Substance use disorders are chronic conditions. In other words, there is not a cure at this time. However, there are treatment options available to support an individual’s ability to stop using substances. For instance, a drug and alcohol detox program can help clients get through the withdrawal process successfully. However, once they have finished this intense process, they may need to relearn how to manage life’s triggers and challenges without using drugs or alcohol. If they have a mild addiction and a supportive home life, attending an outpatient treatment center may be possible. However, in many cases, the best step is to enroll in a residential treatment program, such as the one at Summit Estate Recovery Center.

At our residential treatment program in California, we are committed to providing the best possible treatment to each client. With various holistic and evidence-based therapeutic modalities, we can help our clients get the support they need to remain drug-and-alcohol-free after they leave our inpatient substance abuse treatment program. Please reach out to Summit Estate Recovery Center today at 800.701.6997 to learn more about the addiction treatment options available.

Benefits of Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

At Summit Estate, we offer an excellent residential treatment program in California to individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. We also treat co-occurring disorders, such as depression or anxiety, that frequently occur with abuse. Treatment at our luxury rehab facility is not simply a matter of taking each person through a checklist. Treatment, instead, is personalized for each individual who comes to us for help. Our goal is to meet each individual where they are at the beginning of the treatment process. At all times during treatment, we offer guidance, support, and compassion.

One of the more notable benefits of residential treatment is that you are away from the triggers you may face in your everyday life. When you struggled with addiction, many things in your life may have triggered cravings for the substance, such as seeing a specific person or going someplace where you used the drug. You stay at our facility around the clock when you attend residential treatment, so you don’t have to face those triggers until you know how to manage them.

Residential treatment also allows you to focus on your recovery. When you’re in our inpatient substance abuse treatment center, you have access to therapy that will help you determine the root cause of your addiction. Once you understand your condition, you can put tools in place to prevent you from returning to use after you finish treatment.

These are only a few of the benefits of residential treatment. To learn more about the other benefits of attending our residential treatment program in California, please call Summit Estate Recovery Center today at 800.701.6997.

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Residential Treatment Program in California for Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse is the most common of all substance abuse problems in America today. There is a spectrum of alcohol-related dependence, including abuse, binge drinking, and alcoholism. Unfortunately, experts estimate that only 11% of those battling alcohol addiction receive the care they need. Summit Estate has an ideal residential treatment program in California for alcohol addiction.

Treating alcohol addiction requires long-term behavior modifications and the development of new coping mechanisms. Our individualized treatment and high staff-to-client ratio ensure our residents are ready to embrace their lives after treatment with the confidence and skills necessary to prevent alcohol relapse. After completing our inpatient residential program, our residents can continue to receive treatment and long-term support at our outpatient facility, where they can continue to receive the same high quality of care.

Our two sons both attended Summit Estate Recovery Center. From the first day the staff at Summit ensured the journey to sobriety was one of respect, compassion and support. The facility could not be more beautiful and peaceful which had such a calming and therapeutic effect. We are forever grateful to Lexi and Summit for bringing our family back together.

– E. S.

The Importance of Family in Substance Abuse Treatment

The detrimental effect on families and personal relationships can be hardest when dealing with a substance abuse disorder. The individual is also dealing with uncontrollable cravings and unanticipated consequences of being addicted. Because severe substance and drug addiction require professional care, at Summit Estate, we treat each individual according to their needs by evaluating their physical and mental health and creating a personalized treatment plan. We can then help the client improve their relationships with their loved ones through our family therapy program. Family is integral in many clients’ ability to stay free of drugs and alcohol, as they provide an invaluable support network.

Therapeutic Modalities at Our Residential Treatment Program

Whether you choose an outpatient or inpatient substance abuse treatment program, you will spend a significant portion of your time in therapy. Therapy is integral to the treatment process. Through counseling, many people gain the tools to manage their cravings and stress outside of treatment. Without these tools, many people may find it challenging to stay free of drugs and alcohol.

At Summit Estate Recovery Center, we are proud to offer both holistic and evidence-based treatment options. Holistic therapies are treatment options that address the damage that addiction has wreaked on an individual’s mind, body, and soul. These treatment options may include therapies such as yoga therapy, art therapy, or music therapy.

In addition to our holistic therapy options, we also offer evidence-based treatments. These treatments have extensive research behind them, proving that they are effective in treating substance use disorders. We offer extensive evidence-based therapy options, including:

Furthermore, we recognize that each person’s situation is unique, meaning that each person has distinct strengths and weaknesses. As such, we take the time to get to know each client and understand their needs. From that point, we can develop a treatment plan including therapies that can help them heal and overcome their challenges. As a result of individualized treatment, such as the one we offer at Summit Estate, clients are more likely to enter long-term recovery.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

It is common for those who abuse drugs or alcohol to also suffer from some form of mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, and turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication. When substance abuse accompanies a mental health issue, this is known as a co-occurring disorder, which requires dual diagnosis treatment options. Co-occurring conditions can be challenging to treat for multiple reasons. An individual may be suffering from depression and alcohol abuse. Conversely, they may be suffering from anxiety and abusing prescription pain medication.

Often, care providers rush to assess an individual’s issue as strictly a substance abuse problem. In doing so, they fail to address the full scope of the individual’s needs. Relapse is very likely for these individuals. At Summit Estate, our team of professionals has experience treating co-occurring disorders. Our individualized treatment is essential in helping our clients receive the care they need to overcome their addictions and treat their mental health issues.



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A severe addiction to drugs and alcohol often requires individuals to start treatment with a detox protocol. Because the body can be dependent on drugs or alcohol, detox can be a difficult time. At our residential detox center, monitoring our clients 24-hours-a-day in a safe, supportive rehabilitation environment, we can ensure they are comfortable during the detox process. To learn more about ending your substance abuse at Summit Estate Recovery Center, contact our residential treatment center by calling 800.701.6997 today.