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What Are The Benefits Of Outpatient Group Therapy?

Whether you are seeking ongoing support after inpatient treatment or you’re currently in an outpatient treatment program, there are many benefits to participating in outpatient group therapy. But before we delve into the benefits, you must understand what group therapy is.

What Is Group Therapy?

Benefits Of Outpatient Group Therapy-www.SummitEstate.comOutpatient group therapy is a treatment option in a comprehensive holistic addiction treatment program that is designed to provide support and to help heal emotional and psychological struggles caused by addiction and co-occurring disorders.

A therapy group consists of individuals with a shared disorder who have committed themselves to regular sessions along with a therapist who is trained in group dynamics and process. The therapist encourages trust, respect and honesty among participants while addressing painful experiences as they are discussed.

While one-on-one therapy and family counseling are also beneficial for sustaining long-term recovery, outpatient group therapy can be particularly beneficial for a number of reasons.

Benefits Of Outpatient Group Therapy

It Provides A Valuable Connection To Others

One of the biggest benefits of outpatient group therapy is that it can help you feel that you are not alone. There are others who understand your challenges. By attending sessions, you gain validation for your feelings while also providing purpose in others’ lives.

It Offers New Ways To Look At Things And Deal With Problems

Because group participants share common emotional and psychological struggles, they can support each other, as well as offer suggestions for new ways for dealing with issues.

It Can Help You In Your Relationships Outside The Group

Over time, participants become more comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings and challenges. Trust, respect and honesty grow among participants which helps strengthen skills that can benefit relationships with those within and outside of the group.

What To Expect In Outpatient Group Therapy

At a group therapy outpatient center, small groups of patients meet on a regular basis to discuss problems and feelings to offer mutual support. The therapist acts as a moderator and may suggest a theme or topic for a discussion.

During group therapy sessions, members can work on changing old ways of thinking and behaving in favor of more productive ways. Interaction and discussion is often lively, and the sessions can be very beneficial when used in conjunction with other tools for embracing recovery.

Summit Estate Recovery Center offers group therapy as part of our personalized outpatient addiction treatment in Saratoga, California. To learn more about outpatient group therapy and addiction treatment, call us now!