The sober living program at Summit Estate offers treatment and care that extends beyond your first rehab program. We designed our sober living program in CA to give you a fresh start without diving entirely into your regular life once again. This program may provide the perfect solution if you want to transition from rehab to your daily routine slowly.

Programs include a wide range of features, learning opportunities, amenities, and treatments. Our goal is to help you continue your recovery by providing the right type of program that meets your needs. To find out more about the rehab programs we offer, contact Summit Estate today. We are here to help you achieve a lasting recovery after rehab.

Sober Living Programs We Offer in Californiaa man relaxes at a sober living program in ca

One of the most essential addiction treatment programs in CA that we offer is aftercare. This program allows you to continue interacting with your therapist, a support group, or holistic therapy. In addition, we also provide a sober living program that includes:

Full Facilities

A program offers facilities that include bedrooms, a full kitchen, and plenty of amenities. With this program, you will feel at home as you living in a small community. We’ve designed all of our facilities to make you feel at home before returning to your home with your family. You can make yourself comfortable as you stay in a relaxed and safe environment. 

A Small Community

By now, you have learned the value of receiving and giving support to others who are on the path to recovery. A program gives you the ability to be a part of a community that offers both encouragement and accountability. You are surrounded by others who share in your struggles and your successes. Furthermore, you don’t have to feel judged by those around you.

Continued Treatment

Summit Estate can continue many of the same types of treatment that you experienced in rehab. You may want to keep meeting with your therapist or participate in holistic activities that fuel your resolve to stay clean and sober. We can discuss options that are available in your individual therapy program in California. There may also be further options for group or family therapy while you are in transition.

Gradual Independence

The purpose of transitional living is to gradually give you more freedom until you are fully independent and engage in your normal life. We develop a plan that starts with a high level of accountability and slowly tapers off with each success you attain. Therefore, you may have to adhere to a few rules at first. Eventually, however, you come and go as you please until you are ready to leave the program. 

The Benefits of Sober Living

The first year of recovery is always the most difficult. As such, you may need time to detach yourself from your addiction or start positive habits that replace your former patterns. Sober living allows repositioning in your life away from drugs, heroin, prescription drugs abuse, and alcohol. There are several benefits to our sober living program, including:

  • You reduce or eliminate the risk of a relapse
  • You’re surrounded by peers who keep you from feeling lonely
  • You incorporate or continue a plan for long-term success
  • You still have access to various forms of treatment or care
  • It may be a better alternative to re-entering a volatile home life
  • You can pace yourself as you re-enter the world

Learn More About Our Sober Living Program

If you would like to find out more about our sober living program, contact Summit Estate today at 800.701.6997. We provide our sober living program in CA as a part of our excellent substance abuse treatment programs.