/When it comes to seeking out help for addiction, men can sometimes avoid the topic. They often believe they can easily quit abusing their substance of choice, and they don’t believe they need extra help. However, men also require the assistance of an addiction treatment rehab to achieve their goals of recovery. A men’s intensive outpatient program in California can provide the necessary level of support, guidance, and care necessary for long-lasting recovery.

Benefits of a Men’s Intensive Outpatient Program in California

While the same addiction treatment programs tend to be available to both men and women, the approach that the team takes for the programs tends to vary. While both genders are susceptible to addiction, their reasons behind substance abuse tend to differ. In order to ensure residents receive everything they need during treatment, individuals should consider a men’s intensive outpatient program in California.

Some benefits of a men’s IOP in California include:

  • Trauma-informed care– Men can also fall victim to substance abuse and addiction after a traumatic event. A men’s program will know the common types of trauma that men might experience and will tailor treatment to discuss these sensitive topics.
  • Male-specific topics– The stressors that tend to lead men to addiction are often different than those that lead women. For this reason, it’s important to create an environment where men feel comfortable discussing their situations in front of their peers. By focusing on the topics and issues that affect men directly, the program creates a safe environment for residents to share their stories and heal.
  • Expectations– Society has often placed certain expectations on how a man should act and carry himself. These expectations change in a men’s IOP in California. Here, men are encouraged to open up about their emotions, goals, aspirations, and experiences. By removing these social constructs, men are able to have honest conversations and get the most out of their treatment.

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How to Choose a Men’s IOP in California

Now that you know how beneficial a men’s intensive outpatient program in California can be, it’s time to find the ideal program. With so many treatment centers open today, it can be hard to make a decision regarding treatment. Consider the following criteria when choosing your treatment center:

  • A full continuum of care– A facility that provides the full continuum of care, from residential to outpatient options, is ideal. This eliminates the need to find a new treatment center once a program is complete.
  • Addiction therapy services– Simply speaking to a therapist isn’t enough to achieve recovery. A treatment center should provide a range of addiction therapies that help teach life skills, coping mechanisms, and communication skills. By taking place in different therapy modalities, residents are able to have a more well-rounded and effective treatment experience.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment– Too often, addiction is the only focus of treatment. In many cases, addiction coincides with a mental health disorder. However, ignoring the disorder can lead to the individual remaining in the dangerous cycle of addiction. Finding a center that offers dual diagnosis treatment ensures both issues are treated.

Addiction Treatment at Summit Estate

If you’re looking for addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, look no further than Summit Estate. We offer the full continuum of care to our residents through two different treatment facilities. Our residential and outpatient locations ensure that each of our patients receives the specific type of care they need for their circumstances. We understand the importance of offering gender-specific treatment through a men’s intensive outpatient program in California. We also offer a women’s specific intensive outpatient program in California as well. Through our care, residents find that addiction recovery is possible and well within their grasps.

At Summit Estate, we offer the following substance abuse program options through evidence-based treatment:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment program
  • Drug addiction treatment program
  • Heroin addiction treatment program
  • Prescription drug addiction treatment program
  • Cocaine addiction treatment program
  • Benzo addiction treatment program

To begin a men’s intensive outpatient program in California or to learn about other available programs, contact Summit Estate today. Call now at 800.701.6997 to speak with a team member about your treatment options.

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