/Addiction is far-reaching and doesn’t discriminate against who it affects. Individuals who come from different backgrounds, gender, and ages can fall victim to addiction. While both men and women struggle with addiction, they can benefit from participating in gender-specific programs rehab programs. A women’s intensive outpatient program in California can bring with it several benefits to residents. Through these benefits, women can find themselves on the path towards long-lasting recovery and healing.

Benefits of a Women’s Intensive Outpatient Program in California

Although men and women tend to participate in similar addiction treatment programs, the approach to these programs is different. Men and women tend to abuse substances for various reasons, which means different modalities for treatment.

Some benefits of a women’s IOP in California include:

  • Trauma-informed care– In many cases of substance abuse in women, the underlying cause is trauma. In cases where the traumatic event involved a male, being in a women’s program will help individuals feel safe and undistracted during their treatment. Being around men during treatment could cause unnecessary anxiety, stress, and distraction, making treatment ineffective.
  • Comfortable environment– Women tend to feel more comfortable and accepted among their peers who share similar stories and backgrounds. Being away from men allows individuals to be open and honest in their communication without fear of judgment from others.
  • Women-focused services– Many women face the same stressors and situations throughout their lives. From the pressures of society on raising a family to the stress in the workplace, the reasons behind substance abuse in women tend to stem from the same things. Women-focused services eliminate discussing scenarios that individuals can’t relate to and places the focus on the topics that matter most.

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How to Choose a Women’s IOP in California

With so many options available for treatment today, it’s important to know what to look for when seeking treatment. Consider the following criteria when choosing a women’s intensive outpatient program in California:

  • Addiction therapy program options– It takes more than just speaking with a therapist one on one to heal and recover from addiction. Look for a program that offers a range of services to ensure you receive well-rounded treatment. Different modalities serve different purposes throughout treatment, so it’s crucial that you choose a facility that provides options.
  • Environment– The location of your treatment facility influences the overall environment. Choose a facility that is removed from the hustle and bustle of a city to eliminate triggers and stressors from your day. A facility that is surrounded by nature is ideal because it creates a calming, healing environment for residents to enjoy.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment– For many who struggle with addiction, an underlying mental health disorder is also at play. In some instances, the disorder causes addiction as individuals use harmful substances to manage their symptoms. In other cases, the mental health disorder stems from drug use. Either way, treatment is necessary for both issues in order for recovery to be possible. Choosing a treatment center that offers dual diagnosis care is essential to break the cycle.

Addiction Treatment at Summit Estate

Summit Estate provides a variety of addiction treatment programs through our two addiction treatment facilities. Our residential location allows individuals to remain on-site for a fully immersive treatment experience. Our outpatient location gives residents more freedom with their treatment because they are able to return home each evening. We provide residents with evidence-based treatments that are tailored to the needs of our residents.

At Summit Estate, we offer the following substance abuse program options:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment program
  • Drug addiction treatment program
  • Heroin addiction treatment program
  • Prescription drug addiction treatment program
  • Cocaine addiction treatment program
  • Benzo addiction treatment program

To learn more about our women’s intensive outpatient program in California, contact Summit Estate today. Call our team now at 800.701.6997 to speak with an admissions counselor to begin the process today.

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