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The Importance Of Nutrition Counseling And Eating Well In Rehab

While balanced nutrition is important for everyone, it is especially vital for those who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. It’s simply a fact that malnutrition is often an unfortunate consequence of addiction. And, the poor eating habits that frequently go hand-in-hand with addiction often lead to a host of additional physical, mental, and emotional problems.

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Interestingly, only fat contains more calories per gram than alcohol. Because of this, individuals who are addicted to alcohol will experience a sense of fullness after eating very little. Consuming large quantities of empty calories in alcohol leads to poor eating habits and malnutrition. Those who abuse drugs have a similar experience, as well. Alcohol and drugs actually prevent the body from properly absorbing and breaking down nutrients. Thus, even the addicts who are consuming balanced diets suffer from some amount of malnutrition.

Nutrition Counseling In Rehab

Nutrition counseling in addiction treatment plays an important role in recovery because it helps build the foundation for new habits and a healthier way of life. We believe a healthy diet must be incorporated into an individualized treatment program. This is why we offer nutrition counseling to help our clients understand their individual nutritional needs and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

A Healthier Way Of Eating And Living

At Summit Estate, we have chefs on staff to prepare balanced, nutritious meals that are created specifically for our clients’ enjoyment. Our inpatient gourmet cuisine is made with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. Breads and desserts are made from scratch daily.

Gourmet Meal-Nutrition Counseling In Rehab-Summit EstateThe right mix of protein and carbohydrate-rich foods can greatly help with cravings during the early stages of recovery and provide energy and a more balanced, positive outlook. With a healthy diet, our clients may begin to experience many of the positive benefits of recovery sooner including restored energy, elevated mood, and fewer cravings.

Balanced meals and snacks can also help strengthen the body, the mind, and the spirit to provide greater ability to resist temptation and to prevent relapse.

The Benefits Of Individualized Meals

As part of an individualized treatment program, meals are adapted to address each client’s specific health needs and food preferences. Our nutritional counselors can work with clients and our in-house chefs to ensure meals are nutritious and enjoyable.

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*Please note that we receive nutritional counseling services through an external provider – the cost is not included in the cost of your stay with us.