Aftercare program refers to a follow-up treatment that one receives after leaving a drug rehab center. These programs help to prevent relapse and ensure the patient stays focused on recovery and maintaining sobriety. Aftercare programs include group or individual counseling, sober living, or support groups. You need to find a program that fits your needs. Aftercare programs meant for teens provide special support. They help them build their self-esteem and connect with their families.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) in 2017, 19.3 million adults in the United States struggle with a drug abuse disorder. This number will continue to rise if people ignore the importance of seeking help at drug treatment facilities. The aftercare program in CA provides services to ensure the patients maintain sobriety after treatment.

Types of Aftercare Programsa group of people join hands at an aftercare program in ca

Aftercare programs are often available in the long-term and short-term. A short-term aftercare program is ideal for individuals who need the treatment for a short time or on a less scheduled basis. The final part of the discharge process from a treatment facility should be the prescription of appropriate aftercare. 

The different types of aftercare programs available include:

  • Support groups: Recovering addicts should join support groups, especially those early in sobriety. Support groups involve other recovering drug addicts and their families. They meet to discuss and share their issues
  • Counseling and therapy: These sessions happen daily in inpatient rehab facilities. They are the most important part of the recovery process. Recovering drug users must continue with holistic treatment therapy and counseling sessions even after they leave the treatment facilities. These sessions are significant for patients with mental health conditions
  • Sober living homes: These are residential facilities for recovering individuals. They increase the possibility of recovering addicts staying sober. The sober living homes teach the patients to be responsible for managing their finances and remaining sober
  • Facility-based programs: Most drug addiction treatment centers have their aftercare programs. They provide programs such as follow-up therapy, sober living arrangements, and medical evaluations

Importance of an Aftercare Program

Being part of any type of aftercare program increases your chances of staying clean and sober. Individuals also get to know of positive ways to cope. They learn skills like anger management and professional skills. People also understand that they have the responsibility and power to succeed without falling back into using drugs.

Addiction Treatment Programs Available at Summit Estate Recovery Center

The addiction treatment facility provides individualized care for the clients. It has professional health care providers that ensure the patients enjoy a safe and comfortable environment. Summit Recovery is a luxury rehab facility in CA that assists patients when they leave the residential facility. This continued care program is the most crucial step towards attaining long-term freedom from drug addiction. The doctors in the facility continue working with you to ensure you put in place the skills and tools learned during the treatment program in the outside world.

Other treatment programs available at the facility include:

  • Detox program: Health professionals in the center ensure the residents go through the medical detox program in a comfortable, safe, and quick manner. They help the residents build the required foundations to maintain sobriety.
  • Partial hospitalization/day treatment: Clients receive treatment in the facility for 6 hours every day. They have the freedom to go back to their homes and take care of their loved ones.
  • Residential treatment program: Residents live in the facility and receive 24-hour supervision by the medical care staff.
  • Outpatient treatment program: This program is ideal for those who do not need residential treatment or detox. They receive on-going and individualized support from the facility.

Receive Quality Personalized Addiction Treatment

Don’t watch as yourself or your loved ones destroy your lives due to drug addiction. Seek treatment from a facility that provides an aftercare program to ensure you remain sober even after recovery. Reach out to us via 800.701.6997 and live a drug-free life.