Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center In San Jose, California

/Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is an on-going process. At Summit Estate, we provide individualized care at our rehab programs every step of the way. Our intensive outpatient program in California provides treatment for those who do not require Detox or Residential treatment. Our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program allow individuals in the South Bay, Peninsula or San Jose area to have the personalized, on-going support necessary to stay clean and sober as they work, go to school, and rebuild their lives. For more information about how our addiction treatment programs can assist you, contact Summit Estate Recovery Center today by calling 866.679.9855.

Day Treatment Program

The road to recovery goes well beyond completing an inpatient rehabilitation program. It is necessary for many individuals to rely on extended care, after graduation, in the setting of an intensive outpatient program in at our luxury rehab center in California. Our Day Treatment Program is focused on clients who may require a lower level of care to address their addiction issues. Our clients enjoy a cozy, inviting space where they can relax and socialize in a safe and sober environment, while participating in various therapies. Group sessions occur five days a week, in addition to one-on-one counseling and therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program in California is not limited to individuals who have gone through an inpatient residential rehab program but is also available to individuals who need that extra support that Summit Estate’s clinical team can offer. At our intensive outpatient program in California, we continue to support individuals who are rebuilding their lives after overcoming addiction. Group sessions occur three times per week, in addition to one-on-one counseling and therapy.

Family Therapy

On the road to recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol, one of the most important components in the healing process is the family. At Summit Estate, our treatment plans are personalized to the unique dynamic between an individual and their family. Our convenient location makes it easy for family members to participate. And, we can arrange video-conferencing, when necessary.

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Couples Therapy

Because the relationship between a couple is such an intimate one, recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is not just a matter of helping one individual kick addiction, but requires helping both individuals heal from the long-term effects caused by the disease. Our couples therapy allows each individual an opportunity to re-establish the bonds that once existed in the relationship, so couples can move forward together.

Individual / One-on-One Outpatient Therapy & Counseling

Drug and alcohol addiction affects individuals in many different ways. In order to help those on the road to lasting recovery, our approach at Summit Estate involves a personalized recovery plan specifically designed with the unique needs and circumstances of the individual in mind. A cookie-cutter approach to addiction treatment is simply not effective. To that end, we offer individual/one-on-one therapy in a private, safe, and comfortable environment.

Group Therapy

To individuals struggling with addiction, there is perhaps nothing more reassuring than to know that other similar people are dealing with the similar problems. At Summit Estate, group therapy is an essential part of the recovery process. Individuals have a chance to connect with and support each other and to know each step forward will be taken with another who understands the struggle.

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