a man looks at a shot glass and considers the effects of alcohol and anxiety

The Connection Between Alcohol and Anxiety

There are days when you feel like everything is happening all at once. That project you’ve been working on for months suddenly comes up with major snags, you and your significant other are fighting all the time, and your washing machine broke down again. When dealing with such stressful situations, you might want to have…

a man puts his head on a table next to a bottle of alcohol as he wonders if he has an alcohol dependence

What is Alcohol Dependence?

Until recently, most treatment specialists divided alcohol use into two different categories: alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Now, they combine these two categories into a single diagnosis of a substance use disorder, which can range from mild to severe. However, this may still leave you with questions. What is alcohol abuse? What is alcohol dependence?…


Opioid Epidemic News: Breathe Test Debuts & Sesame Street Confronts Addiction

Medical News Today reports that a pilot study appearing in Journal of Breath Research has revealed there’s a promising breath test on the horizon that could offer close to real time opioid detection almost anywhere: a person’s home, a drug treatment facility, the roadside, “emergency response situations, and other areas with limited healthcare access.” The…