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Outpatient Recovery Programs in California

Reliable California Outpatient Recovery Program

Outpatient recovery programs provide a way for clients to overcome their addiction and gain control of their lives.  These outpatient recovery programs can be a next step after inpatient treatment and a way to gradually reenter everyday life.  For others, attendance at an inpatient center may not be possible for a number of reasons, outpatient programs provide a way for these individuals to begin the road to long-term sobriety.

find-an-addiction-counselorSelecting the right outpatient program can have a dramatic effect on your success in treatment.  Keeping track on points to compare when evaluating outpatient recovery programs can help to make a fully informed decision.


Unlike inpatient treatment programs where clients become residents, outpatient recovery programs require that clients make a conscious decision and effort toward regular participation.  A treatment center that is out of the way, not easily accessible or is not convenient for a person’s everyday life is not ideal.  In all of those instances, a person can create excuses for themselves as to why they shouldn’t attend treatment.

Treatment Times

For outpatient recovery programs, it is important that the time treatments is offered is aligned with their personal and professional responsibilities.  Convenience is key when considering outpatient recovery programs.  If a program is not easily incorporated into a person’s life it is easy to fall out of treatment.

Type of Program

Many people are familiar with 12 step programs and how they can be used during drug and alcohol treatment.  Individuals may be unaware that there are alternatives to 12 step treatment.  Alternative methods such as CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, may be better suited for overcoming addiction for some individuals.  If you’ve been unsuccessful with 12 step programs in the past or if your lifestyle does not lend itself to regular meetings, look for a non 12 step approach.  The CBT approach aims to correct addictive behavior by altering the way a person thinks.

Staff to Client Ratio

A high staff to client ratio is a good representation of the amount of personal attention each individual gets.  Centers with a high staff to client ratio often do not have the time and resources to understand each person’s unique circumstances.  Look for centers that have the flexibility to provide great service because of their focus on the individual.


Cost should never be the sole factor for selecting a treatment program.  First, take time to understand your insurance policy and level of coverage you have.  Next, look for rehab centers that accept your insurance as payment.  While coverage amounts vary by plan, accepting insurance can dramatically decrease clients out of pocket costs.

Inpatient Program Association

Many inpatient treatment programs offer an outpatient component to supplement their inpatient recovery programs.  For those who pursue inpatient recovery first, a center with an outpatient program may have an easy transition process as clients move from one part of the program to other.  In some instances, clients are able to maintain their relationships with the addiction care team after the transition.  For those who seek outpatient treatment first, having access to an inpatient program is ideal in the event the client realizes they have a greater need for inpatient treatment.

alcohol-rehabSummit Estate Recovery Center provides both inpatient and outpatient recovery programs in Northern California.  Their team of addiction recovery experts are able to achieve high levels of success by taking time to understand the unique needs of each of their clients.  Clients are fully involved in the creation of their treatment care plan.  This ensures clients feel as though they are an important part of their own recovery which in turn prompts clients to be more open to the addiction treatment process.  In addition to the outpatient program, Summit Estate offers an after care plan that continues to provide support to clients after they leave treatment.  This is all done in a luxury, serene setting that is comfortable for clients, which allows the clients to feel at home while recovering from addiction.

For additional information on the outpatient recovery programs available at Summit Estate Recovery Center, contact them today.  Please complete the form linked below and a member of their team will reach out to you.  Or, give their admissions team a call at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.