a man asks his therapist about gender-specific treatment and rehab programs

Do I Need Gender-Specific Treatment?

Everyone’s experience with addiction is unique. There’s no one reason why people turn to alcohol and drug use. Considering that everyone has their unique experience with alcohol and drug use, treatment approaches need to be flexible to accommodate individual needs. If you’re struggling with addiction, gender-specific treatment may be just what you need. Contact Summit…

a woman wonders if she has co-occurring disorders and needs dual diagnosis treatment

5 Signs You Have Co-Occurring Disorders

At some point, you have probably come across co-occurring disorders. But do you really know what co-occurring disorders actually refer to? Co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis conditions occur when an individual has an emotional or psychiatric disorder, and they turn to substances such as drugs or alcohol to lessen their pain or alleviate their symptoms.…

a group of people celebrate national depression awareness week at a depression treatment program

Importance of National Depression Awareness Week

Your mental health is as crucial as your physical health for your overall well-being. It’s normal to keep your body fit and healthy. However, people often don’t give the same degree of care for their mental health. Most people know all about healthy eating habits and the need to exercise regularly every week. However, many…

telehealth programs

When to Consider Telehealth Programs

Telehealth programs have been critical in the advancement and delivery of high-quality services in the healthcare industry. Rehab centers agree that it is one of the best ways to care for clients because they can provide services regardless of location. Telemedicine can transform how doctors and physicians offer treatment, reducing the number of deaths caused…

a woman getting holistic treatment

What Is Holistic Treatment for Addiction Recovery?

Substance abuse is a significant problem in the US, leading to ever-increasing overdose-related deaths. Many people die each year due to substance use, but these deaths are avoidable with the right treatment program. You can survive this epidemic by seeking holistic treatment at the Summit Estate Recovery Center. This method combines traditional treatment and several…