancing confidence and self-esteem.

The primary goal of therapy is to learn proper coping skills to help participants manage their reactions to situations. Group members can model good behaviors based on their peers and therapists for positive change through group psychotherapy.

Group therapy creates an ideal atmosphere for members to learn and practice new behaviors. It provides a safe and supportive setting where members freely experiment with their skills without fear of embarrassment or judgment. Such freedom allows participants to learn socialization techniques that enhance coping skills.

How Group Psychotherapy Works

Groups can have as few as three or four members, although many group therapy sessions prefer between eight and 12 individuals. Group meetings occur several times a week. Each session can last for one or two hours.

The group can meet for six sessions, but many group therapies last for a year. Group meetings can be open or closed, depending on the nature of schedules. Open sessions welcome new participants at any time, whereas closed sessions are restricted to core members only.

A typical session may involve participants’ self-introduction and sharing of reasons for joining the group. As the sessions continue, members can share their progress, difficulties, strengths, and weaknesses. Group therapy has many benefits, including:

  • Allows individuals to receive support from their peers
  • Recovery group members act as role models for their counterparts
  • Helps therapists to establish how individuals behave and respond in social settings
  • Ensures safety for members
  • Offers affordability

Effectiveness of the Approach

Group counseling complies with the Society of Clinical Psychology’s efficacy standards.

The group therapy program approach is practical for those battling mental disorders, such as substance abuse and depression. Many of our rehab clients who enroll in group counseling admit significant improvement after the sessions.

However, for the approach to yield comprehensive results, therapists incorporate other kinds of programs, such as:

  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Family therapy

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Your path to recovery starts once you join group therapy in rehab. Our therapists can provide you or your loved one with customized treatment services depending on the unique needs. Our Northern California rehab center offers an ideal setting for recovery. Contact Summit Estate Recovery Center at 800.701.6997 for more details about group counseling and rehab treatment.