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a group of people wonder what is drug detox and how long does drug detox take

What Is Drug Detox and Who Would Benefit from It?

Drug addiction is an increasing problem in the United States. Addiction is a complex medical issue that can affect anyone. However, those struggling with addiction often face harsh stigma and judgments. Deciding to begin recovery is meaningful, and seeking professional treatment can make sobriety easier and healthier. At Summit Estate Recovery Center, we offer several…

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Alcohol Detox: The Benefits and Why You Should Consider It

Adults frequently consume alcohol, and when consumed in moderation, it is not usually a problem. However, if a person drinks in excess and cannot control the amount they drink, they may struggle with alcohol addiction or alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is a disease that some people may be predisposed to because of genetics, gender, or economic…

Relapse Warning Signs

Relapse Warning Signs

Relapse is a common occurrence in the addiction recovery process. Staying sober after addiction treatment can be quite challenging. Experts have estimated that most individuals recovering from addiction often experience at least one relapse before achieving lasting sobriety. There are relapse warning signs to watch out for, especially if you are currently going through an…

a group of women enjoy the benefits of a women's rehab program

4 Benefits of Rehabilitation for Women

Some of these hurdles women face during addiction rehabilitation are due to the physical differences and the different rates of metabolizing alcohol and other substances. However, factors like pregnancy, motherhood, a history of trauma, or workplace issues can make treatment a challenge. A women’s rehab program has the potential to be more effective in promoting…

Holistic Treatment

5 Benefits of Holistic Treatment

When using them alongside traditional methods, holistic treatment offers benefits for those suffering from substance use disorder (SUD). Examples of such therapies include art, music, and outdoor activities. Integrating these modalities into a treatment plan is a practical approach to ensuring whole-body wellness. Traditional treatment processes include behavioral and medical interventions. These interventions often include…

Adderall Abuse

Adderall Abuse Among Students

Adderall is a common prescription for adolescents, leading some to assume that the medication is harmless. This assumption is common and woefully misguided. Doctors prescribe Adderall, the brand name for a prescription amphetamine, to both children and adults to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, it is a severe drug that requires medical oversight.…