/When it comes to seeking a reliable Northern California drug and alcohol rehab center for care, it’s important to do your research before making a quick decision. One of the most important pieces of criteria to consider when choosing a treatment center is its available programs. Ensuring that the center provides a range of Northern California drug and alcohol rehab programs is crucial to your recovery journey.

Northern California Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs at Summit Estate 

In order to receive the full continuum of care necessary to recovery, it’s crucial to seek out a facility that offers all Northern California drug and alcohol rehab programs you need. Not only does this ensure you receive the treatment you need, but it also eliminates the need to find a new facility once you complete a program. At Summit Estate, we are able to provide residents with the following programs for their recovery journey:

Residential treatment program

By remaining at the facility during treatment, residents are able to focus solely on their recovery plan. This program eliminates the daily triggers and stressors that individuals face and gives them the chance to embrace their treatment. Through a residential program, residents have a structured and full schedule that includes therapy sessions and other activities. This type of schedule can also help residents keep a more structured routine once they return home.

Partial hospitalization treatment program

A PHP can serve two purposes for those in need of treatment. In some cases, a partial hospitalization program acts as a step-down from a residential program. In other cases, it acts as a starting point for treatment. A PHP continues the rigorous schedule of a residential program, but with the ability for residents to return to their homes after they finish for the day. 

Intensive outpatient treatment program

An IOP continues to uphold the same structure of a residential program, but it begins to give residents more freedom. Residents are also able to return home after their days of treatment. 

Men’s intensive outpatient treatment program

Gender-specific treatment is essential in providing effective treatment for those in need. A men’s program gives men a safe space to be open and honest about their goals and experiences. Therapy sessions and services are tailored to focus on the topics that affect men most often when it comes to substance abuse. 

Women’s intensive outpatient program

Women deserve a safe space to be vulnerable about their experiences. A women’s program creates an environment for healing, especially from traumatic experiences that many women face. Topics discussed are focused on those affecting women and give residents the platform they need to heal and grow. 

Dual diagnosis treatment program

For many struggling with addiction, an underlying mental health disorder is also at play. In some cases, the addiction brings out the symptoms of the disorder. In others, the addiction stems from self-medicating to manage the symptoms. Either way, both the substance abuse and the mental health disorder need addressing. A dual diagnosis treatment program places a focus on both issues, allowing the cycle to break. 

Continued care program

Recovery is a journey that lasts past the end of treatment. An alumni program provides the ongoing support that individuals in recovery need to continue in their success. Creating a support system of peers, therapists, and other professionals are crucial to sustaining recovery past treatment.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Programs at a Northern California Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Because different substances have different effects on the body and brain, it’s important for a rehab center to provide care for a range of substances. Summit Estate helps those struggling with addiction to a number of substances, including:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment program 
  • Drug addiction treatment program 
  • Heroin addiction treatment program 
  • Prescription drug addiction treatment program
  • Cocaine addiction treatment program 
  • Benzo addiction treatment program

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