setting boundaries with a loved one who has addiction

How to Set Appropriate Boundaries with Loved Ones Struggling With Addiction

If you’re at all knowledgeable about addiction (such as if you know it’s officially called substance use disorder), you likely know about sober family members being called codependent, and the need to set boundaries with a person drinking to excess or taking drugs. Otherwise, you’re “enabling,” not helping, which is not healthy for you, either.…

diversion programs instead of jail

Diversion Programs Instead of Jail

The justice system has become a lot more just lately when it comes to people suffering from substance use disorders by offering diversion programs that allow people who abuse drugs and commit crimes to avoid jail time by attending treatment and engaging in long-term monitoring. Certain professionals such as police, doctors, and lawyers have their own…

a man struggles with taking drugs on the job

Taking Drugs on the Job

With all the evidence available, there’s no denying some employees have used drugs while working, whether they shot up in a restroom, or popped a few pills at their desk, for example. An article in The New York Times holds that  ”As the opioid epidemic continues to rage…, the fallout is increasingly manifesting itself at…