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Why Choose a Luxury Rehab Facility?

Making the decision to overcome addiction by going to rehab is a courageous and powerful one. It can be overwhelming, as choosing a rehab facility is difficult when there are so many options available. Not all rehabilitation centers are created equally, and finding the one that’s right for you or your family member takes a good deal of research.

Let’s look at a few differences between luxury and standard rehab centers, and explore what those differences mean for their patients.


All rehab facilities are required to maintain the privacy of their patients. While any rehab center is committed to keeping your information private, most standard rehab facilities require all patients to share rooms and other accommodations. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong or bad about this, but this lack of physical privacy can be a major hurdle to some patients getting the most out of their treatment. Ask yourself: if you truly value your privacy during the journey to recovery, do you want to spend it with someone you haven’t met before you walked through the center’s doors? Luxury rehab facilities can offer private rooms and accommodations so that you are afforded the same privacy you would have in your own home.

Treatment Options

Inpatient rehab offers some of the most intensive treatments available. However, not all forms of treatment are equal, and not all have the same lasting effects. In other words, while a standard rehab facility may offer an evidence-based, proven treatment plan, it may only offer this one treatment option.

On the other hand, luxury rehab centers offer a variety of treatments and personalized therapy options, and you are able to find the path that works best for you. Luxury rehab facilities have the staff, resources, and time to get to the real root cause of your problem, while many standard facilities are strapped for these resources. They can only offer their patients much the same care across the board—cleaning, group therapy, and early wake up calls. Standard rehab facilities also typically only treat one or two aspects of your addiction. Luxury rehab centers go for a whole-person recovery, involving all mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual facets. You are a person, after all, and not just an addiction or disorder. And you’ll be one of a handful of patients being treated. This allows for more personal, more focused, and more private treatment.


Some of the amenities you can expect at a standard rehab facility include a day room, a game area, some outdoor space, and a commercial cafeteria to serve your meals. Luxury rehab facilities often combine amenities with their treatments, so they may not at first appear as one or the other. It is not uncommon, for example, for a luxury rehab center to have one or more gourmet chefs in their kitchen. While this may seem like a great way to satisfy the more discerning tastes of their patients, it can also lend a hand to a focus on nutrition as part of your treatment. Yoga sessions are great for relaxation and reflection, but also wonderful as a part of your emotional, physical, and mental recovery. The typically lush, peaceful grounds of a luxury rehab center are also a part of your recovery, as you can find tranquility, peace of mind, and a buffer against the stresses of the world amongst the flower beds and walking paths. The entire facility, its staff, and its amenities are there for one purpose—to get you on the path to wellness and recovery.

The Difference

Treating all of you is a healthier, more effective way of treating your addiction or disorder. Treating all of you is a better way to ensure that you do not suffer a relapse. This holistic approach to healing and rehabilitation is embraced by most luxury rehab centers. These establishments are run by people who realize that their patients are individuals, and while the symptoms of their addiction or disorder are alike in many ways, they are not. Individual attention and individualized treatments are integral to rehabilitation and long-term success. And that is what luxury rehab centers provide each and every one of their patients.

Note: If you are suffering from an addiction and can’t afford the price of a luxury rehab center, we truly recommend that you seek treatment from a rehab center, standard or not, that fits into your personal budget. Standard rehab is certainly better than no rehab at all.