holistic recovery

3 Holistic Recovery Benefits

When you or your loved one decides to enter recovery, you may wonder if traditional treatment will be enough. Medication, individual and group therapy, and a stable environment are powerful tools for recovery. Nevertheless, holistic approaches can work wonders too. Holistic recovery can supplement traditional treatment with supportive alternative offerings. The recovery process acknowledges the…


2021 Client Satisfaction Survey

Each year Summit Estate conducts a client satisfaction survey. This survey is entirely based on the client’s perceptions and individual experiences. Our intent of the report is to understand and build better practices. We are proud of the work we do at Summit Estate and the lives we are able to change along the way.…


Treatment for Stanford Employees

As an employee of a higher education institution, such as Stanford University, you may believe that there are not treatment centers for your unique needs. However, there is treatment for higher education employees at Summit Estate Recovery Center. Our experts understand the challenges that faculty members, custodians, and any other employees of higher education institutions…