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How Do You Pay for Rehab?

Addiction recovery programs can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean that if you need it, you have to be wealthy to get it. No one should let financial situations stop them from getting the help they need. There are many ways to gain the money necessary to pay for your recovery program. Let’s explore some of your options.


Depending on the type of health insurance you have, insurance may pay for all or part of your rehab program. It’s not uncommon for insurance to place conditions or parameters on the type of treatment an individual can receive and remain under their coverage. These often include outpatient rather than inpatient programs, a limited number of treatment sessions over a certain period of time, or coverage for a certain dollar amount. You may also be required to pay co-pay at each session. All in all, insurance can be a limiting way to pay for recovery treatment, as the parameters can limit the addict to less-than-effective types of treatment or to limited treatment overall. Still, never assume that your insurance won’t be able to help. Thoroughly investigate your insurance policy. Take notes, write down your questions, and make the right calls to see just what options your insurance provides

Sliding Scale Fees

Many believe that only the rich and famous can afford the best in addiction recovery programs, when in truth many of the nation’s top programs offer a sliding-scale fee option. This means that you only pay as much as you can afford. Your income is evaluated and your fees are determined based on how much you earn. Sliding scale fee systems allow those who need treatment to receive it, since no addict can afford to go without treatment.

Savings and Retirement Fund

While no one wants to dip into precious savings accounts, if you have a substantial savings built up or a retirement fund you can borrow against, this is an option to carefully consider.

Private financing

Many treatment centers are now offering their own financing options to patients. This allows you to pay a monthly fee, even long after you’ve completed your treatment, so that you can begin your treatment now. Those who qualify may decide that this is the better route to take, as you are dealing directly with your treatment center and don’t have to involve any outside parties.

Private fundraising

You can raise your own funds for addiction recovery treatment a couple of different ways. If you have anything of great value, you can sell it. That extra car, boat, or investment property will serve you better by contributing to your recovery than it is just sitting there. Those stocks may not bring in the windfall they might have, but they can help get you the help you need. Another option brought on by the digital age is crowdfunding. Several online sites exist for the express purpose of helping the average person raise money for whatever they choose. You can receive donations from around the world for your recovery program. You can often raise funds quickly and easily using these crowdfunding sources. A lack of financial resources should never stop you from pursuing the addiction recovery you need. You can’t afford not to explore your financing options. There is always a way for those who truly try to find it.