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Choosing Our Convenient, Professional
Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program

a woman works on herself in a virtual intensive outpatient programFor many people, the primary roadblocks to getting treatment for a substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health conditions are the cost of treatment and the time away from their day-to-day responsibilities. Unfortunately, these two hurdles can be challenging to overcome in traditional treatment. However, with the help of a virtual intensive outpatient program, it is possible to begin the recovery process in the safety and comfort of your own home. In addition, because this option is virtual, clients do not need to worry about finding transportation or childcare, and, in some cases, the treatment can be tailored to the client’s schedule. As a result, the client can continue to go to work or school while receiving telehealth addiction treatment.

Our virtual intensive outpatient program includes a range of therapeutic options tailored to the needs of the client. For instance, our therapeutic programs include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

The length and severity of the recovery process depend on the drug. Attending a treatment program shouldn’t have to impact your schedule or responsibilities. With the help of our virtual intensive outpatient program, our clients can learn how to overcome their addiction in the comfort of their homes. Our treatment professionals will help our clients and support their recovery as they move into the future. For more information about our online IOP or any other treatment options, please contact Summit Estate Recovery Center today.

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Our Online IOP Is Now Available For California Residents.

Mondays-Fridays, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM

Summit Estate Recovery Center, located in sunny California, now offers a comprehensive, intensive outpatient program in a flexible and convenient format. This treatment option allows our clients to get support without leaving the house.

Why You Should Go Virtual

  • Clients have a safe place to heal.
  • Treatment is available even if the client can’t travel to the treatment center
  • Online treatments are more convenient.

No matter why you’re seeking an online IOP, we can help.

What Does Our Virtual Online Outpatient Program Treat?

Our treatment programs address addiction, trauma, mental health concerns, and co-occurring conditions using a curriculum identical to that of our in-person treatment programs. In addition, clients are able to access peer support and community, as well as the expert staff that provides the treatment.

Details About Our Program

Options for Payment

Today, insurance companies cover virtual treatment just as they would outpatient and residential treatment. When you reach out to Summit Estate about our services, we ask that you provide your insurance information to determine whether your provider is in-network.

Do We Provide Treatment Outside of California?

Due to our licensing requirements, we can only provide treatment for residents in the state of California. Therefore, your insurance provider’s in-network benefits will require you to live in our state.

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