woman on computer receiving telehealth services

What Are Telehealth Services for Addiction Treatment?

Telehealth services are becoming more popular amid COVID-19, mainly because experts cite increased mental health issues during this pandemic. Telemedicine solves your problem if you are struggling with substance abuse and wondering how to access addiction treatment programs in your home’s comfort. As such, the Summit Estate Recovery Center can offer rehab services if you…

young man experiencing heroin overdose symptoms

Heroin Overdose Symptoms

Heroin is an opiate manufactured from morphine, a naturally occurring substance in opium poppy plants. It is available as a brown or white powder, or black tar. Users take it through different ways, including sniffing, snorting, injecting, and smoking. The soothing effects of heroin make it among the most commonly abused drugs in the US.…

opioid and fentanyl strips

What Is Fentanyl?

Following concerns about the highly addictive nature of opioids, many people in the US ask, what is fentanyl? It is a synthetic opioid that is increasingly causing overdose-related deaths. According to experts, synthetic opioid-related deaths have been on the rise since 2018, and tens of thousands of people in the US lose their lives yearly…