Addiction affects men and women in different ways. Because they experience addiction in different ways, similarly, they need treatment that addresses your unique needs. At Summit Estate, we understand those needs. Therefore, when you enroll in our women’s rehab program in CA, we provide you with an individual treatment plan based on your experiences. To learn more about the advantages of the women’s rehab program at Summit Estate, contact our holistic addiction treatment program today.

Why Is There a Need For a Women’s Rehab Program in CA?

a group of women walk and hold hands at a women's rehab program in ca

Millions of American women struggle with drug and alcohol abuse each day. Therefore, they need the same access to addiction treatment programs as men. While addiction treatment formerly catered to only men, now most treatment centers recognize the need for women’s rehab programs as well. 

The way men and women approach drugs and alcohol differ significantly. For instance, women tend to get addicted to alcohol or drugs more quickly because of the inherent differences in their physiologies. In addition, the substances that they use and the frequency that they use them also are dissimilar. 

Furthermore, domestic abuse and sexual assault are more likely in women than in men. This fact increases the risk of women’s substance abuse, which requires an addiction treatment program to treat. However, in such cases, women often struggle to be open in co-ed rehab programs. With our women’s rehab program, however, there is no need to be afraid of having to open up to a room full of both men and women.

Another issue that may require the attention of our women’s rehab program in CA is addiction combined with mental health. Over 9 million Americans struggle with addiction and mental health issues. Women, in particular, may be more likely to experience panic and anxiety due to addiction. A dual diagnosis program is essential for the proper treatment in these cases.

Our women’s rehab program offers trained medical professionals who understand these issues and how to address them. We strive to address the unique issues of women, which makes it easier for women to recover.

Benefits of our Women’s Rehab Program in CA

There are a number of unique benefits that a gender-specific treatment program can offer you. For instance, you, as a woman, have experienced unique challenges. Our women’s rehab program can address these unique problems. 

One benefit of our women’s addiction treatment program is that you have a comfortable and relaxed environment to recover in peace. You have more of a sense of safety because you don’t have to play a part or wear a mask. You simply need to be yourself and focus on your recovery. 

Furthermore, during our women’s treatment program, you’re free to share your experiences with women who have been through the same things you have. Therefore, you can create long-lasting relationships with these women as you support each other in recovery. At the same time, there are not the potential distractions of romantic possibilities, which can turn your focus from your overall recovery. 

Moreover, during our women’s rehab program, you can focus on the challenges that women face. Whether those issues are pregnancy or the glass ceiling, we can touch on these problems. Conversely, in a co-ed setting, it may not be possible to discuss these topics in-depth. All of these benefits contribute to your overall long-term sobriety and the success of your treatment. 

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