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Opioid use is among the most common substance use disorders in the United States today. Many people start using opioids after a major injury or surgery, using prescription pain medications that their doctor recommended. Over time, however, their use turns into abuse, and their doctor may not prescribe the drug anymore. Alternatively, the person’s body may have become tolerant of the prescription opioid, and they need a more potent dose to get the same effect. In such cases, they may turn to heroin to achieve the desired high. If this is the case for you, we recommend enrolling in a heroin detox center to begin the journey to healing and recovery.

At Summit Estate Recovery Center, we recognize the challenges of addiction to heroin and other opioids. However, we also know that there is help and hope available. When you contact our team about our heroin detox program, we will help you understand the root cause of your addiction. Once you recognize the cause of your addiction, we can then work with you to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique challenges. Don’t let heroin rule your life anymore. Contact Summit Estate Recovery Center today at 800.701.6997 to learn about the treatment options available.

How Common Is Heroin Abuse?

According to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2016, 1.8% of the people in the United States have used heroin once in their lifetime. These numbers continue to increase over the years. This statistic explains the need for seeking treatment for heroin addiction at our heroin detox in CA.

People who use heroin get an intense feeling which lasts only for a short time. Heroin is a derivative of morphine and opium. Users get a sense of euphoria and feelings of warmth, sedation, and drowsiness. As the users get used to the drug, they will require more doses to maintain the high. This reaction can lead the person using heroin to develop a dependence on the drug. Addiction and abuse of heroin cause severe consequences to your health. Continued use can also lead to accidental deaths and overdose. To avoid this challenging and potentially tragic consequence, you may need a heroin detox center.



Heroin Withdrawal

Using heroin affects the brain reward system of the user. This use increases individual tolerance to the effects of the drug over time. When an individual quits using heroin, they experience withdrawal symptoms. People struggling with heroin addiction tend to continue using the substance to evade the painful effects of withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms set in about 6 to 12 hours after using your last dose of heroin. Withdrawal comes faster when someone is abusing heroin compared to using prescription painkillers. It feels like terrible flu that lasts for about a week.

Some of the common symptoms of heroin withdrawal that you can experience during withdrawal may include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Muscle aches
  • Sweating
  • Insomnia

Heroin users may also experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) depending on the length and level of use. These symptoms include panic attacks, restlessness, irritability, and memory loss and may last between 18 and 24 months. As the user avoids using heroin and time goes by, the symptoms diminish.

Summit Estate Recovery Center was certainly not my idea of where my holidays would be spent. Unfortunately, when addiction takes control of your life, it does not care what time of the year it is. For the first time of my life, I had become so desperate I realized that I needed help with my problem. I had no idea, no referrals, no basis in fact that Summit Estate was the right place. I was not even in the right frame of mind when I choose to enter. Nevertheless, it turned out to be the perfect start on my road to recovery…

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Heroin Detox

An accredited heroin detox program provides addicts with a space environment to manage their withdrawal symptoms. The effects of heroin withdrawal are likely to cause harm to the user, especially without any medical supervision. Withdrawal may cause excessive dehydration. Supervised medical detox at a heroin detox center is vital in overcoming the addiction.

Another significant reason that you may want to seek a professional detox program is the fact that many heroin users experience intense mental health symptoms during withdrawal. However, health care providers in inpatient treatment programs will monitor this process and help you manage psychological withdrawal symptoms like depression and anxiety. Relapse and self-harm are also likely effects of withdrawal. Heroin detox helps to reduce the risk of these complications occurring. Some of the medications used in a heroin detox program involve methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine.

Treatment Programs Available at Summit Estate Recovery Center

The treatment facility provides a comfortable experience for the clients undergoing treatment for drug addiction. Our heroin detox center in CA has qualified medical professionals that ensure quick and successful recovery for the residents.

Treatment programs available at a heroin detox center include:

  • Detox: The center helps the residents detox from drugs and alcohol using the best possible surroundings and treatments. The facility provides nutritious and delicious food, high-end amenities, and a team of expert practitioners.
  • Day treatment: This partial hospitalization program is ideal for individuals that are from intensive outpatient, outpatient, or residential programs. It is an excellent way to enter the recovery phase.
  • Continued care program: This ensures the individuals continue to work towards recovery even after completing an inpatient treatment program.
  • Residential addiction treatment program: This provides inpatient treatment for substance use for people struggling with drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. The facility offers personalized treatment for the residents.

Each of these treatment options is highly effective, but it is critical to choose the right treatment option for you. To determine what level of care you require, please reach out to Summit Estate Recovery Center today.

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What To Expect During Treatment

Our clients get the best possible care throughout the recovery process at Summit Estate Recovery Center. For instance, during your stay at our heroin detox program, you may receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This treatment option provides relief from some of the more painful withdrawal symptoms, allowing you to detox in relative ease and comfort.
In addition to our medication-assisted treatment options, we also provide a wide array of evidence-based and holistic treatment options. For instance, our treatment options may include:

We strive to tailor these treatment options to the clients’ needs so that the treatment they get addresses the challenges that they’ll face outside of our program. Therefore, one person’s treatment may not be identical to another’s. However, in most cases, individualized treatment is far more effective than cookie-cutter treatment programs.

Does Our Heroin Detox Program Offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

In many cases, heroin addiction co-occurs with one or more underlying mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety. Individuals may have started using heroin to find relief from these symptoms, or they may have started using the drug and begun suffering from a mental health condition. Some individuals only seek treatment for their underlying mental health concerns. Unfortunately, their continued drug use may cause new or worsening symptoms that negatively affect their ability to function in life. However, if they only seek treatment for their substance use disorder, they may not know how to manage their mental health symptoms alone. As a result, they may return to use.

It is vital to seek simultaneous treatment of both conditions. At Summit Estate Recovery Center, we’re proud to provide dual diagnosis treatment at our heroin detox program and our heroin addiction treatment programs. Through this treatment, you are more likely to stay in recovery for a more extended period of time.

Get Quality Addiction Treatment at Summit Estate Recovery Center

Don’t allow heroin addiction to destroy your life and that of your loved ones. Take a step to seek professional help from our heroin detox center. We provide individualized treatment for all our patients. Reach out to Summit Estate Recovery Center today via 800.701.6997 and start your journey to a more fulfilling life.